Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft Review – 2021

Golf Ball technology and designs have evolved a lot with time and is indeed one of the biggest and important development in this game benefitting the golfers. Nowadays, there are golf balls being developed in the market which have extremely reactive cores with simultaneous low compression. Such a construct and design provide the golfers with moderate swing speeds a combination of feel for more and better control and distance around the green. Two such good and popular golf balls are the Srixon Soft Feel Golf ball and the Callaway Supersoft Golf ball. But which one is better, superior and the best fit for you? To solve this doubt, we have done a detailed comparison and review of both the golf balls. This detailed review will help you understand better about both the golf balls and make it easy for you to choose the best one for yourself.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

Srixon Soft Feel Golf, 12, White


Srixon Soft Feel golf ball


2-Piece ionomer cover

Compression Rating

60 compression (Low to Mid)


Pink, Matte white, Yellow


Golfers with an average swing speed of less than 100 mph
Golfers with a driving distance of 160 to 230 yards (Carry + roll)

Other features

A Distance ball with a softer shell


Good value for a mid range ball

The good thing about the Srixon Soft Feel Golf balls is that these are very durable, have a low driver spin rate and overall have a great distance for slower swing speeds. The place where these balls lack is the unique feel off the clubface. These balls are less workable in comparison to the other balls and don’t suit the players who like to work the golf ball.

These golf balls are especially for those golfers who have medium to slow swing speeds and are looking to maximize distances without giving up the feel around the green. These balls have new cover which has an upgraded 338 dimple pattern. This new cover helps the player by reducing drag for added distance and flight stabilization. The ball has an ECG core which helps in a higher launch with a softer feeling skin for greenside play and a low spin trajectory off the tee.

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Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball


2-Piece Trionomer cover

Compression Rating

38 compression (Low)


Matte white, Yellow


Golfers with an average swing speed of less than 95 mph
Golfers with a driving distance of 160 to 210 yards (Carry + roll)

Other Features

Good control and distance specs with adequate spin


More expensive, top end of for a mid range ball

The Callaway Supersoft Golf ball is the softest ball that Callaway has ever designed. This golf ball has a good control as well as good distance. This golf ball is a bit more costly in comparison to other similar balls and is made specifically for slower swing speeds. This golf ball has lesser spin when compared to the other similar balls in the bracket. Also, this ball is the lowest compression ball made by the Callaway brand. Its new cover is extremely soft having the features of HEX dimple design and has a better control and lower drag.

This Supersoft ball is made especially for slower swing speeds. The ball had a very lively feel off the tee and it is very unique as well. This is so because of its compression rating. The ball is low spinning and promotes straighter shots. One must know their swing speed while choosing this ball or any other ball. The only thing it lacks is a good grip from mid irons.

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Comparison b/w Srixon Soft Feel & Callaway Supersoft

There are several factors to compare and find out the best fit for you.


The Srixon golf ball and the Callaway golf ball are both two-piece balls and are designed in such a way so that they are long enough but both of them perform differently owing to the difference in their core engineering. When we see the Srixon golf ball, it becomes gradually firmer towards the perimeter while simultaneously maximizing the ball speed. It has a really energetic gradient growth core. On the other hand, the Callaway golf ball consists a core having an ultra-low compression contributing to livelier ball speeds along with an anti-drag ‘Hex’ dimple design. If we compare mid-range swing speeds of both of these balls, the Srixon ball is marginally longer.

Durability & Workability-

Both the golf balls can be used for two full good rounds without having any major scuff marks or feathering. This is possible owing to the outer shell skin technology and their build. Not only these golf balls become thinner and feel better with each coming year, there’s also a visible improvement in their strength. It is quite hard to separate these balls on the basis of longevity. The Srixon golf ball has a 338 speed dimple pattern which helps in reducing the drag and performs well even in the windy weather. The Callaway golf ball on the other hand has a redesigned hexagonal dimple pattern which helps in improving the low spin aerodynamics off the tee. When we talk about control, this ball has a straighter control between the two. Both these golf balls have stabilizing aerodynamic dimple designs which reduces their ability to work in each direction therefore, reducing drag and resulting in left and right deviation.

Off the Tee-

Both the golf balls are made such that they reduce the driver spin rates and are comparable in numeric terms. When it comes to the feel of the ball, both the balls couldn’t be more different off the driver face. Though both the Srixon Soft Feel ball and the Callaway Supersoft ball possess similar features but are distinct from each other. While the Callaway golf ball feels very soft and springy, the Srixon ball on the other hand is much more responsive and solid.

Greenside Control & Feel-

The core of the Callaway Super Soft golf ball has an ultra-low compression due to which the ball feels more tactile around the greens and offers reassurance, more specifically on the faster greens. But it provides a comparative amount of greenside spin like that of the Srixon Soft feel. But when it comes to generating more spin, the Srixon Soft feel takes the lead. It provides more spin on approach wedge and pitch shots without any swishy feeling which the Callaway ball has.

Price of the ball-

Both of these golf balls lie in the same mid-range ball price point. But if we see which one is a costlier option overall, it has to be the Callaway Super Soft golf ball. It is a bit on the expensive side.  

Final VerdictSrixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft

All in all, if we see, the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball goes a lot straighter with more spin and travels much farther on approach shots. Despite having similar features, both the golf balls have completely different feels and ball flights. The Srixon golf ball has a more penetrating flight whereas the Callaway ball had a higher flight having a very low compression, feeling less responsive with iron shots. When it comes to price, the Callaway Supersoft ball is a bit more expensive than the Srixon Soft feel ball. It is suitable for a slower than average swing speed giving relative feedback on most shots owing to an extremely low compression rating of 38.

If we look at both the golf balls, both of them offer good control as well as good distance along with improved softness. Also, the control is a lot better around the green but if we have to choose one then the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball proves to be better than the Callaway Supersoft ball in all these aspects. The Srixon Ball is also longer having a more penetrating ball flight thus, feeling comparatively more responsive at the impact. Even in terms of the price, this model comes on top making it a lot easier for you to choose the best pick for yourself.

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