5+ Best Electric Golf Cart in 2021

Electric golf carts are an interesting choice for golfers around the golf course. They come with a small engine and a battery that drives them quickly. This is why so many different versions are currently available on the market today. A high-quality electric golf cart can make transporting your clubs easier without getting tired. They have a rechargeable battery engine with several speed control options and a variety of features including automatic reach, shot calculation, balls, and much more.

Many carts often have a customizable nature that facilitates the use of many designs of bags including big, heavy, and long bags. They are a very good choice for people with physical difficulties who are unable to carry out their clubs. They are particularly popular with senior golfers as they remove one of the most durable and difficult areas of the golf. If you want the one that suits your needs, you need to completely consider your choices and buy one that fits well with your golf game. The following are the details on the best electric golf carts on the market today.

List of Best Electric Golf Cart


Product Name


3 Wheel Electric Golf Cart

Caddy Electric Golf Cart

Caddy Trek Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart

Spin It GC1R Electric Golf Cart

Spitzer RL electric golf cart

3 Wheel Electric Golf Cart

The 3 Wheel Electric Golf Cart is one of the best available electric golf carts with an ultramodern form. The engineers are free to have a model that turns heads and consists of all the gadgets you like. The only downside is that golfers who have no financial constraints can almost certainly only finish. The X9 is more attractive with a choice between matte black, silver, and pearlescent white. It is conveniently folded in a small size that is ideal for most carts.

This golf cart is fitted with a ball carrier, a scorecard holder, and a handset holder. There can be no fears of the X9’s reliability as it can traverse most landscapes without efforts. The higher rear rollers hold it upright on slopes and travel easily. The wheels have lost 30% of the weight and seem to have tiny hub caps that dream of a race car, adding to their sleek appeal. The 12-volt lithium-ion battery is supplied with a charge, which should last for around 36 holes on a flat run until a complete charge is needed. A regular 2-year battery guarantee exists.

The Bluetooth device connects with the golf cart from a distance. The Bluetooth Follow-Me technology takes us to the best functionality on X9. The cart can only be programmed to respond to remote instructions and not to follow you. This is perfect for those moments when you have to go deep-rough digging for your ball. When operated from a distance, the cart can travel in any direction possible. Hence, the X9 is one of the finest golf carts with unbelievable functionality. This is a top priority because of the incredible interface and follow-me functionality.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight battery
  • Good design


  • It is large when folded

Caddy Electric Golf Cart

The new Caddy electric golf cart GPS features a 3.5-inch LCD screen with fully optimized GPS and yards of more than 40,000 preloaded courses. The gaps between the front, middle, and back are clear and you can shift flag locations on the show and search for risks. Golfers are also eligible to access mobile updates, SMS, e-mails, and a host of app warnings, including WhatsApp if linked to the free moto-caddy GPS app. A 28.8 V drive system is supplied for the M5 GPS to improve the performance, even in every new M-series.

The portable lithium battery, which is lightweight and waterproof, is loaded on board so that it cannot be withdrawn for transport and storage. The M5 GPS takes up little space when folded and reverses the wheels making it easy to adapt to the smaller car shoes. The Easy lock bag-to-tail attachment device also provides a tool-free handle-height adaptation and compatibility.

The S1, M1, and M3 Pro, which have revised handle and wheel colors, are all new versions of 2020. All of them enter the luxury edition M-Tech introduced at the end of the last year. Prices differ, based on model and battery specifications, from below 500 to less than $1000. You can claim that is an electric golf cart is the best value for money.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Portable lithium battery


  • None

Caddy Trek Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart

The Caddy Trek Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart has lightweight aluminum frames that are designed to track you directly onto the ground and come with a gyroscope to create a highly stable golf cart. The gyroscope can support the R2, also in rugged or difficult terrain, to travel straight. The wider rear rings facilitate grip and the retractable 5th wheel makes sure it will not tilt over when the elongated ground is being negotiated. It is designed for fast plunging into a small size that works with minimum effort in the back of the vehicles.

A 24V, extremely durable lithium-ion battery is used to power 250-watt dual engines, which can last for at least 27 holes before charging is required. You can keep the cart static and, if you want, use the hand-held follow-me mode. Clip the handset to your belt, so the golf course can follow you 2-3 times and keep your pace up when you walk, brake, and go along everywhere you go whenever necessary.

The size for the regulation is 100 feet and the golf cart can be rotated in any direction. Similarly, if the battery runs out of charge, you can turn to manual mode and drive the golf cart without using a remote control. It has a powerful and durable construction with the right mix of wheels to drive in a straight line over a difficult area. The follow-me and remote control add versatility, but there are few concerns about the remote control usability and the durability of the battery.


  • Easy to access
  • Lightweight
  • Solid wheels


  • Expensive
  • High energy usage

Spin It GC1R Electric Golf Cart

The Spin It GC1R Electric Golf Cart is a simple electric golf cart suitable for shorter golf courses. However, it’s priced as a budget electric golf cart and is a robust and solid construction with a decent aluminum frame. Although it is cheap, it comes with remote control, battery, scorecard holder, parachute, and beverage holder. Spin It Golf offers a 1-year warranty to back your confidence in your product. The airless rubber hydraulic pipes can safely accommodate pitches of up to a 25-degree slope and a loose grain comfortably.

A lead-acid battery powers double 200-watt generators, which supply enough energy to drag the golf equipment around the course. The battery supplies lead acid with adequate power for approximately 27 holes which can be released when the batteries run down. It takes just 5 hours to charge the batteries after 18 holes, but if you let them run down, you will need approximately 12 hours to charge the batteries completely and therefore a second round is certainly not an issue. You can drive the golf cart if your battery is running out of power with the freewheeling option. While it is not perfect, you would not get lost in the farthest sections of the golf cart without going back to the clubhouse.

A remote control tool is provided for driving the cart, but there is no follow-up to the high-end golf carts. If your handset cannot be identified, there are mechanisms on the handle that make it easy to use the cart continuously.


  • Remote control
  • Speed regulation
  • Portable


  • Not suitable for difficult golf courses

Spitzer RL electric golf cart

The Spitzer RL electric golf cart is lightweight and compact and has a powerful architecture and a battery weight of 29 lb. The highest load is 50 pounds and is more than adequate for larger golf bags. The adjustable height handlebar eliminates all pressure from your back and shoulders and can be positioned at the height that you prefer the most.

The binding of the bags to the elastic bands means that they are not disposed of in the way. The upright position allows easy entry to the clubs. RL150 has two 200 – watt motors that are powered by a special battery that can charge the cart for a 36-hole range. The battery power will unblock the cart if you run out of fuel.

The RL150 can be folded into a compact size to make transport and storage convenient. The rear wheels can be removed if the storage capacity is small. With a completely working, long-range anti-jamming remote control the cart can be steered in all directions. You may also pause the cart or use the advance feature to drive the cart on a straight path for 10, 20, or 30 meters. Hence, the Spitzer RL150 can be modified to balance your walking pace using the variable speed control knob.


  • Lightweight
  • Speed control knob
  • Smart charger


  • It is not very stable

Things to observe when purchasing the best electric golf cart

  • Handle Height

One of the key reasons for buying the electric golf cart is to secure your back. Make sure that the handle is either at the correct height to drive or flexible to your height. Lightweight handles offer more flexibility when you move the cart up and down on roads. Find a cart that helps you to control the brakes from the handle and a flexible handle to hold your wrists in place.

  • Battery life

Battery life should be one of the crucial evaluation requirements so it can be expensive for you to buy a standby battery or new battery and you will not be trapped with a flat battery and losing the advantage of having an electric golf cart. Electric golf carts are operated by small batteries, which need a charge per round, through a power supply. The battery can take 2-5 seasons based on the rounds you run periodically.

It is important to consider how long it takes to charge your battery to handle an unpredictable golf day and if you have never been able to recharge the batteries after your weekend game. You must know the different types of batteries available to electric carts to appreciate the constraints of batteries.

The two primary batteries are a sealed lead acid-based batteries, the first type to work, and the newer Lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries are much more expensive than batteries based on Lead-Acid, but they will last for many more charging cycles to reduce costs per charge cycle

Lead Acid-Based Batteries

Lead Acid-Based batteries are the first batteries on the market and are sold on a broad scale. They are normally bigger and heavier than the batteries of Lithium-ion. These batteries have an extended load life and thus need less charging times than Lithium-ion batteries. A 12V SLA acid-based 12V 35Ah battery used on the two-engine cart will take approximately 27 holes per load and will have charge cycles between 150 and 200.

Lithium-ion Batteries

This system is somewhat modern and more progressive, which is eco-friendly due to the lack of battery lead that can be found on golf carts. Lithium-ion batteries have even more energy while saving weight. Batteries with lithium-ion will operate at very different temperatures as they do not freeze and even tolerate high temperatures.

Lithium batteries can be recharged in approximately 2 hours and are between 27 and 36 holes, with an average lifespan of between 300 and 1000 charging cycles, depending upon the voltage. Check a modular kit for the retailer as you replace your lead acid powered battery with a Lithium-ion battery, and make sure that you keep the balance of the cart as its dimensional sizes vary and the balance of the cart will change.

  • Material

Three types of materials can be used in manufacturing the electric golf cart.

Steel – Steel is the longest, but the heaviest choice. Consider the strength and reliability of all products before you determine what is right for your cart.

Aluminum – Aluminum is the lightest material of the 3 materials used in the manufacture of electric golf carts. It would appear to be like floating the cart around the golf course. It appears to bend easily because it is delicate.

Titanium – Titanium is very recent on the market. As it is incredibly lightweight, it is appealing to manufacturers but is solid as well. It is the perfect blend of steel strength and aluminum’s lightweight feel. The sturdy structure makes it ideal for curving golf course. Titanium may cost more than other materials, but the net advantages are greater than the cost.

  • Flexibility

You can put your cart into the back of your car, whether it to be visit your local club, except for your favorite golf course, or an alternative golf club where most golfers enjoy several golf courses. That is why the cart must be easy to fold and fit into a small dimension along with your golf bag into the back of your truck. Set the size of the location before you settle on the cart you want to make.

  • Speed

The speed of the golf cart is so precious that it can be managed in all directions. You need to speed up on a higher slope and slow downhill as you take a race with extreme roads. Any golf cart on the market match their pace to golfers and simply accompany the golfer whether it accelerates or slows down.

  • Wheels

2 – wheelers – There was a time when the golf carts with 2 wheels dominated the doldrum and golfers favored its durability, hard rubber pneumatics, and low battery consumption.

3 – Wheelers – V-shaped three-wheelers feature one front wheel and two rear wheels. For more stability, the front wheel may either rotate or create a smaller turning circle. The V form helps you to comfortably navigate all landscapes with a single front wheel than two front wheels. One downside is that 3 wheelers are very heavy and quickly flip when they are filled.

4 – Wheelers – As a result of the 2 wheels, 4-wheel drivers are more constant and less prone to topple, regardless of the load, given the load is balanced and not disproportionate. Replacing the wheels in the event of an inconvenience can be done by yourself. However, you should acquire a substitute from the supplier directly.

  • Service

The golf cart contains moveable elements that would require facilities to keep them running. Determine whether limits are added to a guarantee for service by a dealer or whether you can deliver it yourself.

  • Weight

Weight will play a part in your golf cart’s transfer as you must lift it to the back of your engine. When you ride between holes, electric golf carts will shield you from overweight so that it won’t be a problem.


Electric golf carts are offered in a wide variety of configurations and accessories for a budget. If you can put a lot of money in your golf cart, you may have the feeling that you have to hold your bag and do not have to think about where your clubs are located. Several categories and prices are tested for various golf carts. All of them have a place in the range and feel that we have provided golfers with enough details to choose a cart that suits the budget but has plenty of features available. Hence, remember your personal preferences and budget, before selecting the right electric golf cart that is suitable for your needs.

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