10+ Best Fairway Woods Ever in 2021

People must’ve heard everyone say fairway woods are tough to play with when they’ve made it to the golf club. It’s true; these fairway woods are tough to play if you can’t take long shots. Nevertheless, these shots can be very difficult to make sense pro golfers are still searching for the best fairway woods.

The golf industries have created hybrids that have replaced fairway woods, but that only applies to beginners and medium-sized golfers. This has made it very hard to find the right fairway wood because they are less common and have not many spectators. Yet, the demand for fairway woods among pro players remains the same.

Hence, keep reading this article if you are looking for the best fairway woods ever. We have ensured to consider every golfer’s needs. Also, look at the buying guide included in this article to choose a perfect fairway woods that satisfy every golfer’s requirements.

List of Best Fairway Woods Ever

Callaway Epic Speed 2021 Fairway Wood

Callaway Epic Speed 4 Wood (Right-Handed, Cypher 40G,...

The Callaway brand is strongly recommended for golf players. The development of flash face technology in Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood is based on Callaway’s data using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is made for all swing pace golfers.  Despite its swinging pace, it is built to keep golfers more distant. Callaway used jailbreak technology to do this.

It works essentially by increasing the club region’s dynamic load that comes into contact with the ball. It uses 2 bars that are within the body. Making use of the steel framework from Carpenter means that the ball’s outcomes are the same regardless of whatever section of the 455 club head you hit the ball. It was also recreated to be shorter and thinner. The center of gravity is thereby increased with longer and better shots.

The shafts have been engineered to reduce the number of obstacles you face while swinging. This creates more energy to be released as the ball is struck. It has less torque. The mid-low and the mid-stiff curves give you greater power and stabilization in the green field. As a consequence, the spin and velocity with which you strike the ball can be controlled.


  • It incorporates several state-of-the-art technologies to create a great fairway wood.
  • Various shafts and loft options are available.
  • The choices to pull and adjust your loft are provided with versatility.


  • There is some side spin that often affects.
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Taylor Made M4 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood

Golf is a very real game, which means you must realize that the correct equipment is necessary when you have made up your mind to join the golf field. Playing with the finest golf clubs is a need for players. There are iron and wood golf clubs, but the pro players still opt for a fairway wood.  If you are a golfer seeking the best fairway wood in the market, Taylor Made has some excellent options to maximize the game.

This fairway wood is built for both left-hand and right-hand players. The wood is combined with a speed pocket to add the speed of the ball. The ball speed is improved in the club, which guarantees optimum recovery and higher distance protection. The clubface has broken mass pads, which will raise the MOI and also maximize the perimeter weight.

The face is made with ultra-strong steel that guarantees optimal ball rate. The wood has a carbon crown in five layers that ensure a lower central gravity. The low central gravity assures a drop in rotation and stronger shooting. The hosel has a fluid design, which improves the sound and sense of wood. The centralization, position, or center of gravity are not damaged at all.

The fairway wood has a low profile technology, a giant footprint that facilitates the fairway wood’s play and launch. This fairway wood boosts playability. Some people still need rigid woods with less versatility because it allows more control over the shots. So this Taylor made fairway woods would be the best alternative if you are such a golfer.


  • Simple to start and play
  • Higher gravity base
  • Decrease in spin


  • The Flex is too rigid.
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Founders Club Metal Fairway Wood

Founders Club Fresh Metal Golf Clubs Fairway Woods with...

The Founders Club Metal Fairway Wood is built for the players who try to heal the irrationality problem. They offer good-high shots. The clubs have a minor offset to ensure that they reduce the chance of hitting the ball and allow more leverage. It’s a club on which you can still rely, whether you switch off the tee or on the fairway. It is a utility club that will take you out of the rough-in one stroke when you use it right.

You can buy them in the right-hand or left-hand variations. The clamps are normal or old. They are all fitted with their very own easy-to-like soles from the Founder’s club, which aligns a shot a breeze. As part of this range, there are eight clubs available. The three kinds of wood are made of a loft of 15 degrees; the 5 with an 18-degree loft, the 7 with a 21-degree lost, 9 with a 24-degree loft, and the 13 with a 30-degree loft. The shaft is made of graphite in every club.


  • They are well-designed clubs with a rugged atmosphere.
  • It has various loft angles.
  • It streamlines your shots.


  • It can be a little easier to reach.
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Callaway Men’s Steelhead Fairway Wood

Callaway Men's Steelhead XR Fairway Wood (Right Hand,...

Golf is a game that needs uncompromising dedication and integration of skills to make sure you are shooting. The fairway woods are designed to make the long shots optimal. However, the right brand has to be selected because they typically build their fairways for a higher degree of consistency and zero drawbacks. So, Callaway has some nice choices if you are hunting for some good fairway woods.

The Callaway Men’s Steelhead Fairway Wood has both left-hand and right-hand variations. The shaft is made of graphite. The flex is normal and old to guarantee that there is something that any golfer is willing to do. Also, it offers a rigid and extra stiff flex. It is planned with six different designs such as 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, sky wood, 3+ wood, and 4+woods. The fairway wood is prepared using a new Hawkeye sole to enhance playability.

The classic steelhead promises to be started more quickly. There is a quick ball pace since Callaway has added cup technology for the next generation. The fairway wood has a short hosel and a J-36 carbon crown contributing to an improved forgiveness level. The shaft provides not only command and power but also a premium stock style. This Callaway fairway wood is an awesome choice for you when you’ve discovered the fairway wood that not only allows you to make long shots but also optimizes your straight line.


  • Six major settings
  • Classic single Hawkeye
  • Greater stability and shooting ability


  • There are only straight shots.
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Taylor Made M2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Fairway-M2 2017 #5 S Golf Fairway, Left Hand

The Taylor Made M2 Fairway woods are built to guarantee the market’s best product quality for more than three decades. This fairway wood is built with a balance between left-side and right-side alignment. The graphite material is used for construction. The fairway woods are augmented with numerous flex choices that satisfy the varied needs and skills of golfers. There are three wood configurations available, including 3-wood, 5-wood, and 3-wood HL.

The fairway woods have 450 bodies of stainless steel and a charcoal brown of six layers. The mask is also made of stainless steel. This wood is also made from many components, but the center of gravity stays low. It has reverse cone technology to ensure the trajectory of the ball. The location is quite nice, and the amount of redemption is also very high. Geocoustic equipment is available in clubs that increase playability and maximize sound and sensation.

The single two-tier architecture is designed into this fairway wood, which changes playability positively. The speed pockets include versatile and long layouts, which increase the ball’s speed and help extend the distance. The low face shots can be made, and the backspins minimized. There’s a floated hosel in the fairway wood that enhances the sound and feel of the shots without losing their target range. Hence, there is no downside if you have an external headcover standing about that might fit in this fairway wood’s club head.


  • Increased ball pace
  • The sound and feel of the shots are great.
  • Reversed Cone technology


  • There is no head cover available.
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Pine Meadow Offset Fairway Wood

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods (Right...

When playing golf, you need to use all your skills and concentration to ensure focus on the game’s high success standards. You will have to use the right woods and iron in addition to these abilities because that’s how you get the shots. This makes choosing the right woods necessary.

Therefore it’s worth considering a brand that has a reputation if you’re hunting for fairways that strike your shot’s efficiency and accuracy. The Pine Meadow Offset golf fairway wood is an awesome thing if you need lengthy shots. The fairway wood is built for both left-handed and right-handed players. It has the technology to prevent golfers from taking pleasure shots. The fairway wood is designed to provide a benefit for the club.

The front of the club is offset, making it easy to reach long and clear pictures. It is built with graphite shafts, which are combined with the clubhead made of stainless steel. The fairway wood is produced with a headcover to ensure the clubhead is safe from harm. Thus, the Pine Meadow fairway wood is one of the best choices for you to provide the highest level of consistency and efficiency.


  • Straight and long shots
  • Right and left side orientation
  • Shafts are made of graphite.


  • The color on the sides fades away.
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Taylor Made M6 Rocket Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Golf M5 Rocket Fairway Wood, 3W Right Hand,...

Golf is a dynamic game, and you must be mindful of the shots, as it takes the maximum degree of trust and desire to make the right shots. However, sometimes knowledge and concentration can’t support you if you’re using the wrong clubs and iron. This is why the proper fairway wood needs to be worked on, as it helps maximize deep, straight shots.

The fairway wood is no different from the hand orientation, and it is aligned to both right and left. They are persistent, steep, additionally stiff, and esteemed. It has four configurations, and the floor has a curvature of the twisted face that helps maximize off-center hits. The shots are straight, and the sidespin is drastically reduced.

This Fairway wood has a new head style, a wide carbon crown and a deep surface. This integration would optimize playability and guarantee optimum distance coverage. The advanced speed pocket architecture increases slot versatility due to the enormous COR area. The TPU slot insertion was applied to the fairway wood, which improves the contact between the turf and high levels of the flush.


  • Various degrees of rigidity
  • Flexibility of slots
  • Low lateral spin


  • A bit expensive
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Orlimar Escape Fairway Wood

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood

Fairway woods formed a part of gold bags, but it has been popular for the fairway woods that they are not enough. The fairway woods are not ideal for beginners. This is because professional players still look for fairway woods to help them.

So, Olimar has turned in with this Golf Escape Fairway Wood, for a bit if you are hunting for the fairway wood to fore both straight and long shots. The Olimar Escape Fairway Wood is a perfect alternative for all golfers. This fairway wood is only for right-handed players. When it comes to flex, there are multiple options, such as women, normal, and old. It comprises seven configurations. The shaft is built with graphite material that gives the club a long life.

The clubs have a low gravity core that helps control shots and also gives precise shots. The shaft is built with 60-graphite Superlite. A custom spring is in the grip that makes it very easy to use. Hence, the brand name may be new to the market, but the performance and efficiency are not compromised.


  • Seven wood configurations
  • Customizable velvet grip
  • Higher gravity base


  • Only suitable for right-hand players
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Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood

Callaway Men's XR Fairway Wood

Callaway has developed and coined its reputation in the golf club’s industry and was never compromised with it’s standard. The Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood is only for right-hand players. It has an older flex, which specifically shows that it is a suitable alternative for professional gamers. The Fairway Wood has a 20.5-degree heaven wood structure. It has a classic steelhead type that leads to a higher yet quick start.

It is built with a new Hawkeye sole. The higher ball rate in fairway woods provides the latest generation open-top technology. The fairway wood has a shorter hosel and a J-36 carbon crown that offers the best carbon crown standards. The added speed stage technology promises a higher speed.

This Callaway fairway wood is the best choice for all those who search for a reliable and branded business for their fairway wood. However, it can only be used by right-hand players.


  • Fastball pace
  • High head speed
  • Simple and high start


  • It is only suitable for right-hand players.
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Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway Wood

Taylor Made Men's RBZ Fairway, Black

The Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway Wood is suitable for both left and right-hand players. The fairway wood is designed with the 65-grapher RocketFuel, which calls for durability and achievement. There are three flexes: normal, rigid, and old to suit the needs of different golfers.

The fairway wood features a legendary speed pocket, which offers a greater distance range and has a positive effect on the high start. The mass pads are ideally placed leading up to high-quality shooting, sensation, and sound. The profile is very weakly low, which speaks of the softer gravity core.

The lower center of gravity influences playability positively. The graphite construction is very light and contributes to a faster speed. The fairway woods have a dark satin finish, which enhances alignment and looks fine. The greatest thing about this fairway is that any high-handicapper can manage to capture the attention.


  • Improved playability
  • High velocity
  • Maximum sound and feel


  • Short shaft
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What is a Fairway Wood?

The Fairway Wood is a group of golf clubs positioned opposite to the driver within the woods range. It describes various clubs with a smaller head and a shaft that are shorter than the driver while also retaining a wood with a wide circular head relative to iron.

The right fairways can be found in a wide variety of cases. The most ordinary moments for using fairways are long or short par -4s, medium approach shots on par -5s and long par -4s, and on the middle of the fairway. One of the least common uses for fairway woods is the green areas, such as those at the edge, and especially those below the green surface.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Fairway Wood

  • Adjustability

Fairway wood adjustment is a new phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common among various fairway designers. The adjustability of the fairway woods is divided into three categories:

  • Loft

The best decisions any golfer can take is to select fairway woods with adjustable lofts. The attic depends on how far the ball goes as it guides the direction. The adjustment of the loft changes the club’s objective. Players can change their fairway loft using an adjustable hosel. Loft modifications remove the screw of the foot, attaching the shaft to the clubhead, and a pre-set setting replaces it. This usually causes the loft of the club to be high or low to four or five degrees. Adjusting the loft also adjusts the horizontal path angle. The lying is the angle of the shaft to the ground. Certain manufacturers provide adjustable hosels that allow players to change the loft without affecting the lie.

  • Weights

The fairway woods can be adjusted to change the weights. Weight change affects the club’s gravity and impacts redemption, distance, and flight paths. The importance of the club is tailored to fit all golfers’ abilities and expectations. Many clubs come with a guide to help you in programming the club to meet your needs.

  • Face Angle

Players will either change the face angle in the direction of the golfer or away from the player. These rely on the choice of the player. The open clubface is ideal for players who tend to hook the ball when it’s closed to match a slice or make a spin.

  • Head design

The fairway wood club head is a very significant feature since this is the section in which the golf ball falls into reach. Players should go with a wide face to help start the ball or a shallow look to reach the hard and fairway. The head designs often have rounded weapons that help players cross raw or flat arcs and provide stronger hits with near lies.

  • Materials

There are three different materials available in fairway woods. The material options you select will assist in deciding the atmosphere of the club, and these include:

  • Steel

Several manufacturers use steel for the development of their fairway wood clubs. Steel primarily produces a little more forgiving and stronger head. The most famous is stainless steel since it is cheap and simple to cast for various formats and sizes.

  • Titanium

Titanium is also used in the manufacturing of fairway wood heads as it offers high strength and stiffness. The material is higher than steel and can be used by the manufacturer to produce a larger clubhead that fits all weight specifications.

  • Composite

Hybrid clubs are constructed using a mix of titanium and steel materials or carbon and steel materials. The mixture creates ultra-light, robust, and cost-effective fairway woods. The clubs’ lightweight design helps the manufacturing company put the weight in the perimeter of the head for better off-center effects. Clubs made of composite materials are also available at premium rates.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum materials are inexpensive and are suitable for beginners who use fairway wood heads. However, they require thicker walls to avoid creases or cracks, interfering with the ball speed.

  • Budget

When looking for the right clubs, the cost of your fairway wood is an important consideration. The new fairway woods feature higher amenities and great upgrades that have improved their costs significantly.  If you intend to purchase a new club, be ready to spend a lot. If you’re a novice golfer, it’s a smart idea to go for a second-hand fairway wood. Since you’re still on the test stage and haven’t reached the dream club, going after it is a load if you don’t like it at all.


People often want to get their hands on the beat fairway wood, as they don’t want to risk their scores and pay respect to a little disappointment. But most people cannot make the right decision, since they are either beginners or have inadequate knowledge.

Choosing fairway wood can be very complicated for such individuals. This article aims to deliver the best fairway woods ever on the market with not only the famous brand name but also zero compromises on performance, longevity, playfulness, and consistency. Hence, keep the choices open and make the right decision.

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