Top 10 Best Golf Chippers in 2021 (Expert Picks)

Chipper is a special kind of learning club that is designed with a 30 degree loft and falls somewhere between putters and wedges. Usually your distance determines the kind of club required on the green, if you are farther from the hole, you will need a club that maximizes distance and lifts but if you are closer to the hole you will need a club procuring just the right height and distance required to get into the hole in less shots. You use a chipper when you are too near the hole to use a wedge but too far to use a putter. Chippers are usually way too easier to master than wedges and can be used for learning the swinging technique before stepping on to trickier club designs. Let’s decide what golf chipper would be the best for you ! I’m a Professional and will share my experience today !

List of Best Golf Chippers in 2020

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper, Right Hand, Steel,...

This one here is a great chipper and works really good as a putter or a wedge allowing you to get an extensive and versatile use of it despite being intended for shots around the green’s edges. It has a wide head face, a slightly higher loft and is very consistent which with correct technique, allows you to get straight shots without lift. Its wide and heavy curved sole helps you ensure an unshakable contact around the greens improving the overall impact and control of your shots. It also features a red sightline with the help of which you can align your shots properly. It also solves the problem of your shots not being thin enough by eliminating fat and making them thinner and perfect. The club is designed as such that it provides minimal face rotation making sure you have the perfect balance. The club head is black in colour which minimizes glare and makes it perfect for this game. All in all it is a great pick offering effortless swing styles, proper alignment and the right balance. 

It is a replacement for many clubs in the bag of experienced players. Once you get the hang of it, you will use it more often than any other club in your arsenal, it is that good. 


  • Has a 37 degree loft which helps the ball out of any rough greens
  • It also has a 35 inch long and extremely durable stainless steel shaft
  • The shots are perfect because of the red alignment line


  • This club is only made for the right handed golfers
  • It is such that it can easily get scratches on the exterior part
  • The shaft is only 35 inch long and you have no other options
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Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper

Wilson Harmonized Chipper

This is one of the favourite franchises of many major golf championship winners and other golfers be it amateurs or professionals been around since 1914. The reason for being so popular and preferred is its clubs from the lineup being so intuitive, efficient and easy. It has a great track record when it comes to performance and victories. The club’s head is easy to use as well and is a mix between a mallet and a blade putter. It is a 35 inch long club featuring an iron like firm grip allowing you to strike the ball up or down according to your height. Though a bit costly, this is one of their best clubs till date and has a state of the art vertical seam grip making it easier for you to keep a hold of the club for maximum energy transfer and precision aiming. Its larger shaft diameter makes it very comfortable and enables you to relax your hands while maintaining your grip. Though the dynamic of its head and its shape is a bit different and trickier to get hang of and is not as easy to master as other chippers but besides this everything else is perfect about the chipper. It is ideal for the experienced players.


  • It has alignment aid which ensures stability, accuracy and precision
  • It has the anti glare head which makes it a perfect choice for sunny days
  • Consists of a large diameter and a round grip thus, providing you more versatility


  • Using this club you may not be able to practice high trajectory shots
  • The weight of the club head is such that it may feel heavy
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Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim Chipper

Ray Cook Golf- Extreme Aim Chipper 35'

This chipper is a premium club from the Ray Cook Golf lineup consisting of some top quality club features like the side alignment aid, precision milled face, a 37 degree loft and a perfect loft for launching your ball from the edge of the green to wherever you want. It is liked and preferred by many golfers even though it’s a bit more expensive than the others. The chipper has a very durable design and a good hold against the onslaught of frequent use around the course. Its precision milled face interacts with your golf ball as if it’s grasping the ball and tosses it out just at the perfect time making your shots good and a success. Its stainless steel head launches the ball into the air with perfect forward propulsion and gets it rolling on the green requiring just a bit of estimation from your end. It is engineered with premium stainless steel keeping in mind the user’s comfort and ease in mind and provides excellent feel and durability. Being such a user-friendly chipper, it is great for both the beginners and high handicappers.


  • Long lasting stainless steel shaft
  • When it comes to accuracy, this club is great
  • It also has a 37 degree loft which helps your ball to get past any parts of the green


  • For ladies, there is only the right handed version available
  • You may take a bit more time to adjust and get the hang of it
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Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Chipper

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

This smart sole 3 chipper by Cleveland is very reminiscent of their regular wedge styles. The key difference which distinguishes them is the inclusion of a much larger 3 tier sole. This three tier smart sole in this chipper provides the most consistent as well as efficient turf interaction and turns out very effective even when the shots are not on an extremely flat surface. This chipper is equipped with feel balancing technology shifting the weight of the club towards the club’s toe providing a better centre of gravity. Such small changes help you to create a smaller overall shot dispersion. The chipper has a really simple loft, a lie at 42 degrees and a slight offset thus, giving you a perfect contact and launch. This club is available for both the right as well as left handed players and also offers shafts in steel and graphite, giving you various options to choose from. Being the best wedge company in the market, they have covered every handicap possible when it comes to technology.


  • This club has a great feel and is extremely easy to use
  • It has a perfect loft height
  • This club has a three tier smart sole and provides plenty of spin


  • As compared to other chippers, this is very expensive
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Square Strike Wedge

Square Strike Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men...

This chipper tops the best seller’s list when it comes to golf chippers. This chipper is not only good but is a lot different from others featuring different lofts and that too not one or two but three different kinds of lofts, making it an interesting pick. It provides you with options of different lofts being available in 45, 55 and 60 degrees. With the help of these varied lofts, you can pull off any kind of shot you want.

It also has a sole of extra width along with a slightly beveled leading edge making sure that there is no digging. This chipper has a long shaft of 35.5 inches with a lie angle of 68 degrees helping it achieve the anti-rotational quality, an exceptional sole design preventing chunked pitch as well as chip shots and great accuracy which will astonish you. The chipper’s built and design helps in minimizing wasted shots and simultaneously achieve more improved straight chip shots. The club glides very smoothly resulting in excellent turf interaction by eliminating the fat and thin chip shots and helps in reducing any kind of strain on your wrists and hand. 

If you compare with other chippers, the length of shaft of this one is shorter but this works in our favour too as it helps in providing easy control without the grip slipping downwards thus, giving you full control over the chipper. 


  • It is excellent and extremely smooth when it comes to turf interaction
  • The chipper is available and can be used by both men and women
  • It has the option of three different lofts


  • It’s head club weighs 330 grams and so it may feel a bit heavy
  • You may take some time in adjusting and using it
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Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper

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This one here is one of the most exclusive and promising clubs from the Ray Cook Line. Equipped with some amazing features and high cost, this exclusive left handed chipper is a lot different and better than all the others in the market. It has a mallet style head which may appear like a putter to you at first but actually is not. This head helps you to deliver some amazing shots and you can very easily use it like a pro in no time, it is that convenient. It has a 37 degree loft and 70 lie which offers you with exceptional conditions to launch your ball and a modern stainless steel head design making it unique from other chippers. Its round sole helps to get your ball pass through the toughest spots around the green irrespective of whether the grass is long or uneven. It has an extremely lightweight shaft which offers a low moment of inertia preventing twisting on impact. There is also the sight alignment aid at the back of the chipper club helping you with your shot’s accuracy. You also get a really comfortable grip of the shaft as it has a soft and firm rubber compound grip. 


  • The club is very good when it comes to accuracy of shots
  • It’s lightweight shaft helps in minimizing twisting due to collision
  • It has a head cover protecting its unique club head


  • It is suitable for left handed players
  • You may take some time using and adjusting to this club
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Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper

Intech Approach Two-Way Chipper Golf Club

The Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper has a two-way design enabling it to work well on a variety of shooting conditions and 35 degree loft with an ambidextrous silhouette which enables both the left and right handed golfers to play. Ths chipper is very versatile, affordable and a great pick for precise golfers especially when situations change from pin to pin, you can adjust your grip accordingly due to its versatile handle and can hold the same in two different ways. But this chipper is not approved by USGA being two sided and so you can only pull it out when playing unofficial games or in a recreational play. 


  • When it comes to price, it is very economical and low priced
  • The club has two faces


  • Since its two faced, it is illegal as per USGA
  • It does not have a great feel
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Orlimar Golf Escape Chipper

Orlimar Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper Golf Club, Right Hand...

Orlimar is a brand well-known for its top notch golf equipment like putters and wedges in the market. This golf escape chipper is another addition to the list of its top and best quality equipment. If you want to practice a multitude of shots around the green and want to improve in your game, this is the perfect club for you. 

The club has a loft measuring 37 degrees and helps to initiate your shot from the perfect height. Once launched, your ball will hit the bunker falling from above in the perfect angle. There are aid alignment lines in the rear cavity guiding you while you position the ball before hitting it. With the help of these lines, you can estimate the outcome of your shot and accordingly improve the accuracy of your shots.

It has a hollow body without much weight. The weight of the club is evenly distributed throughout the body making it easy for you to balance. It also has an extremely durable 7 iron loft with a putter length stainless steel shaft and a gooseneck hosel helping you in removing shanked shots. The good thing with this club is that it makes it easy to minimize wasted shots and mishits thus, helping you improve your game.


  • It has the yellow sight line which helps in perfect positioning of your shots
  • It has a hollow cavity which helps in reducing the chances of a poor swing


  • The loft and the length of the shaft are fixed and you have no other option
  • This club can only be used by right handed players
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Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper Ladies

Left Handed Intech EZ Roll Ladies Pink Golf Chipper -...

This Golf Roll Chipper by Intech stands out and is among the favourite chippers of most of the golfers. It has a 35 degrees loft providing you the perfect height for shots tantalizingly close to home and a lightweight ergonomic design which maximizes the benefit of proper weighting and helps in assisting your swing for perfect outcomes with each use. It has the entire weight of the head at the back of the piece which smoothens the stroke making your swing much more effortless. There are alignment lines all along the different surfaces of the head that helps and guides you in assessing how and where you should hit the ball in order to produce the distance, trajectory and the height required. 

This chipper is not only efficient, affordable and durable but is also USGA approved and is extremely easy to use, understand and expertise. If you are an amateur learning about the foundations of the perfect swing or someone aiming for that winning shot, this is a great pick for you.


  • It has a 35 degree loft which helps you in creating an ideal angle for launching the ball
  • It has advanced alignment lines which assist you pre-putt


  • The club is available in only pink colour with no other options for you
  • It has a left hand orientation and so can be used only by left handed players
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How do Chippers work ?

When it comes to appearance, the chipper looks like a putter having a more angled face and a shorter shaft but it is different from the putter. The face angle, shafts etc. all these help you in achieving a higher trajectory despite using the same putting stroke. Whenever there is rough or sand around the green, the golf chipper comes in handy. If you have a higher loft your ball will go upwards and less forward and make the ball roll less when it falls back to the ground. Generally, your chipper should have the loft at an angle of 32-37 degrees similar to that of a 6-7 iron. To use the chipper you have to swing the club the way you do it with a putter and you will see yourself achieving a high trajectory without exerting too much power. 

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How to choose the ideal chipper for you?

When it comes to choosing and picking the best golf chipper for yourself, you need  to consider several features which are important for a good chipper. To help you with this and making your search a less flustering, we have mentioned the features below which you need to consider while getting a chipper :

Size of ClubHead – 

For beginners as well as handicappers, a club having a larger head size would be perfect as you will get a larger hitting surface and as a result, better forgiveness which will help you in turning poorly executed shots into reasonable ones. 

Length of shaft – 

When considering getting a chipper, you need a slightly shorter shaft for making its extended use. Usually their length is way shorter than wedges resembling putters with a slight wedge like head. Having a shorter shaft will make it easier for you to shoot the ball more accurately by helping you control the strength of the swing. 

Getting the right loft – 

When using a chipper, you want a little lift but you might be too close to your target and also want something to draw nearer to the hole with better precision. In such a case, a chipper with the right loft will help you better than a wedge. The usual range of loft measurements lie between 28 and 39 degrees. The higher is the degree of the loft, the higher will your ball launch in the air.

Who should use golf chippers?

Golf chippers are designed for a very specific role beneficial for most of the serious or professional players and would work great for you if you are aiming for more precision and accuracy. Any intermediate level player or a professional golfer can get a chipper in their bag, be it for practice or for official play. It can also benefit an amateur wanting to improve in the game. Chippers have lower loft when compared to wedges, offer more forgiveness and are very convenient to use and master. Specifically, the ones whom the chippers would benefit the most are :

  • Wedge Learners
  • High Handicappers
  • Weak Drivers
  • Trick Shot Enthusiasts


What is a golf chipper?

A chipper may seem like a putter to you at first due to the resemblance in their appearance but it is not. It lies somewhere between a wedge and a putter. Chipper has a loft ranging between 32 to 37 degrees and has the same as that of a 7 or 8 iron. It allows you to practice chip shots while making the use of a putting stroke. To improve your game, you need to pick up the best golf chipper. 

What is forgiveness in golf?

When talking about the game of golf and the features of golf equipment, we often use the word forgiveness. When we say improved forgiveness it means that the chipper is designed such that it has an efficient impact with the ball and will decrease the effect of poor swings. The better the forgiveness, the lesser are your poor swings and better is the game. 

Can one use a putter grip on a chipper?

No you cannot use a putter grip on a chipper as using two sided chippers is illegal and if you do so, you will be violating the law of the game.


After going through all the detailed alternatives provided above, you might have got the understanding about chippers, its brands, various features and accordingly you can select and decide the best pick for you.

As for our choice, considering the specifications and high quality features of the Wilson Men’s Harmonized Chipper, we personally like that one and would prefer that. We chose this one because it is ideal for both amateurs/ beginners as well as the high handicappers and it very well replaces the club with which you are having trouble chipping.

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