Best Counterbalanced Putters in 2021

The golfing industry is constantly figuring out ways to improve the game while sticking to its rules. Counterbalanced putters were created for this specific reason. They are ideal for producing stable shots. This article will review the best counterbalanced putters in 2021. 

Here is the brief version of our top picks. 

Best Counterbalanced Putters in 2021:

Before we get to the putters, let us look at what counterbalanced putters are and how they came to be. 

What are Counterbalanced Putters?

To understand counterbalanced putters, we need to first look at their history. 

Long putters were first very well known for their addition to golf. The handle of the club (also known as the butt end) would be placed against the player’s chest or chin while launching the ball—this created room for more stability in their strokes. 

However, golf authorities around the world were constantly debating whether the act of anchoring was legal or even beneficial. A proposal in 2012 sought to ban anchoring entirely. Ultimately, it was passed and enforced in 2016. After this, counterbalanced putters gained popularity. 

Counterbalanced putters are known for their heavy heads. Their heads can weigh around 350 to 400 grams. The shafts of the club are extended in order to compensate for their heavier heads. Also, the grips are made heavier. 

The increased weight improves the clubs’ moment of inertia. As a result, your shots become more stable, and your hands will stop twisting during your strokes. 

Now that we know what a counterbalanced putter means let us look at the best ones on the market. 

5 Best Counterbalanced Putters

Nearly every golf manufacturer has released a counterbalanced putter after the 2016 ban on anchoring. So, you might find it hard to pick one. This list will help you narrow down your requirements and pick the most ideal putter for you.

1. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 Counter Balanced...

Cleveland is a trustworthy brand that produces equipment in several price ranges. The 2135 Satin 8.0 putter is incomparable in many ways. 

The impressive design is made using their state-of-the-art wedge milling technology. If your putting alignment is inaccurate, the 2135 model’s make will help you visualize the trajectory of the ball. 

In addition to this, the oversized grip and the polymer TPU insert help in balancing the weight distribution. This will help you stabilize your shots and improve consistency. All these factors come together and improve the moment of impact on the putter. This will give you stable and accurate shots. 

The Cleveland 2135 Satin 8.0 comes in 35 inches and 38 inches. Its sleek body is made of milled steel. Also, the package comes with headcovers. 

However, Cleveland might have compromised on improving the feel with the 2135 Satin 8.0. But, the ultra-sleek look and advanced technological practices come at a very affordable price. 


  • Milled putter face is very forgiving
  • Sightline improves alignment
  • Oversized grip and polymer insert improve stability
  • Very affordable


  • Average feel 


Cleveland is a very reliable brand. Its milling technology is reputed and very distinct. The 2135 Satin 8.0 corrects alignment and improves stability. Although the feel is average, the putter comes at a very affordable price. 

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2. Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter

Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter, 36', Right...

Tour Edge started off as a clone golf brand. Now, it has come a long way with its unique designs and premium quality golf sets. Its positive reviews also transfer to the Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter. 

The 36-inch putter comes with microgrooves on its face, which helps in producing better feedback on every stroke. These grooves also improve the spin quality after impact. In addition to this, the N2 model gives a very soft feel combined with a high MOI. The unique shape of the putter also makes way for easier alignment. 

The oversized grip adds to the weight of the club, improving the stability of shots and reducing the tension on the hands and the wrists. Moreover, the Tour Edge HP series features five head styles that suit the needs of a wide variety of golfers. 

However, the extra-large body can be a turn-off for many people. Fortunately, this is a very cost-effective option for people who want to improve their putters. 


  • High moment of impact
  • Microgrooves help in optimal ball movement
  • Easy alignment
  • Oversized grips improve stability


  • The large frame might not suit all golfers


Tour Edge is a cost-effective brand that has produced great golf sets in the past decade. Although the Counter Balance N2 Putter is a budget option, it offers a lot of benefits. Overall, Tour Edge’s putter is well-balanced and makes way for stable and accurate shots. 

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3. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Callaway mens Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Black...

Odyssey’s Stroke Lab model is infamous for its advantages. Not to forget, Odyssey is probably the best in the industry at manufacturing putters. 

This innovative counterbalanced putter incorporates a unique method of weight distribution in both the head and the butt end of the equipment. As a result, the putter feels sturdy and reliable. In turn, this improves stability and accuracy. 

Interestingly, the putter is a hybrid, comprising graphite and steel. This saves 40 grams in weight. The graphite is concentrated towards the tip of the putter, which increases the moment of impact on the clubface. Consequentially, the strokes will feel smoother and more accurate. 

Odyssey also combines its classic white hot feel with micro hinges embedded on the face. This technology gets the ball rolling and improves distance control 

Bear in mind though, the attractive customizations and numerous options come at a hefty price. But, the Versa Putter’s unique features make up for the expenses. 


  • Hybrid graphite and steel shaft improve dynamics
  • Weight distribution assists stability 
  • High MOI
  • Improved distance control
  • Smooth feel


  • Expensive
  • Options might be confusing


The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is definitely the most unique equipment on this list. Its hybrid body makes way for lighter weight and balanced distribution. The high MOI and smooth feel are also very welcome. But, this putter is definitely not affordable. 

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4. Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 6M

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura Putter 2017 Right 6M 34

Titleist has a reputation for being a very elite brand. It is sought after by the world’s highest-ranked golfers. This reputation extends to the Scotty Cameron Futura series as well. The Futura 6M 

The vibration dampening system helps users responsive feedback and induces a soft feel. The multi-material technology increases the size of the putter head, improving forgiveness and accuracy. In addition to this, the weight back distribution improves the moment of impact to a large extent.

The putters come with additional weight in the heel-and-toe area, which is consistent with the length of the shaft. In addition to this, Titleist has thrown in a set of removable 20-gram weights that can improve accuracy, forgiveness, and stability in your strokes. 

Finally, the 303 stainless steel body with 6061 aircraft aluminum face-sole and the gray matador weather grips only add a sleek look to the putter. 

However, Titleist is a very well-known brand. This means that their products are pricey. Apart from this, not all players might like how the putter looks.


  • Soft feel
  • High forgiveness 
  • Increased stability due to additional weights
  • High accuracy and control
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Expensive
  • The unconventional look might not suit everyone


Titleist has big names in its bag, including Adam Scott. It is the favorite choice for professional golfers for a reason. Their Scotty Cameron Futura 6M offers a lot of pros. It is customizable, forgiving, and unique looking. But be prepared to splurge on this one. 

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5. Bettinardi Golf Studio Stock #3 

Bettinardi Golf 2017 Studio Stock 3 Putter, 33', Left...

Bettinardi is famous for its high-quality milling. It is no different for the Studi Stock #3 putter. This counterbalanced putter is milled with the F.I.T or the feel impact technology. The F.I.T refers to the honeycomb structure on the putter’s face. Users can expect a very soft impact when the club meets the ball. 

The Studio Stock #3 also has a larger sweet spot, which will improve performance during mishits. Bettinardi also has claimed over 70 wins since 1998 with their tour-quality designs. 

Another added advantage is the mercury gray PVD finish that reduces glares and makes the club look stylish and brand new for longer. The grips on the shaft also feel extra good and soft. 

However, the Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 is one of the more expensive putters on this list. But, the 395-gram body and the added forgiveness might just be worth it. 


  • Super soft feel
  • The large sweet spot for a putter
  • Glare-free body
  • Heavy, stable body


  • Expensive


Robert Bettinardi’s milled putters are PGA-worthy, without a doubt. With Studio Stock #3, you can expect accurate shots that are unlikely to miss the target line. However, the price might be a dealbreaker for many people. 

Bettinardi Golf 2017 Studio Stock 3 Putter, 33', Left...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a putter counterbalanced?

A putter is counterbalanced when it carried extra weight when compared to standard putters. This weight is distributed on the back of the club, more specifically, the perimeter of the back. To balance out the weight of the club head, there is more weight added to the shaft and the grip. So, you can identify a counterbalanced putter by its increased length and its heavier back. 

2. What does a heavier putter grip do?

A heavy and thick putter grip is a distinct feature of counterbalanced putters. This feature helps in reducing twisty wrists. Wrists are arguably one of the most important body parts used in golf. If your wrists get twitchy due to increased impact, then your putters will likely fail. So, a heavier putter grip stabilizes the wrists and allows you to take more accurate winning shots. 

3. What are the advantages of a counterbalanced putter?

  • Stability – Ordinary putters can make a golfer’s wrists unstable and twisty. A counterbalanced putter solves this problem. The added weight stabilizes the wrists and reduces the chances of mishits. 
  • Easy release – The added weight on the top shaft of a counterbalanced putter can improve the feel of the impact. 
  • Better alignment – Alignment is key for winning putters. Counterbalanced putters help your body pick up optimal alignments while doing the same for the ball. 
  • Reduced tension – Golfers tend to grip standard putters too tightly. The technology implemented in CB putters can help relieve this tension and improve swings. 
  • Improved confidence – With great feel and stability comes improved confidence. You are more likely to feel comfortable in the game with counterbalanced putters. 
  • Control –  Ultimately, golfers can regain control over putts. The weighted structure helps users in controlling the distance of their shots. 
  1. What are the disadvantages of counterbalanced putters?
  • Heavier putter – A counterbalanced putter is heavy. Not many golfers might be comfortable with this feature. 
  • Balance – The method of balance is different in counterbalanced putters when compared to conventional putters. Anyone who is used to anchoring can adjust to this. Others might find it hard to do get used to it. 
  • Thick grip – The thick putter grip might be a bane to high-handicap golfers. It limits the movement that the small muscles in our arms can make. Again, this takes time to get used to. 


As advantageous as counterbalanced putters seem, they might not work out for everyone. Many people would like to call counterbalanced putters an acquired taste. So, it is reserved for more experienced or professional golfers. 

All of the above-mentioned putters have something unique to offer to golfers. However, a commonality is that they are all expensive. This is because putters in general are long-term investments. The right counterbalanced putter can improve your game and lead you to produce winning puts. 

As it is with all products, it is best to perform research and narrow down on your requirements before picking our your counterbalanced putter. Here’s hoping that you will find your ideal counterbalanced putter for those sweet winning shots. 

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