How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?

Let me tell you that the first time a newbie or amateur golfer plays golf was hundreds of thousands of questions. There are many questions on their minds at that moment. However how many golf ball dimples are every newcomer of the golf industry is a very omnipresent question. Many of you even asked. If I want to reply in a word to this question, that is 336.

Dimples on a golf ball = 336

But understanding the whole matter in one word is not enough. This is because I will explain your question in detail in this article. Let’s move on. Let’s move on.

The answer to How many dimples on a golf ball is impossible to break down? “The reason for this, even for a golf ball brand, varies from ball to ball.

Very often there were between 300 and 500 dimples of a golf ball.

To make it more transparent, I’ll show you two real-life examples.

There are 352 dimples for the Titleist Pro V1. The Pro V1x, however, has only 328 dimples. Now, if there are more ideas, visit any golf accessories outlet in order to be more accurate because the practical knowledge of human life has an extraordinary impact.

Do Dimples on a golf ball matter at all?

Two parts of a golf ball are available. One is the inside and the other the outside. Here the inner layer plays the main role in making a golf ball more playable. Likewise, the outer part (i.e. the dimple) is intended to be a golf ball.

So how many golf balls do you dimple when you want to be a golfer??

Let’s Know Why Golf Balls Have Dimples?

Every manufacturer of golf balls does not put any balls in the golf. It looks pretty good because the reason behind this is. You may know that behind their use there is real science. Since something irregular or flat can moving through the air incongruously, it is easy to predict that a ball would travel unforeseeably through the air without any dimples. In fact, a golfer is not in control of the golf ball.

While the dimples of golf balls are fixed to a golf ball, the dimples create a small layer of air around the golf ball that will have to drag down.

The dim science is however not just about a golf ball but also about cars and aircraft.

Finally, a golf ball is dimpled to lift and move back and forth. Dimples magnify the effect by up to 50% (even more than 50 percent).

How Big Are Dimples on Golf Balls?

Much of the time the mean golf ball depth has grown to approximately 0.010 inches. The edge of the dimples depends on the model. Some dimples are spherical. The dimple size of the golf balls, on the other hand, has become hexagonal.

When Did Golf Balls Get Dimples?

The golf ball dimples were suddenly innovated in the mid-1700s. The golf ball was the most widely used and first created by Mr. Robert Adams Paterson, a famous golfer.

Each golfer will discover that the broken and damaged ones have more consistent ball flights than those in safety while golfers will noticeably dress up the ball.

Each golfer was happy enough after this invention until the golf ball industry discovered. But in the early 1900s a new and innovative idea for a golf ball was discovered. The golf ball is much better than the protruding indentation. William Taylor was subsequently patented for golf ball dimple design in 1905 as an English manufacturer. As technology for golf balls has been invented from time to time, dimple science has been invented too. Dimple models are especially tested with innovative technological equipment to create a more distant golf ball

How Do Dimples in Golf Balls Affect Their Flight? 

We need to know that the dimples only last 1/2000 seconds on a golf ball. However in this short period, it determines the speed of the ball, the starting angle and the spin rate. This is because the golf ball dimples are very important to all.


The concept of golf ball dimples was missing before the 1990’s. However, after the first disruption of this concept into the golf industry by Mr Willion Taylor, co-founder of the Taylor-Hobson company, little by little was the idea of golf dimples.

Dimples, however are an important fact in order to move a golf ball smoothly. But in the golf ball industry, there are many more things you must confirm before you go to a golf course. Think of you, we’ve written many articles on golf already so you can gradually be a professional golfer.

Let us know if you have any questions concerning golf ball dimples by commenting. We will attempt to answer you as soon as possible with the best answer.

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