How To Drive a Golf Ball Straight and Far (Expert Advice)

You are here to learn how to drive a golf ball straight and far down the fairway !

Many famous golfers have demonstrated that you don’t have to be big enough to drive a golfball near 300 yards or more.

I’m not as big as you usually expect people to be who can drive a golf ball far away.

But, I’m successful, however, as my golf trip is generally successful. I know consistently how to hit a driver.

This is why I will share with you my past experience so that you can get rid of any doubts and reach the next level in no time. Let’s go forward and crack down the exact process !

Steps to drive a golf ball straight and far

  • Have a proper setup
  • Get Rid of the Slice
  • Shorten your Driver
  • Shorten your Swing

#1 Proper Setup

Proper setup with your driver can improve your performance instantly. In an attempt to find the fairway more often, golfers have the same feeling with their riders or coils. Since the driver’s shaft is longer and the golf ball rests on a tee instead of the ground, the position of the player has to change. Players should attempt to play the golf ball inside their front leg and feel their trail shoulder work under their fore shoulder to create a tilt in their back as they grab their club. The basis for the following four steps are this ball position and backbone tilt.

#2 Get Rid of the Slice

This trick must be the most troubling and hard to fix among all beginner golfers’ problems. You need to know how to prevent/fix the golf course in order to drive straight.

#3 Shorten your Driver

I don’t mean for you to get a hold of your hands and tear into it now when I say to shorten your drive. All you have to do is move your hands down the grip shaft to shorten your driver’s feeling. This makes the driver feel shorter, helping you to control the drive.

#4 Shorten your Swing

You can also better control the drivers if you limit your back swing by only 3 quarters of the way back, but this obviously takes some distance away from your drives. Hey, it’s all good right when you hit the golf ball down the fairway rather than the rough!?

Additional tips on how to drive a golf ball !

  • You will naturally be inclining to reach the ball on a club path up and away from the ground at impact as the golf ball is close to your front foot and ahead of the centre of your body. An angle of upwards attack, often referred to as a positive angle of attack, helps start the golf ball into the air and reduces the rotation of longer rolls as soon as they descend.
  • It can be hard to swing changes. Fortunately, the manufacturers of golf equipment and club fitters have unique tools to help change standard drivers for their golf swing characteristics. Loft, lies, gravity centres, and face angles all can be altered so that you can get to a club that hits them longer, higher and straighter. If you test or change your current driver’s model, your confidence and driver performance can be sustainably affected.

I hope you got the answer on how to drive a golf ball to make it go far away and that too straight.

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