5+ Best Golf Balls for Amateur Golfers in 2021

Most golfers spend a lot of money at their clubs and some other facilities and still offer relatively less to one of the main features – the golf ball. The best amateur golf balls will probably influence your game more than any tools on which you spend money.

Not all golf balls are the same. Each golfer is special and they can see an instant change when using the best ball for their game. Many people believe that one ball is close to another, but that’s just not true.

The science of golf balls is as advanced as leading clubs, and a lot of research and development is designed to produce perfect balls for various players.

Hence, we’ll walk you through different quality golf balls to find the right one for your needs and will highlight the best golf balls for Amateur golfers.

List of Best Golf Balls For Amateur Golfers


Product Name


Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Bridge Stone Tour B RX Golf Ball

Titleist V1x Golf Ball

Callaway Superhot Matte Golf Ball

Strata Voodoo Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway produces many excellent golf balls, but these supersoft golf balls are more famous among amateur golfers. As these may not be suitable for golfers of enormous speed, they’re a delight to use with anybody else. The experience of golfers who played with these golf balls was incredibly good.

Although most golfers don’t want to, very few amateur players are quick to move. These balls are highly compact, giving them an enjoyable soft feeling but also optimizing distance. If you try to pull a hundred extra yards off your long shots or looking for a special experience or both, it’s worth thinking about.

They have a low spin for which they are supportive and accurate and it also increases their range. The marked aerodynamic architecture of Callaway HEX helps them to cut the air even further away. Many players can benefit from power over the green. You can have these balls in Lime, Green, Yellow, and Turquoise if you like anything other than white.

The Callaways are 2-piece balls, with a soft center of polybutadiene and a mask of a trionomer mixture. They fit together well enough that the ball is flexible and long.


  • Accurate
  • Good value for money
  • Aerodynamic Architecture


  • Not suitable for fast swing speed

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls are perfect for amateur golfers. Firstly, for a ball in its price range, the construction efficiency is excellent. The outcome is the same as high-performance golf balls at half the expense of other golf balls of the biggest suppliers. TaylorMade Distance Plus uses the lothane cover of the company that gives you more exposure to the greens. The key feature is its unbelievable distance, due to the compression of 60 balls and the 342 balls layout.

These golf balls do not cost you too much so that you can quickly miss a few of them on the lake at the golf course. The budget-conscient golfer would love this golf ball because its inexpensive price encourages them to make mistakes but does not reduce output efficiency.

These TaylorMade golf balls are exceptionally durable. The ball shape from the material to the number of dimples helps you to move a lot. Even if the velocity is as slow as 90mph, the double-piece architecture has ample compression to increase the distance and spin speeds. It’s the perfect entry-level tool to help you get your game higher. Since it is certified by USGA, you can also use it for tournaments as a middle or low handicapper.


  • Highly durable
  • Strong ball compression
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Players with high swing speed may feel they can lose distance due to 60 compression.

Bridge Stone Tour B RX Golf Ball

The Bridge Stone Tour B ball uses advanced cover technology. It’s made of Reactiv Urethane, which takes the skills of a daily urethane tour to greater heights. This three-piece ball style is one of the best for any player with a swing of less than 105mph. It provides toughness, precision, and is a ball that competes easily with Titleist and Callaway.

However, users who have problems spinning a ball with their coin may challenge this Bridgestone. They may hope, but naturally, it does not seem to come. Beginners battle to stick to the green land.


  • Three-piece ball style
  • Advanced cover technology
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for beginners

Titleist V1x Golf Ball

Titleist makes various demands on the new Golf Balls. Assessing from the success and the constructive reviews, what they claim needs to be fairly true. They have always been highly rated balls from different players and it seems like they are much better now.

Titleist offers a strong mix of penetrating duration which also has great power over the green. For amateur golfers, this is an attractive mix. This versatility can be a big advantage as the same ball has to be used from Tee to Green.

But their key focus is the range. The 2.0 ZG process core for full distance is new and streamlined. They have a thicker shell coating and a Urethane elastomer cover which is slightly thinner. This induces more movement around the green if you like it, and less off the tee if you don’t. Simultaneously they tried to maintain an incredibly soft feeling for which these balls were popular.

The enhanced and verified Dimple template with 392 Dimples has a higher coverage. This increases the distance further and leads to accuracy. Many players on the playing green will use the cleverly called A.I.M. or Alignment Integrated Marking.

Their exceptional durability is also an advantage of these balls. They’re not the cheapest balls on the market but they’re decent and will last long until you drop them. The balls are very flexible and although it is real, most will believe that they are more experienced.


  • Good durability
  • Excellent distance
  • Pleasant feel


  • A bit expensive

TaylorMade Project Golf Ball

TaylorMade is still no stranger to golf balls and they’re very good with the project Golf Balls. A broad variety of players are famous for them. They are soft 2-layer balls that have good leverage over the greenside and good reach when necessary.

These famous balls are built to swing slowly to moderately. Although the two-layer softballs allow decent reach, they still monitor the greens. The mixture is precious and is enjoyed by many golfers. They are still feasible enough for most players. The target of these balls is the amateur, the average player. Not suitable for beginners and disabled persons, but anyone else will benefit from the TaylorMade Project Golf Balls.

Project (a) new 322 dimple balls have been crafted to minimize drag. They are direct and have a reasonable distance. The softcore makes the ball striking the better one in all worlds and less off the tee.

They are formed in many layers with a sturdy exterior sheet, a urethane cover, and a porous inner core. A good carry and run can be a great idea. The urethane cover provides more of the ball’s feel, which most players will appreciate.

While the balls are in many ways close to tour standards, the price remains fair. These balls are proven to be very popular and common with several Golfspersons in their third version. It is incredibly diverse and helps you from tee to green. The feeling is strong and the power is excellent.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Good distance
  • Soft feel


  • The sound is not good

Wilson Elite Golf Ball

Wilson Elite Golf Balls are one of the best golf balls for amateurs. The Wilson team comes with an Elite golf ball pack of 12. The package consists of two-layer golf balls that achieve the balance between a high green-sided spin and a low driver spin. This pack is a new golf ball made by the Wilson Staff. Wilson Staff is one of the world’s leading golf ball manufacturers and they feel this is the perfect model for beginners.

The Elite name indicates it’s a golf ball most commonly used by experts. They found that amateurs and pros enjoy much of the characteristics of golf balls. When you hit the grass, the Wilson Workers Elite will give you more and a short rest. The rubber core helps to make the greenside spin smooth and sound good. The cover includes the lower drive spin, which gives you from the golf ball the pace you want.

If you want a decent distance without much trouble, it is the golf ball which you should try. The Wilson Staff is one of 50 compression balls in the first set. You should be assured that you get the best quality golf balls on the market with this kit.

They assume this is a perfect model for amateur golfers as it will help you improve your confidence as you start the game. Due to a balance between the outer cover and the inner heart, the distance you can get from these balls fits well with the ball’s soft feel and are suitable for professionals who wish to maximize their distance with these golf balls.


  • Highly durable
  • Four different colors
  • Strong responsive cover


  • No good roll

Srixon Soft Golf Ball

The Srixon Soft Golf Balls are flexible, but they can get most from the slower swing speeds. It is important to remember before we get to the information that they are incredibly a good value for money. When you have a tight budget or seem to lose the most balls, these are quality balls that will help your game without breaking your wallet.

The low compression makes them more appropriate for slower speeds. This compression ratio allows you to reach an acceptable distance even at a slow to medium speed. The architecture of the Energetic Gradient Growth Center is further improved. It has a gentle core and a solid exterior. In other words, the balls in the middle are small and get firmer when you get out. The effect is a long and satisfying range. The balls are extremely elastic, improving reach and forgiveness.

Srixon also has been able to produce these balls for effective regulation of the greenside. With a 338 Speed Dimple configuration, they have reasonable aerodynamics for lower traction, resistance, and better wind efficiency. It also leads to a more simple start for the ball in the air. Not everyone enjoys alignment support, but the alignment arrow for those who use the balls helps with setup and goal concentration for better throwing.


  • Soft feel
  • Good value for money
  • Reasonable Aerodynamics


  • Not suitable for fast swing speeds

Callaway Superhot Matte Golf Ball

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls are one of the best things for gamers. Although the Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Golf Balls cannot be predicted with the same compression rating they can assure you from the experience that it is an incredibly soft feeling golf bubbles equipped to reach even longer distances. This potential for golf balls is really useful for golfers who want to challenge stronger players with low swing speeds. In this model, several features allow high-quality efficiency.

Such golf balls are built with the three-faced architecture of Callaway. This helped the manufacturer to create greater lifting and distance on the center of the ball. The cover composition of the Superhot Bold decreases the spin during full shots more drastically and maximizes the spread. The HEX dimple pattern is more aerodynamic, which decreases golf balls’ flight drag and increases the lift and direction.

The Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf balls are also available in several colors that can help you achieve higher exposure and the dull finish decreases the light that helps with the swing. This is a main golfing ball for beginners, who want to develop their skills and distance by drive.


  • Softcore
  • A decent compression
  • HEX dimple pattern


  • The matte finish of the ball makes it hard to remove the pocket

Strata Voodoo Golf Ball

The Strata Voodoo Golf Balls are the perfect golf ball for beginners who just want to get a pick of the techniques and get a great distance from each hit. No doubt the Strata named it the Voodoo golf ball as it will allow you to drive it for a long time.

The Callaway Strata Voodoo Golf Balls are released in 2018 and will cost you a little. A brand new kit is available at a great price. It should be a reason to buy something on it if you see anything with the name Callaway and you want it for a low price point. The one thing about Strata Voodoo is that it’s something you can’t miss. The Voodoo balls have a lighter center and a durable shell, which helps to give you a long distance from your shots.

The golf balls of Strata Voodoo tend to be like any normal golf ball when it comes to looks. On closer analysis, the white cover reveals Callaway’s unique cross-bones logo for its Strata Voodoo golf courses. Many beginners prefer the ball because they’re gentle. The more experienced golfers will prefer to use the Voodoo as a practice shot. The strong success of these golf bands makes them perfect for any work, without thinking about missing a few because of their condition.


  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Soft to touch


  • No highest flight trajectory

Srixon Q – Star Golf Ball

Srixon has built the Golf Ball Q-Star Tour golf balls to help amateur golfers to take part in a tour due to features that enable them to get their game up with even slower swing velocity.

For this golf ball, the statements are important and designers checked the golf ball to decide if they were correct. Q-Star Tour Golf Balls from Srixon did not mislead them. The ball gives a big gap to golfers with a swing pace of around 75-95 mph. It does not affect the greenside spin and helps you to manipulate the ball with greater precision.

The experience with this golf ball is much better around the greens than the golf ball you would find in its price range. Surprisingly, the ball is also very soft. The ball is sufficiently smooth to reduce its flight distance to allow further distances available. When you strike the ball with your driver and iron, it does have a gentle contact force on your palm, but it doesn’t feel smooth enough to hit a marshmallow. It is a natural equilibrium.

The ball builds three layers with a soft rubber core, that the golfer can compress more effectively with slow swing speeds. If you reach it at high speeds the ball springs from the face with improved power without losing the distance.


  • Aerodynamic speed dimples
  • Soft
  • Great Precision


  • Golfers with extremely high swing speeds find that compression causes their shots to lose distance
Factors to consider before purchasing a Golf Ball
  • Construction

Many construction methods are used and each has different characteristics. This affects their efficiency. One-piece golf balls are the most basic and inexpensive. They can be used for driving or beginners on a small budget. They have little compression, little forgiveness, and not the longest distance. They don’t have a huge feeling either.

The two-piece golf balls are much easier and can have a better feeling for distance. In general, they are very long-lasting. Three-piece golf balls can help you feel better, spin, and control more smoothly. You will then be equipped with four and five-piece balls with greater ability to optimize each shot you make.

  • Dimples

Dimple structure is important to the ball’s efficiency, spin, playability, and aerodynamics. There has been a lot of study on the optimal dimple style. The dimple technology is adjusted according to the primary objective as in all other aspects of the nature of a golf ball.

  • Spin

Spin has an enormous impact on ball performance. They vary from balls with mild, medium to high spin. Low spin balls are more appropriate because of less lateral spin. Higher spin balls can hold longer and perform well if you attempt to catch them.

  • Durability

While you can drop the ball out of the boundary or in the water, it should last a bit. Although some brands are going longer than others, most of these premium goods have strong durability.

  • Compression

That is a crucial element of understanding. It is essentially a calculation of the depletion experienced by a ball when hit. Low compression balls create more distance, particularly for slow to medium swing velocities. They will appear to feel more smooth. Faster swingers can use a high tensile ball that also provides space but stability.


You can purchase several golf ball models, and each has a wide variety of features that can change the overall experience. The only way to learn which golf ball fits your play style is to get a couple of golf balls to play and experience the game.

You should now have an idea of the significance and the aim for the perfect golf ball. We have already outlined some of the better choices. Hence, we hope the above article will help you to pick the right amateur golf ball.

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