Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

At a mere first glance, it doesn’t seem like golf balls have seen much of a revolution like the game itself.

But a closer examination shows that golf balls have had tons of innovative upgrades over the last couple of years, making them more suitable for beginners and pro golfers who want to take their gameplay to the next level.

Modern golf balls give you better control and spin, which are ideal in enhancing your performance. But why are golf balls so expensive?

Golf balls are so expensive because their design process is intense and precise. Modern balls feature multiple layers, which mean more research and investment and therefore a spike in the retail price. At the end of the day, it’s the material used, the design stages, and the quality control process that explains why golf balls are so expensive.

Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

Golf Ball Making

Every golf ball you buy from a sports store features a core made from synthetic compound. A ball can have more than one core depending on the number of layers it has.

For example, the Pro V1X golf balls have deliver the distance and engines cores accessed when the club’s head hits and compresses the ball at high speed.

From a construction standpoint, the brand behind these golf balls use a combination of advanced processing and formulas to make the core deliver high speed and low spin performance.

Just after the core is the first cover layer. Closer to the surface and highly optimized for spin, the layer becomes active at the relatively slow golf club’s head speed often used for the approached shots.

Then there’s the outer layer, one that every golfer pays the most attention for scoring control. Some people like to assume that this cover contributes to speed and distance. Far from it, the cover only delivers high spins on short and approach shots.

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The Cost of the Golf Game

Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

Some people suggest that golf balls are expensive because golf game is itself one of the most expensive sports in general. It seems that many players of this game have more disposable income compared to those who don’t participate in the game.

Again, the design of the balls keeps getting better. And given that players would do anything to boost their performance and increase their score, it’s not a surprise seeing expensive golf balls flooding the market these days.

And to be clear, manufacturers what golfers want and are willing to give them just that even at a price that you might think is rather abnormal.

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Must You Buy An Expensive Golf Ball?

Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

We’ve seen that some golf balls are so expensive because of the quality of the materials used to make them.

Every layer, from the core to the outer cover, has a unique material and technical design that ensures better performance. Better materials mean better balls, which also mean better gameplay.

But must you buy the most expensive golf ball?

Well, not exactly.

If you’ve tested both the expensive and generic golf balls and you don’t feel the difference, it’s completely fine to get the generic ones. After all, it doesn’t feel great when you lose an expensive ball, especially if you’re just getting started with the game.

Keep in mind that just because a golf ball is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bad make. Some that cost under $20 per dozen are actually quite good and capable for newer golfers.

Then when you’ve leveled up your game to the level where you feel like you need to upgrade, buying one of those expensive golf balls won’t be an issue at all.

There’s also the option of buying recycled balls. If anything, this is a good option to consider if you’re one of those persons who can’t justify the cost of an expensive ball,

particularly given that you already know that they will end up at the bottom of a lake or somewhere in the woods.

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While it sounds silly to say that golf ball price might even increase in future, it won’t come as a surprise if it happens. After all, manufacturers continue to invest time,

resources, and advanced technologies to improve these balls with the aim of giving players maximum distance between them and the balls for better scores.

Take Volvik S4 Golf Balls (View price below), for example. These are pricier than standard golf balls, but Volvik has designed them with premium urethane coating that makes them react fast to a shot, swing fast, and pierce higher into air.

The result is a great feel and the best spin rate that traditional plastic golf balls simply can’t offer.

Given the continued improvement in the construction, the coming of the most expensive golf balls is a clear indication that there’s more to expect in future than what we have at the moment.

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