How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

Overswinging a club can make it extremely difficult to hit the ball consistently in a pattern that’s easy to repeat.

Unfortunately, swinging the club too far back is a common mistake that many golfers make without noticing because the swing errors are behind their heads. And the effect makes the sling complex than it should be.

Players often overswing in two ways;

Some let go with the left hand at the very top of the swing. Others do so by allowing their left to collapse and then bend.

So by eliminating these errors, it become easier to swing optimally, often in a matter that maintains the width of the backswing parallel to the ground and make swinging much easier.  

5 How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

1. Rotate Your Golf Club with One Arm

Start by placing your golf ball in front of you. Stand in your golf stance, hold the club like you would in a normal game, and then take away your dominant hand from the club.

With your dominant hand behind your back and your elbow in front of your rib cage, bend the other arm to keep the club straight in the air.

Ensure your elbow is in front of you and in a bent position, with your feet firmly on the ground. Twist your back in the motion of someone wanting to swing his or her club,

making sure your arm doesn’t move in the process. Don’t switch further once the club is above your head. 

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2. The Ball Toss Drill Method

How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

The ball toss drill is one of the simplest techniques that you can use to keep yourself from overswinging in golf.

Hold the golf ball with your dominant hand. With your body in a golf stance, bend your arm at an angle of 45 degrees.

Make sure your elbow is tight, right in front of your rib cage, and then rotate back until the ball is over your head. To get this right, you need to make sure your fist is 3/4 of the way parallel to where you stand.

Slowly shift your weight in a forward direction as you rotate towards your hips. Let your dominant hand come towards the zone where your imaginary golf club would hit.

Release the ball in what’s called the underhand toss, making sure you straighten your arm as you do the drill. Now watch the ball fly and then take a moment to evaluate your swing. 

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3. Use Your Core To Maximize Swinging Power

How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

This strategy is simple and therefore very easy to master and helpful in keeping you from overswinging your golf club.

Place your golf ball on the ground right in front of you. With your elbows bent slightly at the top of your backswing, swing your golf club above your head to get in the starting position.

Here, you’re putting your hips, thighs, core, and glutes to work while your arms swing freely.

Push your weight in the direction of your ankles and rotate forward at your hip as you swing the club down from above your head.

This should get the club to hit the golf ball, again without the need to use your arms to uncoil the club. You need to be careful enough to keep your wrist from bending and using your arms for power so you don’t overswing in the process.

Now hit the golf ball as hard as possible using your core as you swing the club and then straighten your arms out from your chest. 

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4. Use a Band to Control Overswinging

How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

This is perhaps the simplest solution you can use to stop overswinging in golf. The band gives you the sensation of turning to the top of your backswing so you can keep the club’s head to the right width.

There’s no limit to what resistant band you can buy, so the one you choose is obviously a matter of personal preference.

One of the options that we love and strongly recommend is the Andux Golf Swing Resistance Band.

It’s a strength buckle with a plastic handle and black foam grip. Its natural latex loop easily changes shape well enough to help you control swing and take your game to the next level.

You will love this option because a resistant band is very easy to use. With one end of the band under your lead foot and the other around the grip of the golf club, turn the top of the backswing and keep the tension in the band.

Keep doing the drill until you get the hang of it. Later on, you’ll notice that it’s hard to overswing if you use the resistance band right.

Overall, there are two benefits of using a resistant band. First, you completely stop overswinging. Second, you build powerful and compact swings necessary to enjoy your gameplay.

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5. Implement the “T” Position

The T position is about rotating your shoulders the right way during a swing.

Stand straight with the club head about your chest height and swing it around in a baseball style.

Rotate your club’s head behind you in a backswing, bring it to the golf ball with power and speed, and then rotate it to the other side. Keep the left shoulder at the target at the start of the swing and the right at the end.

Do not add a hinge to tilt the upper body forward just to get the club’s head behind your golf ball. This can be problematic because it might deny you the flexibility and stability necessary to keep you from doing an over swing.

The goal here is make sure your shoulders stay in the T position in relation to the other parts of your body. Move your shoulders consistently in relation to the club, as doing makes your striking better.

How to Stop Overswinging in Golf

The position may be tricky to master at first. That’s especially so if you haven’t tried to turn and maintain your shoulder at such a position before.

But it’s not impossible nonetheless. It’s important to smart small with slow and fully controlled movements until you get the hang of it.

Doing so allows you to build an efficient and repeatable swing that easily controls the weight of the club every time it moves. 

That’s it on how to stop overswinging in golf. Keep in mind that while it takes time to master these strategies, they all go a long way to get you to swing your golf club right.

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