How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes

If you’re a golfer, you know that adding spikes to your golf shoes can give you an edge on the green. Golf shoes can have spikes on the soles to provide traction. Over time, these spikes can wear down and need to be replaced.

So, what do you do when they start to wear down and no longer grip the ground? You can opt to remove the spikes from your golf shoes when they lose their grip or get worn out.

In this post, we’ll show you how to remove spikes from golf shoes using a spike wrench and a screwdriver. We’ll also provide some tips on how to avoid damaging your shoes in the process. Let’s get started.

How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes

How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes
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Golf shoes with spikes are the perfect accessory for any green-souled golfer. They boost your confidence when taking swings, and ensure that you stay steady whenever walking around on wet grasses.

However, maybe you’ve had it with the spikes. Maybe they’re worn out, damaged, or just not working for whatever reason.

It’s important to know how to remove these things because if you don’t then your feet will be in pain every time that you wear them. Here is how you can remove spikes from your golf shoe without too much hassle:

Removing Golf Spikes Using a Wrench

When you’re looking for a surefire way of removing spikes from your favorite golf shoes, there’s no better tool than using one designed specifically with this purpose in mind.

The spike wrench was specifically designed for this purpose and will make it much easier to get those pesky metal pieces out of your footwear without causing any damage or injury.

When you have the perfect tool for your job, anything can become easy. That’s why on a good day using golf spike wrenches is just about as straightforward of an action as there could be.

All it takes to remove them is pulling back upon their metal spikes until they’re free from whatever joint or hole in which they’re stuck – no excessive force required at all.

The situation gets more complicated if the golf spikes are worn out, broken, or snapped. A typical spike wrench may not be able to get it done and you’ll need some extra tools and a bit of force for them to remove those stubborn spikes holding your shoes together.

How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes
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Removing a Stuck Spike from Your Golf Shoe

If you find yourself unable to remove a shoe spike after trying with the wrench, it’s time for some lubricant grease. Grease is no big deal and can help get rid of stubborn golf spikes.

Here is what you should do when trying to remove a stuck spike from your golf shoe:

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1. Applying Lubricant

You should apply the lubricating grease on the spike and its receptacle. When applying the lubricant, do not apply too much.

Just enough so that it is applied snugly throughout your spike and spike receptacles, make sure the spike is fully coated with lube before lowering it into place.

It should be easy to slide in and seating quite deep so that there’s no risk of drips or leaks at any point.

How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes
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2. Use the Spike Wrench

Tighten your spike wrench onto the spikes then pull back-and-forth until you hear or feel a clicking sound from within which means that they’re tight enough for your safety purposes when removing the spikes.

You may need to use more force when pulling out the stubborn spikes. If they are still intact, then you can try using drills and pliers.

3. Try Drills and Pliers

Hard spikes can be a little more difficult to remove, but not impossible. You can use a power drill and a small bit to help you remove the spikes from your golf shoe.

The tool will be used for drilling out the metal piece that goes into each shoe, and it’s important not to accidentally hit any other part of your foot while doing this.

You can then pull the spikes out but don’t forget about safety when working around power tools so make sure everything’s well secured.

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Why Changing Your Golf Shoe Spikes Often is Important?

If you want your spikes to last as long and be in perfect condition, then they must be changed regularly. The benefits of changing them regularly include:

1. Maintains Traction

Golf shoes with spikes are designed to provide increased traction on wet and slanted grounds. It is important to change the spikes so you can maintain your balance while walking, running, or playing any sport in the rain without falling over.

2. Boosts Durability

With a little care and maintenance, your golf shoes can last you through the whole season. Make sure to change their spikes regularly or they might start falling apart sooner than you expect.

3. Perfect Leg Support

Golf shoes come with longer or shorter spikes depending on your preference. If you want more stability, go for the ones that have harder spikes since they will be able to provide support or change them frequently so that the stability can be maintained.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Shoes

How Do You Get Spikes Out of Golf Shoes without Tool?

The easiest way to get rid of pesky spikes on your golf shoes is by first coating them with a thin layer or brushing of sand and then scrubbing the dirt off. If you don’t have access to or time for this, use wire brushes made specifically for removing caked-on mud from soles. You can then grip the spike using pliers and unscrew the spike from the shoe.

Can Spikes Be Removed from Golf Shoes?

Place the spike key over top of your spikes, ensuring that you secure it around the base. Hold firmly and slowly turn clockwise until loosened enough for removal.

Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes?

Golf shoes with spikes offer extra traction in mud, on wet courses, and on hills. They are perfect for those who play golf outside of normal conditions because they can handle slippery surfaces better than other types of footwear.

There are a few different ways to remove spikes from your golf shoes. One option is using a wrench to dislodge the spike by turning it counter-clockwise.

Another way is to use pliers or vice grips and twist until you feel the metal piece loosen, then pull out of the shoe completely.

In both cases, be sure not to grip too hard so as not to damage any material on top of the shoe. We hope this post has guided you on how to remove spikes from your golf shoe easily and quickly.

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