5+ Best Golf Gloves for Hot Weather in 2021

Playing golf in hot and humid weather is nothing less than a struggle, particularly for golfers who sweat abundantly. You have immense inconvenience with sticky palms. It doesn’t just make you uncomfortable but also affects your golf club control. It weakens the handles and increases the probability of a failure. Therefore, when playing golf, your hands must be sweat-free and dry.

Golf gloves are the safest way for dirty hands to cope with them and avoid them from disturbing the game. But not every golf glove can do you a lot of good to keep your hands dry. You need golf gloves specially made for this purpose. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re searching for the perfect golf gloves for hot weather. We listed the best hot weather golf gloves along with a simple buyer’s guide that will help you to pick the best golf gloves.

List of Best Golf Gloves for Hot Weather


Product Name


Callaway Golf Men's Leather Golf Gloves

Finger Ten Men's Golf Gloves

StableGrip Men's Golf Gloves

Raulam International Flag Golf Gloves

MG DynaGrip Men's Leather Golf Gloves

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves

The FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves are the perfect golf gloves for hot weather. These golf gloves with superior quality are your best choice to keep your hands dry on a hot and humid day while playing golf.

The WeatherSof Golf Gloves from FootJoy Men are made using the excellent FiberSof, an exceptionally soft microfiber. This is in use on the thumb and palm regions of the gloves, making them one of the durable hot-weather golf gloves.

The WeatherSof Golf Gloves from FootJoy Men features 3D ComfortTab which provides the highest degree of golfer convenience. These quality gloves are highly stable and thus have a perfect grip. These golf guides are amazingly breathable by the moisture control feature. The PowerNet elasticated mesh also offers better versatility and a safer fit.

The FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves are certainly the perfect golf glove for hot weather in 2020 with the highest expectations for longevity, comfort, stability, and the ability to soak sweat directly from your hands.


  • Moisture control
  • Good grip
  • Flexible


  • They wear out quickly

Callaway Golf Men’s Leather Golf Gloves

Callaway’s Golf Men’s Leather Golf Glove is a luxury leather golf glove. The WeatherSof is made of leather but is not a luxury design. This glove is very small and light, and it feels like an extension of your palm. Players that like a golf club like this are involved in the experience.

If a golf glove is too heavy, the output around the green will be affected. With a slim and light golf grip, the links to the Club aren’t so simple. The Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol has the thickness required by the players. This glove’s structure is of very high quality and has creases on the elbows and fingertips.

This gives us plenty of breathing space in your hand which can also help to minimize moisture. The closer to the Men’s Dawn Patrol will ensure that you fitfully and securely. Several players will tell you the Dawn Patrol is one of these gloves you fail to wear. This is the best supplement for hot weather when you’re looking for a great golf glove.


  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Offers breathability


  • It will not last forever

Finger Ten Men’s Golf Gloves

The Finger Ten Men’s Golf Gloves have good weather conditions and dry up easily when the weather is hot and your hands are probably sweaty. Made with a high-quality 3D mesh, they not only guarantee perfect health, but they also deliver effective humidity moisture absorption. A pair of these awesome finger-ten golf handles should be given for golfers who want to hold golf gloves of high quality even when the weather is humid.

Hot weather golf gloves are primarily designed to avoid the club sliding from your hands. They are incredibly lightweight and add comfort, which makes the game even more enjoyable.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Good grip


  • The feeling is diminished marginally.

FootJoy STASOF Golf Gloves

The STASOF Golf Glove is another famous hot weather golf glove from FootJoy. The StaSof is a little different from the WeatherSof because the StaSof is slimmer and made of high-quality leather. The Taction 3 Advanced Performance Leather is the leather in this glove.

This is intended to hold in a better condition and to remain soft as long as possible. How well it sits on your side, is one of the best things about StaSof. No matter what your hand size, the StaSof seems to be taking the right position. This is also a glove for the climate. As hot weather may lead to more water and sweat in your golf grips, all-weather architecture can be a big feature.

Power Net mesh also allows air to pass through the glove. Any time you see your golf glove on the top of your hand, you should be mindful that your hand is probably going to get very wet. Combine this breathing loss with the warm temperature and it can get unpleasant.

The StaSof is normally a little more expensive than the WeatherSof gloves, but if you want anything lighter that is still suitable for severe weather conditions, that is a better option.


  • Good quality
  • Breathable
  • The perfect glove for climate


  • A bit expensive

StableGrip Men’s Golf Gloves

The StableGrip Men’s Golf Gloves are made from leather and terrycloth of Cabretta, making them excellent for sweat absorption from your hands. Not only can they keep your hands dry all over the game, but they’re also very durable. They have 3D finger pads which give them tremendous versatility to fit the movement of your hand.

The Secure Grip Golf Gloves by Bionic is supremely breathable and are suitable for people with very sweaty palms and outstanding moisture control. These golf gloves are durable, comfortable, and highly efficient to keep your hands dry, and they are a great style. We strongly recommend these gloves if you are looking for the best hot weather gloves in 2020.


  • Good grip
  • Breathable
  • Good moisture management


  • Expensive

MG DynaGrip Men’s Leather Golf Gloves

The MG Golf Glove is undeniably one of the better prices for golf gloves you can find. This is a leather golf club in Cabretta with drillings on the top and fingers.

This MG type would be just like the FootJoy Sta-Sof that we have on the list. Several golfers on tour play this glove and still have a wonderful success. The MG Golf Glove is a simple and uncomplicated glove that you can buy in several sizes.

The glove closing works very well to ensure that you match tightly with all your fingers and that nothing gets lost. Don’t be afraid to go for a glove that isn’t a brand name when it comes to golf gloves. Some of the less established labels will provide excellent value while also providing consistency.


  • Good quality leather
  • Affordable


  • None

Raulam International Flag Golf Gloves

Raulam International Flag Golf Gloves are golf handles for proud American golfers. These Raulam gloves are an excellent option if you’re looking for cool, comfortable, and good value for money gloves.

These gloves are made from sublimated cloth and are incredibly easy to wear. You can feel relaxed when you use these gloves. Not only do these gloves show convenience but also keep your hands dry and sweatless throughout the game.

They give extraordinary longevity and suit your hands ideally to encourage the swing of your club for great shots. If you are looking for Golf gloves that will flaunt you at the golf courses, the Raulam USA Flag Golfer is a perfect alternative. These gloves provide outstanding comfort and strong sweat and moisture absorption, making them completely worthwhile to be on the list of best golf gloves for hot weather.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent quality leather
  • Good value for money


  • Not durable

TaylorMade Men’s Tour Flex Golf Gloves

The TaylorMade Men’s Tour Flex Golf Glove is one of the perfect golf gloves for hot weather. It features a four-way strip of nylon. The nylon allows the handle to be ideally fit and relaxed. The glove looks like any time you put it on your palm.

We love this option because it has a wicking fabric for hot weather. There is a great risk that you would sweat when you play golf. Since TaylorMade knew that it would happen, they made this glove to help you find warmth and lodging. The glove dries easily and keeps your hand in a cool, dry handle.


  • Flexibility
  • Good grip
  • Moisture control


  • Problem with handle

Blue Line Mesh Golf Gloves

Golf gloves from Bender provide certain features distinct from other suppliers. The biggest difference between Bender and other golf club firms is their handkerchief style. If you choose a patterned or special coloring glove, it would certainly be a good idea.

Golf gloves from Bender can cost a little more than those on the market, but you must think of it as an addition as well as a glove with coloring and style. The Bender Gloves match perfectly on your hand and you feel like you need something special spandex insert at some moment.

This handle is made with a strengthened patch of AA Cabretta Leather Palm. If you’ve had problems with a glove obtaining a hole in the past, you should obtain your help with this Blue Line Mest Golf Glove. If you want golf gloves that are convenient, fashionable, and breathable, this is an excellent option.


  • Good quality material
  • Includes spandex


  •  Need to find a color you like

Kirkland Signature Men’s Golf Gloves

The Kirkland Signature Men’s Golf Gloves come in a 3-pack. You would be very respected if you find yourself walking through a variety of golf gloves. The Kirkland can withstand humidity and keep it from for a lot of sports. They don’t appear in cadet proportions, so you must search elsewhere if the fingers are shorter.

The one thing we love about these fingertips is the elastic straps. Your hand will remain cold, and the consistency of the leather in this glove will last from golf to golf. It is not always easy to find a glove that suits perfectly at an outstanding price. The Kirkland offers everything that is needed for a glove – not only on the golf course on a hot day but even for a colder day.


  • Good leather
  • Available in 3-pack


  • None

What is the use of a Golf Glove?

The primary aim of using a golf glove is the extra grip. If you grab the club with your bare hands and rain or sweaty hands, the club will transform quickly when swinging. Another bonus of getting the additional grip on your palm is that the club must not be kept too tightly. You can have a more smoother swing if you don’t grab the club as closely.

A golf glove gives a safe, tackler grip on the Golf Club shaft. A glove should fit like “a second skin,” but often golfers buy too big gloves. The first time you need to slip your hand into a new golf glove. A ‘Cadet’ glove-like can be considered by golfers with small fingers and bigger palms. A golf handkerchief gives a safe, tackier grip on the Golf Club shaft. A guy suits like “a second skin,” but many golfers buy too big gloves. The first time you should slip your hand into a new golf glove.

A cadet-style glove should be considered for golfers with short fings and expanding hands. About 18 rounds of golf or a standard golf season are required to endure for the majority of the players. Factor in a couple of fewer Rpm if you put your glove into the range daily.

Why do golfers wear one glove?

Golfers wear a glove mostly because of the extra grip. You’ll put a glove on your left side because you’re a right-handed golfer. The only reason golfers wear one glove is that you won’t get a profit if you wear two gloves. You don’t have to hold the club very closely in your right hand and this is a stabilizer. Typical golfers wear a golf glove on the top hand that takes care of the ball, with the left hand on the right. The main feature of wearing gloves is the use of constant grip strength.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Golf Glove

When you wear golf gloves, you are always best protected, especially if you’re a heavy jumper. If you pick the right golf gloves for warm weather, you’ll keep your grip on the golf club firm and not risk your results. You can remember the following factors before purchasing golf gloves for hot weather.

  • Fabric

Golf gloves are supplied with both plastic and leather. Compared with synthetic fabric, leather gloves are more secure and sturdy. The cloth gloves are on the more expensive side. They give a better grip concerning disposable gloves. You should select the right cloth based on your tastes and style.

  • Fit

When picking golf gloves, the fit of a glove is a very important consideration. The best golf glove is ideally suitable for your hand. Golf gloves for both men and women are found in various styles. The thickness or quantity of materials should be negligible on the body of a glove. Also, the palm and back of the hands should be flat with the glove. An improper glove can adversely affect your performance, something that you don’t want, especially in those great competitive games.

  • Grip

The grip is the main trigger for wearing a golf glove. In hot weather, a golf glove is stronger than skin and helps avoid the club turning into a player’s palm. Gloves also serve to improve tension between the grip and the handle.

Golfers with a loose grip can find particularly helpful gloves. As conditions can play a role in the game, special gloves can be used to improve grip in extreme circumstances.

  • Closure

The appearance of closure, whether a normal strap or a velcro strap, still has another aspect that you should remember. A closure helps you to tighten the handle correctly, ensuring that it works properly. The more your health, the more grip you have on the golf club.

  • Prevention of blisters and sores

If a golf club is too close, it can lead to blisters or muscles over and over again. Although wearing a glove is not a cure, it will reduce the risk of blistering and cramping. Furthermore, certain golfers can tap blister-prone parts on the palms.

  • Warmth and dryness

Golf gloves are of various materials and use. Many golfers prefer leather or plastic gloves to wear in different situations when using any ball. However, weather-specific gloves are also made by certain firms, including for cold or rainy weather.

All styles of gloves are sold in pairs and it is best that in poor weather you wear both hands with gloves. Winter gloves are designed to keep the hands warm and dry, to avoid rigidity, and to ensure that you keep a natural grip. Regenerated guys help to withstand rain so that you can keep the club even though it’s wet.

  • Preferences

There are several various styles of golf gloves. They aren’t always going to satisfy your needs. Some would need stylish golf gloves to make a declaration of mode, while others would like golf gloves which can be held in the hot and wet season. You do not fit a golf glove appropriate for anyone else. So always invest in golf gloves that satisfy your requirements.

  • Budget

When buying golf gloves, the budget is typically the most critical factor. Golf gloves are available at a premium from $6 to $25. Find golf gloves with the most features to boost your game based on your budget.


It’s not easy to choose the right golf gloves for hot weather. There are several reasons which can make you more relaxed on the course and boost your game at the same time, in order to get a couple of golf gloves. The above list of best golf gloves for hot weather feature the best golf gloves on the market today. So choose the one according to your requirements and enjoy playing the game without worrying about sweat palms.

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