How to Adjust Golf Club Length

Are you struggling with the length of your golf club? Do you feel it is too long or too short for you? If yes, then this article is for you. The length of your golf club has a significant impact on how you perform on the course. That is why you will find most golfers opting to either shorten or lengthen their clubs. 

Adjusting the club to suit your type of play improves your performance on the turf. You may have received a golf club gift that is too short or maybe too long for you, and you are wondering how to deal with it. As a new golfer, this may be not very clear. Worry no more, because this article takes you through the various options of adjusting your golf club’s length.

How to tell if your golf clubs are too long or too short

Before we dive into adjusting your golf clubs, it is crucial to know how to determine if they are the correct length. Your golf club is probably too long if you tend to stand up too upright compared to what you should be. When swinging, you will notice that the shaft feels weaker. You will notice with a long club, that it tends to fly way too high towards the left once you hit the ball.

These are some of the few observations you can make if your club is too long. When it is too short, your swing path will often be in and out. Your tempo will be too quick, and more than often, the ball goes towards the right. Your knees and waist will tend to bend too much. 

Suppose you notice any of these signs; you probably need to adjust the length of your golf club. You can either chose to shorten it or make it longer depending on the observations. It would be best if you took the required measurements for proper adjustment. You may decide to take the club to a professional, but believe it or not the steps are simple, and you can easily do it yourself. 

How to extend the length of your golf club

Extending the golf club length involves adding more length to the shaft. It is possible to replace the shaft with a longer one, but that will be a little bit more expensive. The cheaper option is to use a shaft extension. On that note, you will only need to replace the grip. 

The shaft extension can lengthen the club by up to two inches. If you need more distance from your club, then the following steps will help you adjust the golf club to fit your play type. If your shaft is made of steel, then use a steel extension and if it is made of graphite, then use a graphite extension.  

Step 1: Removing the grip

To access the shaft, you need to remove the grip. Using a knife, cut through the grip from top to bottom. Remove the double-sided tape from the shaft using the same knife. Be extra careful, so you don’t injure yourself or damage the shaft. 

Step 2: Fit checking the shaft extension

Once the grip is off, fit check the extension to the shaft and mark for the length you want to be adjusted. It may feel snug but do not apply too much force when inserting. 

Step 3: Cut the shaft extension

Fit the extension onto a vice and use a hacksaw to cut at the point you marked in step two. After cutting, the edges will be rough. A knife or file will work just fine to smoothen the rough edges. Clean the surface and remove the debris using a piece of cloth. 

Step 4: Installing the shaft extension

This is a crucial step that needs to be done with utmost care. Apply epoxy on the part that fits into the shaft and insert the shaft extension into the shaft end using minimum force. Wipe off the excess epoxy using a fibre cloth and give it some time to set. 

Step 5: Installing the new grip

Once the extension is in place, you need to install the new grip. The shaft is now elongated, and the grip may seem shorter. Apply the double-sided glue and pour solvent inside the grip, then slide it into the shaft. You now have the length of your golf club extended. Allow it to dry for about 15 hours before trying it on the course. 

How to shorten the length of your golf club

Just like extending the length of the golf club, shortening it also involves an adjustment to the shaft. In this case, cut the shaft to a size that fits your type of play. It is important to note that once you cut the shaft, the golf club will become lighter and will tend to stiffen. This may also go unnoticed, because it is only one inch missing.

Your swing weight points will, however, reduce drastically by two or three points. After shortening the shaft, your lie angles will flatten by around 2 degrees; hence they will need readjustment. The following steps will guide you through shortening the shaft of your golf club. 

Step 1: Removing the grip

Remove the grip using a knife by cutting it from the top downwards. Using the knife, cut through the double-sided tape and remove it from the shaft. Clean the shaft to remove any debris and residues. 

Step 2: Taking measurements

Using a tape, measure the amount of shaft you want to cut off and add approximately an eighth of an inch. The additional eighth of an inch will make up for the end of the grip. User a marker pen to mark the point where you will cut the shaft. Suppose your shaft is made of graphite, using masking tape instead will be helpful. 

Step 3: Cutting the shaft

Using a hacksaw, carefully cut through the marked point. Ensure that the golf club is secured on a vice or clamp. It would be best if you cut it through in a one-way direction to achieve an even cut. Smoothen the edges using a sandpaper or kitchen knife and proceed to install the grip.

Once the grip has been installed, allow the golf club to settle for about 14 hours before trying it out on the turf. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What happens if a golf club is too long?

When you have long golf clubs, you may achieve more distance on the course. However, your body will tend to strain, and you will fail to achieve the desired accuracy and direction. Long golf clubs mean that you have to stand too upright when taking a swing. A longer golf club length does not guarantee that you will have a greater distance. 

Q: How do I make my golf clubs longer?

To make your golf clubs longer, you can choose to purchase a more elongated shaft or use a shaft extension. Follow the steps outlined above to make your golf club longer or consult a professional.

Q: Should I extend my golf clubs?

The answer to this question, consider different factors. Is your type of game any better with your short golf clubs? If not, then you probably need to extend your club. Extending your club to suit your style of play ensures that you achieve more distance and direction. 


Do you think you can extend or shorten your golf clubs? By now I am sure you have all it takes for you to adjust your golf clubs. Amateur golfers have a problem with finding the right sized golf clubs. Unfortunately for them, size is critical. However, this article provides a solution for them.

Depending on your height and the distance between your wrist and the floor, you can comfortably adjust your clubs to suit your game. The steps are clearly outlined and can be easily followed by anybody. Learning how to fit your clubs by yourself has the potential of improving your game on the course.  

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