Titleist Pro V1x vs Pro V1 golf ball comparison

It is very important for you to play with the right golf ball in order to have a perfect game. Each ball has a unique spin, feel and flight which helps you decide the better pick for you. Going with the ball which has a spin, flight and good feel will compliment your game and help in increasing chances to play your best shots and shoot lower scores. Both the Pro V1X and the Pro V1 golf balls are made without any compromise in quality for providing an extraordinary distance in the long game whereas an exceptional spin, soft feel, optimized flight, excellent durability in the short game and an overall firm control on approach shots. These golf balls are designed with the sole aim of helping the golfers to play their best. 

Golfers often select their golf balls based on their individual preferences such as the feel of the ball, color, appearance, price etc. Though distance is a non-factor here as both the balls have been manufactured and designed to be exceptionally long off the tee. Previously, many golfers used to play with the Pro V1X as it was believed that it would deliver more distance than the Pro V1 ball. But now things are different. Based on your unique launch conditions, you can opt for any ball among the two to be the longest performer. 

This is a detailed comparison between the Titleist Pro V1X and the Pro V1 golf ball which will help you decide the best fit for you among the two. 

Titleist Pro V1x golf ball

Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation

The Titleist Pro V1X is a four-piece golf ball having less spin than the three-piece Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. Originally, the Pro V1X ball was made to be a lower spinning but higher-flying golf ball than the Pro V1 ball. But with time the relationship between the two balls changed and the Pro V1X model introduced in 2017 was a higher spinning and higher-flying ball than the Pro V1 launched in 2017. This ball has a high trajectory along with a low long game spin. It offers an extraordinary distance along with consistent flight. Not only it has a soft feel to it but also has a drop and stop short game control.

Pro V1X suits best to those with a lower than desired ball flight and a sub-optimal stopping power on shots into the green as offers them a higher launching and a higher-flying ball delivering more spin and better control on their short game shots as well as the approach shots. 

Both the balls are very similar when it comes to long game spin but in short game shots and iron approach shots you can see a significant difference in their spin rates. Both of these balls give you the requisite stopping power required in such critical shots but when applied to the right kind of golfer, their varied spin profiles have some game changing advantages. 

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Titleist Pro V1 golf ball

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball was introduced in the late 2000s and bought a performance revolution in the world of golf. It was the perfect two-piece ball having a combination of long and straight distance along with a responsive feel and an accurate greenside control like that of the soft covered golf balls having liquid center which were preferred that time on Tour. In no time the Pro V1 became the performance and quality standard for all other golf balls and worked well for both the amateurs as well as the pro players. Since then, there have been various improvements in the ball and the most recent model the new 2019 Pro V1 ball is reengineered to be a lot faster from core to cover so that it leaves the clubface with more ball speed and lower long game spin in order to provide more distance and simultaneously helping with the responsive feel of the ball, its consistent flight and overall optimal performance in the game. 

The Pro V1 is like the centerpiece of the line of premium performance golf balls by Titleist. The new Pro V1 ball has an optimal flight and spin with an extremely soft feel. It has a very low spin in the long game. It has a penetrating trajectory and provides an excellent distance with consistent flight. Also, it has a very soft feel and the drop and stop short game control technology.

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Comparison – Titleist Pro V1x vs Pro V1 

Similarities – The thing common among the two is that both the balls are made with the Titleist Drop and Stop technology, generating a good distance with a consistent ball flight.

Differences – Both the Titleist premium golf balls differ in various aspects like the Pro V1 is comparatively softer than the Pro V1X, produces less spin from the irons and has a lower penetrating ball trajectory. Some major aspects in which both these balls differ are:

Cover – Both the balls are made of the patented cast thermoset urethane elastomer cover. This cover is 17 % thinner than its predecessor and so gives a lot softer feel on your short game. It is very durable and provides a better feel to aid in creating more spin on your approach shots. 

Core – The Pro V1X has a 2 ZG process core completing the four-piece multicomponent technology providing you with more distance and velocity. On the other hand, the Pro V1 ball has a three-piece multicomponent technology which helps in generating more spin on longer shots. 

Feel – Due to the urethane cover, both the golf balls have a softer feel but comparatively the Pro V1 has a more noticeable softer feel. 

Swing – if you are someone with an average swing speed of 100 miles per hour, both these Titleist golf balls are a perfect fit for you. 

Design – Both the golf balls have the Drop and Stop technology and are specifically made for the low digit handicap players and can be used by both the amateurs as well as the pro players to produce low spin in the long game.

Dimples – the Pro V1X golf ball has 328 tetrahedral spherical tile dimples whereas the Pro V1 ball has 352 tetrahedral spherical tile dimples.  

Spin – When we talk about the trajectory of a golf ball, spin has quite an important role. If there’s too much sidespin, your golf ball might steer to the rough and too much spin reduces the travelling distance of the ball. You need more spin to stop the ball on the green quickly when playing shorter distances and lesser spin for the longer distances. Both the golf balls produce the best spin in both the cases. The Pro V1X has a firmer feel which reduces the natural backspin on the ball and results in more control of where the ball stops on the green. The Pro V1 being comparatively softer, stops quicker and rollback. 

The Pro V1X has a dual core and a lower spin rate thus, creating a higher trajectory and performing better in the windy conditions and harder fairways. The reduced sidespin of Pro V1X helps in providing more stability and a straighter ball flight. 

You can clearly differentiate the spin of both the balls on full wedge shots. The Pro V1X has a spin which is almost 300 RPM less than that of the Pro V1. 

Distance – When it comes to distance, both these balls aren’t fully-fledged. The distance covered by both of these balls is quite remarkable for allrounders. The Pro V1X on an average, covers 5 yards more than the Pro V1. Those with a swing speed of 100 mph achieve a distance which is hardly noticeable in comparison to the golf balls made for longer distance off the tee. 

Durability – Both the Pro V1 as well as the Pro V1X golf ball are extremely durable due to their urethane elastomer cover and the revolutionary painting system of Titleist which produces consistency in the aerodynamics and enhances performance. Also, the redesigned cover of the golf balls has dramatically enhanced the abrasion resistance. 

Trajectory – The Pro V1X golf ball produces a higher trajectory being always launched higher than the Pro V1. Besides having a penetrating trajectory, the Pro V1X retains its steadiness as well as the stopping power on the greens. Its drop from the apex to the ground is more abrupt in comparison to that of the Pro V1 golf ball. 

The launch angle of the Pro V1X is 11.6 degrees whereas that of the Pro V1 is 11.3 degrees. Besides the Pro V1X having a higher launch, both the balls reach the same apex. Pro V1X is the better alternative when it comes to fading or drawing your golf ball. 

Sound – the sound of ball the ball when it hits the clubface, the recognizable clicks, squishes and smooshes on impact is important to the confidence of many golfers and helps us know how the ball is. Both these balls have the signature sound of Titleist. Pro V1 may have a slightly softer sound as compared to the Pro V1X as the latter has a firmer surface. 

Short Game Control – Titleist is majorly known for the control in its golf balls provided around the green. Besides being similar in several aspects, the Pro V1 being softer produces more stopping power and has a better control when it comes to shots around the green. This helps the golfer and gives him a lot of control and confidence. 

Packaging – While the Pro V1X comes in a silver/platinum sleeve having a hint of red, the Pro V1 ball comes in a gold sleeve having a hint of silver/gray in it. 

Which is better – Pro V1x or Pro V1?

Titleist is undoubtedly one of the best and dominant brands in the premier golf market since years. Both of its models can be used by professional players as well as by those with low single digit handicaps. Players with a swing speed above 100 mph can use any of these balls. Though the two golf balls are similar in their functioning but are quite distinguishable by the expert players based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

If we compare this new 2019 Pro V1X with the Pro V1 golf ball, Pro V1X not only flies higher but also achieves peak height farther downrange. Since it is designed to be faster from the core to cover, it has a greater carry distance and a steeper angle of descent. Also, it rolls comparatively lesser than the Pro V1 ball and has a slightly firmer feel. 

Both the Pro V1 as well as the Pro V1X have a lower spin in the long game and both of these balls provide drop and stop performance when it comes to the approach shots into the green. If we have to compare which one spins more, it is the Pro V1X ball. Also, it is the most recognizable among the two when it comes to the approach shots and short game shots. 

FINAL NOTE – which one is the best for you? 

All golfers are different and have their own set of launch conditions and preference of golf balls which depends on various factors such as spin, flight and feel characteristics of the ball. By analyzing such factors and deciding the best golf ball for your game you will be able to improve your shot execution, gain confidence and consistency and ultimately result in lower scores and optimal performance. Here both the Pro V1X and the Pro V1 are similar when it comes to the design and build. Among the two, the Pro V1X has a firmer feel and a higher trajectory.

If you are a golfer whose top priority is performance, then you can go with any one of these balls as both the golf balls provide you with the best possible performance which helps you shoot lower scores. If you want more spin on your wedge shots, then you should opt for the Pro V1X golf ball. 

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