About Us

As you already may know, this website is run by Tom Fiore and Lauren Bradshaw. We love playing golf and do it regularly. Other than that, we also like talking about the news within the golf univers and watching golf in television. This is why we started the blog modestomunigolf.com.

If you have any ideas for content, questions about a golf club, balls or anything else golf related, you are more than welcome to contact us by the following email: modestomunigolf@gmail.com

We recently translated our website to danish, as we know there is a big interest in golf in Denmark as well. You can find our danish site here: golfinsider.dk

Why we love Golf?

I feel humbled to say that as of now, we, Tom & Lauren have educated more than 100+ budding golfers and plan doing it more. We are currently retired and coach people 🙂

By the help of a few people, we have made it possible to communicate to the world by internet. I hope you like what we put in for you all. Stay tuned for the launch of this wonderful NPO project !

Reasons fall short to express how much we love golf and why we continue to play and blog about the same. Golf is like an emotional rollercoaster and is very different as compared to the other sports. This game is more of an individual game where no one has any share in your failures or victories, there’s no one else to blame and where there’s no team to back you up. The entire onus relies on yourself and how you practice and play. There are so many reasons and things about this game that makes you fall in love with this game. Some of them are mentioned below. 

You have the flexibility to play and practice anywhere – 

Golf as a sport is extremely flexible. You can literally play it anywhere, be it a club, garden, range or your living room. Golf is unbothered by the wintery weather and you face no hindrance or problem in improving and playing your game and starting strong in the spring. 

You have the option to play as many holes as you want- 

It is totally up to the player to choose the hole he wants to play. The player can go for a 9-hole round or the standard 18-hole round as per his wish. If there is a time restriction, one can also go for the 5-hole loop. And if there’s an enthusiastic player who wants to play more, he/she can opt for 72 holes and improve their game. 

A great and rewarding sport- 

Golf is a really fun, engaging and rewarding sport which helps you keep yourself fit. You can play golf as a regular sport or even as a friendly competition against your friends, family or even yourself. The good thing about this sport is that it challenges your body as well as your mind and it also allows you to look inwards and practice towards your improvement. The sport is so engaging that even when you shoot a 72 or 144 and spend hours or even half the day in just practicing, you are still so engaged and focused and when finally you first break 100, 90 or even 70, the feeling that you have at that point of time is amazing and makes you realize how much you love golf. 

It challenges you and improves you both as a player and as a person-

Golf is a completely unpredictable game which pushes and challenges you. It is an inherently imperfect game. The essence of this game lies in how you react to the inevitable mistakes and mistakes and how to practice further to improve yourself in the game. Golf is a game of imperfections be it the shanked drives, unfortunate bounces, missed putts or the sudden gusts of wind interrupting your game. The good thing here is that you get success not by perfecting in it rather by constantly striving to improve your game and simultaneously learning to accept and react accordingly to the incoming challenges. 

Can Play & Compete despite contrasting abilities- 

For such a quality, all credit goes to the handicap system that golfers with all kinds of abilities can play and compete against each other on a level playing field. There is no such restriction when it comes to competing and you can literally compete against anyone be it an amateur or a professional golfer. 

A great exercise always with a scope for improvement- 

Golf is a great game and is an amazing way to maintain your flexibility in the core, arms, back and legs. Though walking from hole to hole might not be that intense but helps in pumping up your blood a bit and swinging the club helps with the flexibility. Also, there is always room for learning and improving and every shank here is worth that one glorious connection you strive. There is always a thrill and an unpredictability factor which makes it more interesting and engaging. 

Can help you in networking and in your career-

Golf is also called an elite sport. It is mostly played by businessmen and is a great opportunity to fix your deals and network with people. This can prove to be great for someone and for his/her career. You get a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues and group mates or even some random business people whom you can pitch your ideas to and who knows, you might crack a big deal while playing golf.