How to Store Golf Clubs in Garage

How to Store Golf Clubs in Garage

Storing your golf clubs in the garage is a great way to keep them from being stolen or lost. Garage storage also protects your equipment from moisture and airborne contaminants damage. However, if you have limited space, it can be difficult to store all of the necessary golfing equipment without getting some items buried beneath … Read more

Best Counterbalanced Putters in 2021

The golfing industry is constantly figuring out ways to improve the game while sticking to its rules. Counterbalanced putters were created for this specific reason. They are ideal for producing stable shots. This article will review the best counterbalanced putters in 2021.  Here is the brief version of our top picks.  Best Counterbalanced Putters in … Read more

Best Clone Golf Clubs in 2021

Without a doubt, brands such as Taylormade, Calloway, and Cobra offer top-notch quality no matter what model you purchase. Although these brands might be synonymous with golf, they are not very affordable.  Golf must be accessible to all, irrespective of price. So, clone irons are the best alternative for branded golf clubs. Clone golf clubs … Read more

Best Women’s Golf Club Sets

10+ Best Women’s Golf Club Sets for 2021

Golf is no more just a gentleman’s game. In the recent years there has been an exponential rise in ladies taking up this game and many even competing professionally. This has led the market to introduce and bring some excellent quality clubs designed especially for ladies. There are so many brands with several kinds of … Read more

How to Remove Scratches from Golf Clubs

How to Remove Scratches from Golf Clubs

Getting scratches on a golf club can happen to anyone, whether you are a professional going on tours or just starting as an amateur golfer. It may be as a result of a poor shot or careless handling of the golf club.  Removing scratches entails a series of activities that you can follow to avoid … Read more

Best Junior Golf Drivers

5 Best Junior Golf Drivers in 2021

There can be so many reasons why your junior must have the right golf driver when he starts his journey to play golf. One of the few reasons could be that it could lead to better improvement and gaining confidence with every shot.  If they do not have the right club, then they might probably … Read more