10+ Best Women’s Golf Club Sets for 2021

Golf is no more just a gentleman’s game. In the recent years there has been an exponential rise in ladies taking up this game and many even competing professionally. This has led the market to introduce and bring some excellent quality clubs designed especially for ladies. There are so many brands with several kinds of golf club sets providing you with numerous options to choose from. But it might be tough, confusing and very time consuming to decide and select one as there are so many options. But don’t worry we have done extensive research on the same and considering all the important factors like budget, features, quality etc., we have bought the top golf club sets for you. Do check the golf club sets mentioned below, there’s something to suit all ladies and all budgets.

List of best women’s golf club sets

Callaway Strata Women’s Ultimate Golf Set (16-Piece)

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set...

Callaway is a well-known brand when it comes to quality golf equipment and this model here is a great starter kit for the lady golfers. It is ideal for the amateurs especially or the ones working on improving their skills. Besides being popular it is the most rated as well and is the largest set in the Strata range being a 16 piece set. 

This set comes with a long shaft of 44 inches, a handy 3 and 5 wood with amazing aerodynamics and a good launch with impressive distance. It also has a 10.5 degree loft with a large forgiving spot. It has a full quality titanium driver and a generous head size of 460cc. 

It has a competent driver, a head cover and irons made of solid stainless steel. Callaway has used the High Flight Technology in making this providing good distance to the irons along with enhanced control and being highly forgiving. 

It has bright colours, a good design, a comfortable backstrap and a stylish bag along with plenty of pockets for holding the accessories, balls and valuables. There is also a pitching wedge and a 56 degree sand wedge. Even the putter is very effective as well as accurate making its control and consistency really good. 

Overall it is a very popular, highly rated and a very well priced set though not meant for the majority of golfers but is perfect for amateurs and they will surely benefit from this comprehensive set. 


  • This comprehensive 16-piece set is a great value for money
  • Has forgiving clubs and comfortable grips on all clubs
  • It has a stylish and durable bag having plenty of pockets
  • It has Callaway High Flight Technology and Precision milled putter
  • It has a very good assortment of clubs which includes 2 hybrids and 2 wood


  • Not the perfect pick for taller ladies and women
  • Is not suitable for better players
  • Many beginners are more likely to benefit from a higher lofted driver
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Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Club Set

WILSON Golf Profile Platinum Package Set, Women's Right...

This Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Club Set by Wilson company is a great value for money for beginners as well as the intermediate level golfers. 

The set is designed aiming distance, forgiveness and easy launching and helps in game improvement and maximizing distance. The set’s bag is very light in weight and extremely stylish offering plenty of space. Also, it is very comfortable to carry but many golfers prefer sets with a kickstand for their convenience. It contains some very useful handles and has driver, wood and hybrid along with their head covers. 

It has light and flexible shafts ideal for the majority of the women golfers and the irons, 6 to 9 and the pitching wedge, are cavity backed for providing additional forgiveness. There is also a 14 degree driver with an oversized head and a light graphite shaft which helps with faster swing speeds and greater distance and forgiveness.

It has a low center of gravity which helps in getting a relatively easier launch and is very forgiving. This is due to the large sweet spot and the perimeter weighting. The shots which are struck off center will still cover a fair distance without straying too far off target. 

In this set you also have a fairway wood which comes with a graphite shaft and a hybrid thus, replacing the challenging longer irons. The mallet putter with the heel weighting allows greater control and accuracy on the green. 


  • This set is a great value for money
  • Preferred by most players, this club is very easy to launch
  • It is optimized for forgiveness
  • Has a decent distance where you need it


  • Here the Sand wedge is not included
  • This set might not be the perfect choice for better players
  • It might not be ideal for shorter ladies being possibly too tall
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Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set

Cobra Golf 2020 F Max Complete Set Black-Lilac...

Cobra is another well known brand in the golf equipment market and has been designing and manufacturing club sets since years now. This Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set can be used by both the amateurs as well as the experienced players who have been playing this game since years. 

This golf club set by Cobra provides you with a robust collection of clubs including hybrid and fairway woods for getting out of tricky places and a full set of irons. The club set is very well designed offering you more forgiveness and distance with the help of the lightweight graphite flex shafts. 

This golf club set consists of a driver, pitching wedge, golf bag, 5 hybrid, sand wedge, 3,5 and 7 woods, putter, head covers and 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. The 2019 set is a bit cheaper than this year’s club set. 

In this set the woods, hybrid and the driver, all are designed with an offset, that is, the leading edge of the club head is set back from the actua shaft which helps us in getting a higher launch or ball flight and is very helpful when hitting fairway woods. If you have a slice, this offset design can be of great help to you in straightening that out. 

It has a sturdy bag which is very well designed and has plenty of storage options. The golf bag is a cart bag having no stand but it can be used on a pushcart or a motorized cart.


  • Cobra in itself is a very famous brand
  • Can be used by both the beginners as well as the intermediate level golfers
  • It is robust full set of golf clubs
  • It’s offset design helps in launching the ball higher and also helios us correct a fade or slice
  • Has graphite flex shafts which are very lightweight thus, adding more distance and forgiveness


  • It has no petite or tall options
  • The golf bag of this set does not have a stand
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Cleveland Bloom Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Cleveland Golf 2019 Bloom Complete Golf Set

This Cleveland Bloom Women’s Complete Golf Club Set has a great set makeup consisting of two hybrid irons, sand wedge, 3 woods and five other irons. It has some of the best wedges there are in the market and use the amazing wedge technology in the Bloom Sand Wedge making it an excellent golf club set for the golfers who are really trying to score. 

This set not only performs good and has good technology but also stands out when it comes to appearance. Even the design and the colour combination it has makes it a really great option to choose from. 

These clubs are not just good for the amateurs but also works well for the intermediate level golf women players. They have irons which have a large cavity back design along with a very forgiving and high performing graphite shaft. This club set is a bit more expensive than the other similar club sets. All in all you get a great club set equipped with great technology and is totally worth the money. 


  • These are some really high quality clubs
  • Has amazing short game tools
  • There are two colour options available for the golf bag


  • Compared to other similar club sets, this one is priced a bit higher
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TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set (Dr, 3FW, 5FW,...

TaylorMade is among one of the top brands in the golf club equipment market and has been in the business of designing the clubs for more than 30 years now. It has a new line of ladies’ golf club sets designed especially for women. 

This set has a driver, pitching wedge, putter, sand wedge, 3 and 5 woods, golf bag, 5 and 6 hybrids, head covers and 7, 8 and 9 irons. Overall its a complete set of golf clubs that take you from tee to green and anything in between. It is a really good set and comes with a new speed pocket and an easy to launch technology making shots more forgiving. 

The good thing here is that the set has 2 fairway woods in addition to 2 hybrid clubs to meet your requirements as there are times when you may need both. Mostly the fairway woods are used for distance from the fairway but even the hybrids can be forgiving and can actually help you get out of the tricky places making it easier for you to hit in various situations. There are also the clubs’ graphite shafts made of an ultra lightweight soft construction which gives you a great feel while swinging the club thus, offering you more distance off the tee and fairways. 


  • The amazing TaylorMade brand
  • Ideal for amateurs as well as the intermediate level golfers
  • Has good colour and design options
  • Has a mallet putter which has a solid performance
  • It has a great club collection consisting of 2 fairway woods and 2 hybrids


  • The price is one of its cons as it’s a bit on the expensive side
  • Even the iron selection is a bit limited and you can use a 5 and 6 iron
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Aspire XD1 Ladies’ Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf...

Though Aspire might not be the first choice or brand when we talk about the golf club sets but this affordable and amazing kit has been receiving a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the existing customers. 

It contains a 15 degree fairway wood and a 21 degree hybrid replacing the challenging long irons. Both of these are of stainless steel and have head covers as well. These cavity backed stainless steel irons have a range from 6 iron to the pitching wedge and are designed especially for easy launching and forgiveness. 

There’s also a matching stand bag which has dual straps, plenty of storage space and a mallet style putter which is preferred by most golfers being more accurate and consistent.The set is available in a right hand configuration and you get an option of a regular or a petite size which is perfect for smaller ladies. 

This club set consists of a titanium driver with a 460cc head, lightweight High Modulus 100 % graphite shaft allowing to maximize distance and enhance the speed. It is especially designed for forgiveness and high swing speeds for optimized distance. 


  • It is highly affordable and economical
  • Consists of lightweight quality shafts
  • It has a light and extremely comfortable dual strap bag
  • It also provides standard and petite options


  • The Sand wedge is not included here
  • Though the colour and all is fairly subtle but not all ladies and women will love or prefer pink
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Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Club Set

Callaway Women's Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

This Women’s Solaire Golf Club Set by Callaway is a complete set ideal for your golf game that you can carry and use for many years. You have several designs and options available in this set. There is a good selection of clubs and most importantly the brand is well known for its equipment being one of the top brands in the market. 

This set consists of a driver, pitching wedge, putter, 3 wood, sand wedge, 5 and 6 hybrids, cart bag, head covers and 7, 8 and 9 irons. The club set is very good looking and has a really stylish cart bag and is available in both left and right hand options as well as regular and petite sizing.

It has shafts made of graphite which are extremely lightweight making it more easy for you to use and control and also adds up valuable distance and accuracy to all of your shots. It’s putter is made by one of the top putter brands in golf, Odyssey so you get the best quality here. 


  • The great Callaway brand ensures quality set
  • It is ideal for amateurs and those at intermediate level
  • Offers you with amazing design choices and has a stylish cart bag
  • Has putter made by Odyssey


  • It’s golf bag does not have a stand
  • Has 11 clubs and a good selection but you can still use a few more irons
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Tour Edge Moda Silk Complete Set

Tour Edge Moda Silk Womens 2020 Model

Tour Edge offers you both the individuals clubs separately as well as the complete club sets. Mostly they are known and preferred for the complete packaged sets as each set of theirs is built and designed perfectly well for the female golfers. The good thing about the Tour Edge Moda Silk Complete Silk is that it provides you two hybrids as well as two fairway woods. Both the fairway woods and hybrids are some of the most important clubs in the golf bag of a female golfer. Not just this, the set also provides you with different options in terms of color and length. It is ideal for those women who struggle to get the distance and require longer fairway shot clubs like these for getting closer to the green even if it requires an extra shot. Your height doesn’t matter and is not a problem here as you get these clubs in varying lengths without having to worry about the height or having to order a custom one.


  • Has a very nice golf bag
  • It is available in different lengths
  • Has an amazing set makeup


  • These clubs seem to be very forgiving but not that much when compared to the other choices.
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Cobra Golf Women’s XL Complete Set

Cobra Golf XL Speed Women's Complete Set Black-Pink RH

If you want to improve in  golf or take it professionally and have a good budget planned for the same, this golf club set for women by Cobra would be a perfect pick for you. Though expensive, it will be a worthy investment as it will help enhance your game and lasts many years being of such good quality and design. It is a very comprehensive set having quality equipment which makes it worth buying. 

The set consists of a top quality and spacious cart bag having 6 pockets with zips, a waterproof compartment with 2 insulated pockets and all other features and things needed by lady golfers be it amateurs or the better players. 

It is built especially for game and distance improvement having a low and back center of gravity which makes the launching easier, spin more optimized and distance better. There are lightweight shafts which fastens swing speeds and maximizes the distance. There are the Lamkin REL 360 Black grips which are a bit larger than the average ones and provide better feel, comfort and enhanced control.

In this set you have a 15 degree driver, 3 fairway woods including a 3 at 19 degree, 5 at 22 degree and 7 at 25 degree wood. This helps with the versatility especially on the longer holes.then there’s the 23 degree 5 hybrid helping you avoid the long irons that most golfers struggle with. Everything mentioned here comes with a head cover. 

The set has the 6 to 9 iron, a decent pitching wedge and sand wedge. The cavity backed irons with perimeter weighting helps with the distance and forgiveness. The deep undercut makes the launch easy and many golfers do enjoy the response and feel of irons. There’s also the blade style putter for players who want more control. 


  • This is a complete, stylish and a very comprehensive set
  • Has a very spacious quality cart bag
  • Has shafts which are ultra lightweight
  • It has quality effective grips


  • This set is a bit expensive
  • It’s blade style putter may not be ideal for the higher handicap players
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Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set

WILSON Golf Profile Platinum Package Set, Women's Right...

This Golf Profile Platinum Package Set by Wilson is yet another great option for all the women golfers who want a matching set having every area of their game covered well. It is an ideal pick for the beginners who want to get into the sport as well as the intermediate level golfers who want to upgrade their old clubs. 

This golf club set is equipped with the game improvement technology containing the irons and drivers. The club is quite forgiving which helps the golfer and gives her so much more confidence when she stands over the ball as you don’t have to hit it perfect every time in every try. 

This golf club set is available in three different sizes – the regular size, tall one and the petite one. Here the level of customization is the key as nothing is worse than learning to play golf without the right clubs in the first place. 

If you are looking for a new club this Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Package Set is worth considering and if you think it suits you and your game, you can go for this. It is totally worth giving a shot. 


  • This is a complete all in one set for everything you need
  • Equipped with game improvement technology
  • Has forgiving irons which helps with consistency
  • Has larger sweet spot on irons


  • Is comparatively expensive for some price ranges
  • There are no flaws as such to mention
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How to select the best women golf club set?

Choosing and investing in women’s golf club sets can be a very daunting and tiring task. Though the range is not as vast as that of the men’s club sets but still there are numerous brands and options to choose from. The golf club sets designed for men are different from those designed for women in terms of features such as height, overall build and strength. Generally, the women’s clubs are slightly shorter, lighter and have larger club’s heads for additional forgiveness and ease of launching. Among the clubs meant for women, selecting the ideal one for you is a task in itself. There are some important factors that you need to consider when finalizing or purchasing a club set for yourself. They are :

GRIP – do check that the grip is in proportion to the size of the golfer’s hand or your hand if you are considering buying it for yourself. Most women find a grip with a smaller diameter perfectly fine but if you don’t have a firm and comfortable grip then it would make every other aspect of your shot tougher. 

LEVEL OF SKILL – some sets are designed for those still learning the game or the amateurs emphasizing on forgiveness while some are made especially for the professionals focusing more on the control and playability. You need to assess and know your skill level honestly and then accordingly determine and choose the type of set which will be ideal for you and your skill level. 

APPEARANCE – For many players the looks of the club is an important factor of consideration as they have their own sense of style and prefer a club set that is appealing to their tastes. To meet varied preferences and tastes, there are a wide range of options for you to choose from.

SHAFTS –  while picking up a club it is important to see the kind of shaft it has, what is its length, height, strength in relation to that of the golfer and how light it is. Some players have a relatively slow swing speed and so will benefit from a shaft which has more flex thus, helping them optimize their distance potential. On the other hand, those with a faster swing speed require a stiffer shaft. So you have to see which category of player you lie in. 

PRICE – affordability is one of the most important features to look for. Some sets are economical and offer great value for money while some are just way too expensive. There is also a difference in the prices due to quality. If you are a professional or are serious for playing and enhancing your skills, invest in a good quality set which will probably be a bit expensive. On the other hand, if you are an amateur or just want to play golf as a hobby, you can go for a more budget friendly option. 

CLUB MIX – There are different sizes fitting different club sets. You can get your ideal pick based on your budget and needs like if you already have the driver, putter and bag then you may consider getting an iron or hybrid combination set. Hybrids are quite a popular alternative for longer irons and are more forgiving and easier to launch and hit. Like this there are sets of different types, you have to look at each one and decide the best one for yourself. 

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FAQs –

Should I consider purchasing men’s or women’s golf clubs ?

Nowadays the golf equipment market is filled with manufacturers and brands offering different designed clubs made for different types of golfers. They customize and design on the basis of the age, gender, strength, experience, height, swing type and several other factors. And so there are many differences between the golf clubs made for men and women. The women’s golf clubs are a bit shorter to compensate for their shorte frames and have comparatively more softer, flexible and lightweight graphite shafts designed to provide more power and forgiveness in their golf shots. 

There is no compulsion that you only have to use a specific type of club set. There are some women golfers who are very good at this game and use men’s clubs having a greater height and owing to their personal preference for the steel shaft. Many women who have a stronger and faster swing speed do use the men’s shaft. 

It completely depends on your skill level, requirements and your choice. You will get more clearer and have a better understanding about the same when you play more and more and become an experienced player. 

What factors should I look at when buying a golf club set ?

As mentioned above in the post, you need to consider several factors while looking to buy the ideal golf club set for you :

  • Price of the club set
  • Club Mix 
  • Brand and quality of the sets
  • Your skill level
  • Shafts
  • Grip 
  • Appearance of the club set
  • Other customizable options

Do I need to get fitted before purchasing a new set of golf clubs?

Nowadays getting fitted for golf clubs is extremely important and for the same you need to consider your height, power, swing paths, swing speed, how you swing the club, ball speed, trajectories and many other factors. With technology coming into picture, golf clubs can be customized according to your physical attributes, particular swing and feel. If you are an amateur it might not be that important. 

There are various kinds of golf club fitters for those interested in getting a fitting. If you are also looking for the same and want to be fitted, you will probably be fitted at the store that sells the set. They will give you the clubs to try out and use the technology for measuring considering these attributes.

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Should I buy a golf club set or separate golf clubs ?

We assume that you have played a good amount or have a good feel of your golf swing. Well to buy a golf club set or separate golf clubs depends on different factors like your skill level, experience, budget and so on. 

Are you someone who is looking for an upgrade? If yes then get a golf club set as you will get everything you need in that single set without having to buy each club separately. If you have a beginner set and you want to upgrade, you can go for any of the two options. If you have been playing golf for a shorter amount of time or are an amateur then the ladies golf club sets are an easy and good option for you and are available in different brands and quality. If you are an experienced player then you might consider looking into buying clubs separately as per your requirements. 

Also the other thing that matters is your budget. Generally, pricing is a lot higher for clubs bought separately as compared to the golf set. So if you want an affordable option, you should buy a complete golf set.


Selecting a new set of golf clubs for yourself is quite an enjoyable experience and we tried to narrow down your options for making it even better. After going through all the amazing options by top brands for the Best Women Golf Club Set 2021, we are sure you have got an understanding of how to choose one, what all to look for while considering a club and which one is the best pick for you. While choosing your ideal club set do consider your skill level, your requirements, budget, ball flight, forgiveness, distance and comfort. 

The club set which stands out for us is the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. It has a good club mix containing everything you need for a great round of golf. The set is very comprehensive and even the clubs are very forgiving, effective and extremely comfortable. This one is a great value for money and you won’t regret buying it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions regarding the same.

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