Best Golf Balls for Slicers

Are you looking for the best golf balls for slicers but have no idea which option to pick because there are far too many options on the table? This guide is for you.

We’ve examined at least half a dozen balls to determine whether they’re good for golfers who slice. Then we’ve put together a review of the three models that you might want to consider.

Our picks in this case are:

  • Wilson Smart Score Golf Balls
  • TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Golf Balls
  • Nitro Ultimate Distant Golf Balls

Note that slicing happens in long shots and it’s often difficult to control the trajectory of a golf ball in such a case. But with these golf ball brands you can get your shots to fly in the direction that you like, even if you slice too often.

Best Golf Balls for Slicers Reviews

The following are some of the well-made balls to consider if you’re looking for something that’s suitable for a player that slices:

1. Wilson Smart Score Golf Balls

Cheap golf balls aren’t bad, and the most expensive ones aren’t always the best. Sometimes it’s just the opposite, at least in the case of the Wilson Smart Score Golf Balls.

Going for under $25 for a pack of 24 balls, these are the best option for someone who’s interested in great distance of the tee and easy spinning around the green. 

Wilson’s interest is to ensure you have the kind of balls that guarantee the best performance. That’s why they’ve a smart core technology that can easily give you the most out of short and long shots.

Thanks to the creatively thought out construction, these golf balls offer the best flight control and spin for short shots. Not to mention add accuracy and distance to ball flight for the long shots.

We’ve included these balls as the first option because they do actually help with slicing.

To be clear, slicing does happen in long shots and it’s often hard to control the trajectory of the ball in such a case. With these balls, though, slicers can get their fly in the direction they want it to be.

Another feature of these golf balls is that they have more than 400 dimples. That means each ball will not only give you real impacts and true feeling but also  better control so you can manage ball flight in such a way that it gets as close to the hole as possible.

We like that you get 24 balls for a price as low as under $25. That’s twice as much as what you get from the standard packs.

Assuming you buy two packages for around $50, you will definitely have enough golf balls to bring to the course for at least a year depending on how frequently you play.


  • Good for short and long shots
  • Made to last and they are very responsive
  • You get twice as many balls as what  you get if you buy standard golf balls


  • We wish these were available in other colors in addition to white

2. TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Golf Balls

Tw-piece golf balls are no doubt the most popular types on the market. And while they’re just as good, and upgrade to something a lot more improved in terms of construction and performance is an option worth trying.

TaylorMade changes the golf design norm completely, with the goal being to give you some of the best golf balls that slicers find irresistible.

For starters, TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x feature a five-piece construction, which is the latest technology in the golf ball modeling and design.

Add to this the urethane cover, and what you get is a high quality design that even professional golfers highly appreciate.

The five layers are great for speed and give you more spin from each swing’s strike. The TP5 and TP5x even give you some level of control,

as you’re the one in charge of the ball’s flight. Given such a high level of control, it becomes get better distance off the tee, not to mention get closer to the hole in the course.

Color is an important thing when it comes to golf balls, or at least we think it is. At the end of the day, the brighter a ball is the more likely it won’t disappear in the greens.

And that couldn’t be truer with TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls. They are available in white, yellow, and pix and therefore easy to spot from a distance.

Another unique thing about these golf balls is the hex dimples, which help to deliver maximum carry and low drag while ensuring maximum rebound effect, which is something standard golf balls don’t do.


  • Colorful balls that are easy to find in the greens
  • Good for tournaments and personal training
  • 5-piece construction for a soft feel and durability


  • Beginners and players who have  slow swing speeds won’t benefit from these balls
  • Ideal only for high swing speed players

3. Nitro Ultimate Distant Golf Balls

The Pro V1X and TP5x are some of the best golf balls for slicers on the market. The only problem is that they are quite expensive. So if you’re on a tight budget and you need golf balls that are equally good for slicers, try Nitro Ultimate Distant Golf Balls.

Available in yellow, orange, pink, and white, and in a pack of 15, the Nitro Ultimate Distant Golf balls are no doubt the cheapest yet performance optimized for better gameplay.

As cheap as these balls are, you do get more value from them than you actually would if you opted for the standard golf balls instead.

To begin with, the Nitro Ultimate Distant golf balls feature a two-piece construction. Its core is made of titanium, a material that makes the ball more responsive to the club head transfer.

For what it’s worth, the structure of the core is such that you can even get more distance should you hit the ball with drivers or wedges.

You will also love these golf balls because they feature a symmetrical dimple, which easily decreases drag so you can have longer shots. Thanks to the two-piece construction, these balls can easily maximize the fight distance for better gameplay.

Nitro is being honest when they claim that they’ve made these balls to last long. To ascertain the durability, they’ve used dupont lithium surlyn to make the cover.

The result is a cut-proof and more durable surface that can last longer. But this kind of construction comes at a price. If anything, some golfers will find the ball not soft enough.


  • Outer cover is cut proof and durable
  • The balls have a low air drag so you get a smooth flight
  • They are cheaper yet well made just like the most expensive golf balls


  • These aren’t soft enough for beginners

That’s it for our review of the best golf balls for slicers. It doesn’t whether slicing is in your golfing DNA or it’s just something you do every once in a while, these balls can get you to play your shots right. They come at different price points and the number of balls in each package isn’t bad at all. 

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