Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water

Traditional plastic golf balls are good, but they’re not the most eco-friendly options you’ll ever lay your hands on. When they end up in the ocean, or any water body in the golf course, they can take years to break down and dissolve.

So while they’re good for your next golf game, they are far less environmentally sustainable. Hence the need for Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water or disintegrate easily.

In this time and age, where we are changing from being careless to more environmental conscious, even golf players can go green by investing in golf balls that dissolve in water. With this kind of an investment, you’re able to enjoy the golf game without harming the planet.  

3 Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water Explained

Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water

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1. Biodegradable Golf Balls

Biodegradable golf balls have completely changed the way we play the game and treat the environment. You get a pack of 24 for the price and each ball in the box will dissolve in water in just a few weeks.

Given their eco-friendliness, these golf balls are suitable for ocean side, lakeside, cruise ships yacht parties, and near any water body thereof.

Why We Love These Balls

Biodegradable golf balls are the most eco-friendly in the market right now. Just toss one of them in water and you notice that it starts to dissolve within a day.

By investing in these balls instead of the traditional plastic ones, you’re actually saving the planet and keeping the environment safer for humans and marine life.

These balls don’t just dissolve in water. They also don’t harm it. Unlike plastic balls, which contain harmful chemicals such as Zinc acrylate and Zinc oxide,

these biodegradable balls are made of cornstarch and polyvinyl alcohol, which dissolve in water quickly and leave nothing toxic behind.

What’s more?

These golf balls are quite cheap. A pack of 24 balls go for under $70, which is a lower price point compared to the cost of the traditional golf balls of the same pack.

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Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water


There are two things that stand out about ALBUS Golf ECOBIOBALL.

First, they easily dissolve in water, often taking only a week to start the process. Second, they’re fish-friendly foods that nourish the marine life. The exterior part of the ball actually starts to dissolve in just two days, leaving behind what’s good food for the sea animals.

Overall, ALBUS Golf ECOBIOBALL balls are just as good as the other two, good enough to consider if you’re a golfer who cares about saving the marine life and making the world a better place as you enjoy the game of golf.

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Golf Balls That Dissolve In Water

3. UMaine Biodegradable Golf Balls

This is a project by researchers Alex Caddell and David Neivandt from the University of Maine. Made purely from lobster shells, the UMaine golf balls can dissolve in water in just seven days.

It’s even okay to leave them on grass if you wish to, as they can dissolve due to moisture and act as fertilizer for the soil.

From what we understand, the UMaine are the first of a kind of a biodegradable golf balls because of the lobster shell construction. On top of the shell is an eco-friendly binding and coating, which easily dissolves in the water in just a short period. 

Although developed specifically for cruise ships, even golfers who play in standard golf course can use this balls to keep the environment as green as possible.

These ones, too, are quite cheap. In fact, they cost only 19 cents per ball, so you can buy as many of these as possible if you wish to spend a lot of time playing golf in a cruise ship or in a course located close to a water body.

Golf balls that dissolve in water have completely changed the way golfers play and treat the environment. They’ve transformed golf from a sport that pollutes the environment to a game that actually helps to sustain it.

With the oceans and environment free from golf ball pollution, you don’t have to worry too much about where your ball will land or how fast it will decompose.

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