10+ Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2021

A good pair of golf shoes is as important as having a good golf club. Especially when it comes to women, it is more important as women’s golf shoes are one of the most overlooked things when playing golf. If you are like any other beginner and have just started playing golf, you might be thinking of just wearing sneakers or running shoes. But as you will play golf more and more you will realize the need for having a good pair of shoes made specifically for golf which will help you keep your feet stable and provide you with better traction and protection in wet conditions.

Nowadays there are various options available for golf shoes, especially for women, focusing on providing you performance, comfort, style and fashion. With such varied options and brands in the market, it might be confusing for you to select and choose the best ideal shoe for yourself.

To help you with this, we have prepared the list of some of the best women’s golf shoes 2021. Do have a look. 

List of Best Women’s Golf Shoes 2021

Adidas Response Bounce Women’s Golf shoes

adidas Women's Response Bounce Golf Shoe, core...

This one is an amazing all around golf shoe with excellent cushioning, comfort and stability providing you maximized golf performance. The Adidas response bounce women’s golf shoes are equipped with a cushioning technology consisting of a bounce foam technology which provides you extreme comfort while walking 9 or 18 holes of golf. The shoes consist of actual soft spikes which helps you in gripping the ground as you swing and provide you with the extra traction that you require. The shoes are very light, comfortable and help keep your feet dry during wetter conditions on the course. These shoes don’t have a very fancy look or design and are available in black, white and grey colour. There are accent colours on the shoe’s bottom and heel which looks a bit cute. 

Overall the shoes are a great pick for women golf players. 


  • One of its plus points is its affordable price
  • Has spikes providing you traction and gripping performance 
  • The shoes have a microfiber leather along with a water resistant protection
  • You can comfortably walk 9 or 18 holes with the help of its bounce foam technology


  • The leather of these shoes might be a bit stiffer as compared to a soft mesh or fabric
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ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf shoes

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

This is one of our favourite golf shoes from this list. These shoes are ultra comfortable and are made by a brand well known for innovation in the footwear industry. ECCO is a danish company which came in 1963 and is famous worldwide for its excellent quality soft leather walking shoes. The fact that they tested 2500 athletes ensuring a proven spineless technology tells about how good the shoes are. You get the highest level of comfort and quality possible. These shoes have four dots which represent and symbolizes comfort, quality, style and technology. The shoes have a soft leather which is waterproof and is extremely comfortable for a walking shoe as well as for weather protection on wet conditions on the golf course. 

The BIOM Hybrid and the BIOM G2 are quite similar in appearance but here only the laces and the bottom part of the outsole has a contrasting colour. The shoes have a TPU outsole and a PU midsole which makes it better. The shoes have the natural motion feature and gives you a great grip even on the most testing turfs. 


  • The shoe is spikeless and has a soft and breathable high quality leather
  • It is available in three colours
  • Provides a superb TPU traction 
  • Has a very sporty and neat design and an anti stain feature
  • Is extremely comfortable for walking 9 or 18 holes 
  • The shoes are waterproof being equipped with Hydromax technology


  • The only drawback is its price as its too costly 
  • These shoes are not good for rough courses
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Adidas Adipure Sport Golf shoes

adidas Women's Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

These shoes provide you the liberty of playing fierce while feeling feminine and fashionable. The Adidas Adipure sport golf shoes have a really cool look, a lightweight profile and provides you superior comfort thus, making it a great pick and a trusted companion on the course. As far as the price is concerned, it is not cheap but totally worth buying due to its excellent quality. Even the design is great and people having a penchant for classic and clean looking shoes would love these shoes. It has really good colour options having a neutral upper and one or two accent colours in the tongue, around the neck and at the bottom of the shoes. There’s also the textile fabric and the PU leather which helps you with the stability keeping the weight low. The shoes have perforations across the upper which helps in getting out all the moisture and makes your feet dry. The wider forefoot, rounded toe area and the lower front end of the shoes help in providing you the ultimate comfort and fits really well. There is also the tongue, padded collar and the fitfoam PU sock liner which provides extra coziness. All in all these shoes are lightweight, water resistant, comfortable and breathable, a great pick for any golfer. 


  • The shoes have a very classic and neat design
  • The shoes are extremely lightweight 
  • They have a spineless outsole and provides a good traction
  • They consist of fitfoam PU sock liner


  • The shoes are a bit expensive 
  • The shoes run bigger than the true size and might be loose
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Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie shoes

Skechers Women's Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

These shoes have a very sporty styling having knitted upper and nice accent colours with a lace upfront and the S logo on the side. You get to spruce up on your on course look with the numerous colour options these shoes provide. Though the shoes cost less than 100 $ but their quality is worth so much more. The go golf birdie shoes by skechers helps enhance your stability and provides you long lasting comfort so that you can venture 36 holes in a day. These are super supportive and comfortable having a breathable upper, fabric sock liner and a cushioned neck. The good thing is that the moisture does not get tapped inside the shoe which does not make your feet hot. The mesh fabric upper is also very breathable but then this breathability comes at the cost of water resistance. Though the upper can repel the water but only to some extent, it cannot hold out for a long time when the ground is wet. The shoes have a Goga Max insole, TPU outsole, a cushioned midsole and synthetic overlays on the upper which enhances the firmness and its tapered midfoot design provides coziness while walking. You also get extra support when swinging and you can hit the ball, putt and pitch the entire day without any pain in your foot. So if you are looking for great summer shoes for playing, walking or running, these are great. 


  • Are amazing for running and walking
  • These shoes have a Goga max insole and a lightweight 5GEN midsole
  • Also have a roomy toe box
  • Provides great comfort 


  • These shoes are not waterproof
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New Balance Women’s Minimus Sport Golf shoes

New Balance Women's Minimus Sport Golf Shoe.

These shoes have used and inculcated the technology of running shoes into the golf shoes and are extremely flexible and comfortable. Not only these shoes are comfortable but are extremely stylish and help in improving your golfing skills. These shoes have a cute sporty styling and have an appearance as that of sneakers. The New balance women’s minimus sport golf shoes have the quality of running shoes and can be used for running, athletic sports, walking and other similar activities. These shoes come in three different colour options -the coral upper with white accents, the white upper with gray accents and the gray upper with pink accents. The synthetic upper of the shoes has mesh fabric patches all across the body and is super breathable preventing foot odor and sweating. These shoes are incomparable when it comes to providing comfort and airflow. The shoes have a neck cushioning, a textile sock liner and a 4mm REVlite midsole which provides you superior comfort, an NDurance spikeless rubber outsole which helps you concentrate on your swings by lightweight cushioning and excellent traction and a FantomFit support which helps in increasing the snug feel allowing you to play for hours without any pain in your feet. 


  • Has a breathable mesh upper 
  • Consists of a spikeless rubber sole and a REVlite midsole
  • These shoes are extremely comfortable 


  • The shoes are not entirely waterproof
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Skechers Women’s Go Golf Eagle Major shoes

Skechers Women's Go Golf Eagle Major Shoe

These shoes by Skechers are well known for their new and innovative designs, advanced features and nice colour schemes. These shoes are perfect for players who want top quality shoes at affordable rates and cannot afford ECCO or Adidas. The shoes are available in various colour combinations, among which two have tropical prints on the sides. The shoes have their signature brand logos on both the sides as well as on the heel and are extremely fashionable having trim hues which make them stand out. The upper of the shoes consists of both the synthetic as well as mesh materials. The mesh part helps in reducing the weight while maximizing ventilation wicking away all the sweat. But it does not have an adequate airflow to keep your feet cool and dry during the summer heat on the course. These shoes are water repellent as the upper has the H2GO Shield technology but only to some extent, the water still seeps through the mesh parts at times making your feet wet. The shoes also have the Goga Max footbed and the midsole which makes it soft and supportive under the foot providing the right amount of flexibility and cushioning needed while putting, walking and swinging the club. It also has the 5GEN cushioning technology providing you with maximum coziness. Overall these shoes are a great and economical option. 


  • The shoes have the 5GEN cushioning technology 
  • The shoes are very stylish and fashionable
  • Has a GOwalk 4 outsole offering good traction 
  • They are available in many colour schemes


  • The shoes are not quite breathable
  • They have no protection from rain 
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Adidas Women’s W Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf shoes

adidas Women's w Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoe

These Women’s W Climacool Knit shoes by Adidas are super comfortable and one of the most affordable golf shoes there are in the market at present. Despite being so affordable, the quality and features are amazing. These shoes have a clean and neat profile having no extra unnecessary patch or overlay besides the velcro straps, a heel loop and the logo of the brand on the tongue. The shoes have a great modern style and are available in three cute colour combinations- onix, black and energy blue. Due to such options and style these shoes are quite appealing to players of all ages. The shoes have a circle knit upper which is 100% textile that stretches out, is very breathable and is especially made for golfing offering you lateral stability while swinging the ball. The shoe material is not at all flimsy and the shoes are very lightweight, easy to slip on and off and can be worn on a regular basis. The shoes take a good care of your feet providing flexibility, breathability and lateral stability. But they are not water resistant and get easily damped just by the dewy grass. The cloudfoam insole in the shoes provides a responsive padding and helps reduce your fatigue during long rounds. The shoes have a spikeless outsole and wider than usual outsole platform which helps you with stability and a puremotion outsole which offers you swing plane traction and helps you enjoy the grip and flexibility while swinging. Since there are no laces, you can use the velcro to get your desired fit. 


  • It has a puremotion outsole and a cushioning lightweight insole
  • It has a stretching textile upper
  • Instead of laces there is a velcro lock-in system 


  • The shoes are not water resistant
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FootJoy Emerge Women’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women's Emerge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

These golf shoes by FootJoy are amazing. As the name suggests, it helps you in emerging yourself in style like it’s a walk in the park. These shoes are that comfortable and amazing. The FootJoy Emerge Women’s Golf Shoes have Duramax ™ rubber outsole which provides you with turf gripping durability and  an excellent performance. Being closely contoured to perfectly match your foot’s shape, these shoes are extremely good when it comes to style and comfort. The shoes have a PillowSof ™ molded foam which provides you with guaranteed optimal comfort. These shoes are very lightweight having cushioned fit beds which offer heel support and underfoot comfort on every step you take in your game. Having a synthetic and leather upper, a synthetic midsole, a fully rounded toe box, a waterproof technology and textile insole lining, these shoes are great for golf players. These shoes have a spikeless design which helps you with durability and traction on all terrains. 


  • Have waterproof chromoskin uppers tailored to provide high performance and deliver comfort
  • The shoes are extremely light in weight
  • Have a spikeless design 


  • The toe area of the shoe might be tight for some people 
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Women’s Golf Shoe Buying Guide 

Waterproof – one should choose the shoes which have a great waterproofing technology as nothing is worse than walking off the first tee box and having the damp grass making your socks soggy. You have to have dry feet when playing golf and so waterproofing is one of the most important features to look for. 

Price – many amateurs are concerned about the price of the shoes and price indeed is an important factor. Consider buying the shoe providing you with the maximum value, that is, the shoes which provide high performance at the most affordable rates. 

Shoe insole and outsole – the insole area wraps around the foot and not only provides a snug fit preventing your foot from sliding around the swing but also helps with the comfort level and breathability features of the shoe. Whereas the outsole of the shoe is responsible for traction, waterproofing and turf interaction covering the top of the foot and keeping the water from entering the shoe. 

Overall comfort – when playing this sport you require a footwear that is comfortable, that is, the one that has a combination of a flexible outsole and soft incoming insole. 

Fashion and style – nowadays there are various brands that are making some amazing and fashionable shoes, especially for women. There are so many unique and stylish golf flats and golf moccasins. It is fun when you get comfort and style in the same shoe. 

Spike or spikeless shoe – the shoes without spikes are not that flat or smooth and come with small plastic grippers or nubs which help you grip the ground. But these don’t provide you much traction. On the other hand, the spike shoes have plastic soft spikes which are a cross between the old metal spikes and the spikeless golf shoes soles. 

Material of shoe (mesh/leather/fabric) – many experienced golfers go for the traditional leather golf shoes and really love them. The reason being its high quality leather which is waterproof and tough. There are also mesh and fabric covered shoes which are soft and flexible providing you with great comfort. There are also new shoes in the market with softer leathers, synthetic leathers and materials equipped with new technologies. 

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Why should you wear golf shoes?

You should wear golf shoes as they help you maintain your balance and traction throughout the swing. The ones who play in non-spike shoes have a tendency to slip and slide on the course and lose valuable traction especially in wet weather conditions. A good quality pair of spike shoes help your lower half of the body to stay grounded and still throughout the swing. 

What are the best shoes for women in terms of comfort?

Several brands such as Skechers, ECCO and FootJoy offer a variety of one of the most comfortable shoes. They provide premium soft insoles that mold around your foot and help you in creating a solid foundation while you swing. If you want a shoe to help you walk the course without hurting your feet, ECCO is the ideal pick for you having a high quality, great shape, durability and excellent performance. 

How do the golf shoes help in the game? 

Golf shoes help you in playing your game with ease by providing great comfort to your foot. It also enables you to anchor your body to the ground while you swing the club. A comfortable shoe helps in reducing strain on your foot thus, preventing blisters. The shoes are available both with and without spikes. Both types of shoes provide you enough traction to swing and play well. 

Which shoe is the best waterproof golf shoe?

Skechers takes the lead when it comes to the best waterproof shoe in the market. The brand had emphasized on making their golf shoe equipped with a long waterproof warranty thus, helping the amateur golfers to find a lower price on their shoes that wears well over time and also help in keeping the moisture away from the foot. It is great for the mid and high handicapper who doesn’t play as many rounds per year as he would but still want a solid performing shoe at an affordable price offering a strong grip and comfort. 


It is not easy to select and pick one as the best golf shoe for women as each of us have a different choice, want different features and have different toe size. It is better to go through all the options and then match their features with your requirements. The one that meets all your needs be it regarding the comfort, pricing etc. will be your ideal shoe or the best shoe for you. As far as my choice is concerned, I personally like and prefer the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf shoes as it is a very popular shoe which provides great comfort and helps in keeping the feet dry and most importantly its long lasting.

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