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One of the most loved and probably our favourite couple in World Golf right now is no other than Rickie and his wife Allison Stokke. Rickie is himself a super successful golfer, with a multiple PGA tour and Masters under his belt, with tens of millions of impressive career profits regularly at the Masters Tour Circuit. 

Rickie and Allison began dating in 2016. Soon in 2018, they got engaged and finally in October 2020, followed their wedding. At present, they are living in Jupiter in Florida. His wife Allison Stokke shot the super stardom as a pole voulter some 10 years ago as she got viral for her dazzling looks. She suffered a great deal of trauma and pressure from all of this undesired attention only to be a stronger person on the other side. 

So, who exactly is Allison Stokke? to know more about her let’s dive into this article.

Who is Allison Stokke?

Allison Stokke birth took place in March 1989 in California, USA. Since she was born in an athletic family, from the very young age she was pushed towards gymnastics, similar to her older brother. Eventually she developed a passion for pole vaulting and broke several high school records.

In between all this she broke her leg twice in the high school but never gave up and went to set multiple records in scaling heights of over 4.14 m by 2006. Soon she got closer to her dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Why is Allison Stokke Famous?

Allison was focused towards her career and was continuously growing and in fact, she was breaking her own records but something very unexpected happened. In 2007, she went to compete in New York where someone took a photo of her for a California track and field website. This photo was soon hijacked for malicious purposes by the male dominated sports blog called “With Leather”.

Within a night or two, the then 17 year old became a super hot athlete and went viral. Her picture was all over the internet and on Facebook and was flooded with dozens of groups and people showing appreciation for the young woman’s beauty and dazzling looks. Later the owner of the blog was sued.

Becoming Viral had a Deep Impact

All of this sudden attention and stardom was very surprising and overwhelming for which Allison was not at all ready. This actually had a very deep negative impact on her and she didn’t felt good as she wasn’t admired for her skills and sporting achievements but for her looks. She also has to deal with a plenty of stalkers and was forced to lock her house’s doors because she was terrified and worried about the possible negative consequences. She also had to hire a consultant for dealing with all the photoshoot and media requests and queries she was receiving. Many big companies offered her sponsorships and asked to help her cash in on her new found fame. What affected and made her upset the most was the fact that she was only acknowledged for her looks and no one cared besides that. No one saw or admired her for the hard work she put in to become a great Pole Vaulter.

Allison went to University in California

Despite all this attention and happenings in her life, she continued and focused on her pole vaulting career. With her determination and grit she also got a full sporting scholarship to UC Berkeley where she could stay safe at home and be around her family all the time. She worked very hard in her training as well as studies. She then graduated with a Sociology degree and also worked on further improving her Pole Vaulting record up to 4.35m thus, recording a plenty of top 10 finishes. She had a dream to represent the USA at the Olympics but she couldn’t fulfil it as she failed to scale 4.25m at the Olympic trials. Still she kept going with it with hopes but couldn’t make it and rarely made to the top 30 athletes list in the USA.

Allison Stokke Ethnicity

She is an American National and of white ethnicity.

Allison Stokke – The Sports Model

She then decided to go for sports modelling and took some of the modelling contracts which were offered to her. Some of the brands which offered her with sponsorships were Athleta, Nike etc. She also shot a series of videos for the company GoPro which then achieved over 6 million views by 2016. Still she continued with her sport of Pole Vaulting but couldn’t get any significant breakthrough. In 2017, she met the love of her life, Rickie Fowler who is now her husband.


It is not certain as to how and when exactly did the pair met each other but their very first pictures came at a MotoGp event in Austin Texas in the year 2017 where both of them posted their pictures on their Instagram accounts together. One of Rickie’s fellow golfers named Jason Day officially announced during one of their team meetings stating that Rickie Fowler missed spending time with his new girlfriend. A month later, Rickie himself announced the same with a picture of him and Allison together with a hashtag RickFoundAChick

Rickie is extremely likeable. Though he hasn’t scored a major win in golf but with a woman like Allison by his side accompanying him on every round he plays, he surely will someday. Earlier he used to make fun of himself being single by posting some funny single status, by posing with the wives of all the other players after every major. Well jokes aside, he and Allison got engaged in 2018 when he proposed her on a beach in Southampton, New York to which she responded a yes and also posted about the same on her Instagram. In October 2020, they had a secret fun wedding at a beach place with just their closed ones.


She has an estimated net worth somewhere close to or exceeding 1 million USD from all the sponsorships and the endorsements she has had throughout all these years and continues to be a fitness model.


Being one of the most successful golfers in the USA, Rickie Fowler has an amassed fortune exceeding 40 million USD. He made 36 million USD from all his prize winnings in all this years till date and also has some lucrative sponsorships and endorsements from big sports brand like Adidas and Puma.


She is not really a public person and does not post that excessively or frequently on Instagram like other people. She has a private Instagram account and is focused more on her pole vaulting, exercise routines, relationship and personal life.


She currently lives with her husband Rickie Fowler, now that they are married. They live in their large mansion in Jupiter in Florida.

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