10+ Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection in 2021

Golf also is known as ‘The Gentleman’s Sport’ has been around for more than 500 years. Originating in Scotland in the 15th century, golf has spread around the globe, now being played in over 245 countries. Initially, hats were worn to establish the class people belong to. Hats have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. But a major evolution in these has been achieved only in the past century. Generally, there is not much of a difference between the hats worn by men and women. In all of the 20 countries where women play golf, protection from the sun rays and another ultra- violet rays, is a crucial necessity.

UPF Rating

Protection Coverage

% of UV Radiation Blocked

UPF 15-24



UPF 25-39

Very Good


UPF 40-50+



Here are the attachments of some hats that we believe can suit you up for your golf game. C’mon ladies wear a hat and Ace it in style.

List of Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection

Wide Brim Sun Hat

Womens Wide Brim Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard UPF 50...

This hat is made in an eco-friendly manner with recycled paper. It is breathable and hence can be of great comfort. It is known to have a upf protection of 50+. It has a chin strap that helps in fixing its position even during windy days, helping you focus on your game. It can also be folded back when not needed. It is available in two sizes for a medium and a large hat circumference. Sweat absorbent inner band is also provided. It thus absorbs the sweat and moisture during the game, giving you a comfortable game time. It can also be easily folded and packed into the golf bag. This hat is available in five different colors and can easily get along with any piece of clothing. You can purchase this hat at the link provided below.

Pros: It goes along with any piece of clothing
Adjustable straps are provided
Various sizes are available to suit different head circumferences
Eco- friendly

Cons: Folding the hat may disrupt the stiffness of the structure and may also end up having bent edges
It is wider at the front and back than the sides, providing lesser protection for the ears and neck

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Sun Visor Hat

Sun Visor Hats Women Large Brim Summer UV Protection...

This hat is made of 100% cotton. The elastic band is provided at the back for closure. The ponytail can be let out freely through the closure. Open top lets the hair breathe preventing it from sweat and smell. This hat can be adjusted easily for any head circumference. This is extra long at the front to protect the face, ears, and skin completely from any rays that could damage the skin. It also has a upf50+. A panel line is provided along the face line to prevent the sweat from streaming down the face. This hat is also foldable and can be easily carried along in a golf bag. This hat is fashionable to use for any type of clothing. This hat is also available in five different and unique colors. You can purchase this hat at the link provided.

Pros: It is comfortable, light weight and durable
Suitable for larger head sizes
Easily foldable
Available in various colors

Cons: Does not fit the smaller heads properly
Velcro straps might be an issue

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Gustave Sun Protection Hat

GUSTAVE® Women Sun Wide Brim UV Protection Fishing Hat...

This hat is made of a high quality polyester fabric. It is a wide brim sun hat that provides shade to the face and neck region. It is also enclosed with a detachable neck and face flaps. Press buttons are used for their attachment. The facing flap attached is breathable to prevent any suffocation it may lead to. This also gives upf50+ protection and also safety from insect bites. This hat is known to provide 360 degrees of protection from all factors. An adjustable velcro along with a chin strap is situated to give a custom fit wearing experience. A gap for the ponytail is specially designed keeping the comfortability of the wearer in mind. It can be worn in several different and protective ways as depicted in the image shown. The crown area can also be easily unzipped and turned into a sun visor. Its light weight and texture make it highly breathable and provides good ventilation. The hat is water- proof and also a quick absorbent of sweat. A special net mesh is used to keep you cool in summer. This can easily be adapted along with any kind of attire due to its varied design and usage. It is also very convenient to fold and also easily portable. This hat can be purchased at the link provided below.

Pros: Provides good aeration
360-degree protection
Easily portable
Water proof
Detachable flaps

Cons: Absolutely nothing!
This product has all the features one would expect in purchasing a hat.

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Fedora Hat

Men's Straw Fedora Golf Hat

This hat is made of pure cotton with jute. It is an eco-friendly product. This is a very stylish and trendy hat that can be beautifully worn on any occasion. It is made with high quality material. This is a unisex product. This structure also provides good aeration. It also absorbs sweat and provides comfortable wearing. This hat is suitable for both western and vintage clothing. Size options are limited as they can generally fit all head circumferences. Available in various color shades. This is available at an affordable price. The structure is simple yet elegant. You can purchase this beautiful hat at the link provided below.

Pros: Comfortable to wear
Numerous color options are available
Provides good aeration

Cons: May not suit all head circumferences
Not available for children below 12 years of age

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Bucket Hat

No products found.

A casual hat with a wide brim is called a bucket hat. These hats were famous during the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. Even after a couple of decades, it is still being used all around the world. This hat is known to be folded into a size that can easily fit into a pocket. This type of hat is usually worn by fisher women. These are light in weight. They are provided with extra mesh holes to provide more ventilation. The circumference of the hat is easily adjustable. Can also be worn as beach wear and also for shopping. This hat is particularly made of cotton polyester. It provides a comfortable feel to the wearer. This is a unisex hat. Hence, it can be worn by anyone anywhere. The link to this product is attached below.

Pros: Provides a very good ventilation
Available in four different colors
Well structured weave providing comfortability

Cons: Durability might be an issue
Varied size ranges are not available

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Coolibar UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Leo Shapeable Wide Brim Hat -...

This is a wide brim visor sun hat that provides protection from the ultra-violet rays. This is made with 100% cotton and hence can be easily folded. The top of the hat is removable. This hat with the top can be worn casually and on unzipping the top part, it turns into a sports hat. The floral band makes the hat more attractive. This band can either be worn around the neck or can simply be tied into a butterfly knot at the back. When wrapped around the neck, it gives complete protection from sunburn and ultra-violet damage. This is designed with a circumference that can fit most head sizes. This is a high quality product. The hat provides a light and comfortable feel to the wearer. The long brim in the front also lets you focus on the game without any disturbances. This unique and cozy product can be purchased from the link provided below.

Pros: High protection against the ultra violet rays
Very light material
Goes good with any attire

Cons: Only one color is available
Dry clean only

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Straw Fold Sun Hat

Futurekart Women's Straw Fold Sun Hat Beach Hat...

This hat is made by a natural tone handwoven toquilla straw. This is high quality material and provides a cozy feel to the wearer. It is a skin friendly material. This protects the forehead, neck, and cheeks from long exposure to sun rays. A chin strap is provided for adjustments. It also makes sure that the hat is positioned still even during windy days. This strap can also be detached when not needed. This hat is also an eco- friendly product. It can be worn on several occasions. It is made in crochet lace pattern fabric. It provides good ventilation preventing sweat during the game. It can be folded easily. It is thus easily packable and crushable. The bow on the top gives the hat a good and sophisticated look. This hat gives a cool, stylish, and trendy look to the wearer. This type of hat can be purchased from the link provided below.

Pros: Suitable to all head sizes
Eco- friendly
Skin- friendly
Gives protection from the sun rays

Cons: Available in a single color

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Titleist Golf Hat

No products found.

This hat is made of 100% organic cotton material. This is of free size and hence can be suitable and adjustable to all. It is a very user- friendly product. It has a velcro closure at the back. This velcro adjustment helps the hat sit on any head magnificently. It has an anti- microbial property. It is also provided with moisture- wicking sweatband that absorbs sweat and prevents any form of distraction during the game. This hat thus keeps the head odorless and sweat- free. It is available in two colors. These hats are mostly worn for travel and outdoor activities. The link for the purchase of this hat is attached to the link provided below.

Pros: Provides good aeration
Free- size
Suitable to all

Cons: Does not protect the neck and ears from sun rays

No products found.

Wallaroo Women’s Josie Sunhat

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Josie Fedora – UPF 50+...

his hat is made of 100% durable paper braid. It is very light in weight and provides good aeration. This fabric has an ultra- violet protection of 50+ and this has been certified by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency. This hat is of a clean and classic fedora design. It is provided with an adjustable drawstring, so as to adjust the fit of the hat accordingly. It can be easily cleaned in case of stains. It also has a bow on it. It is known to block away around 97.5% of the sun’s rays and also the ultra- violet rays. It is of high quality design and fabric. It is a highly fashionable clothing idea. This perfectly goes along with any kind of attire. This can also be worn for shopping, tours, and other activities. You can purchase this product through the link provided below.

Pros: High quality material
Certified sun protection
Easily washable

Cons: Available in a single shade

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Callaway Golf Sun Hat

Callaway Golf 2020 Sun Hat

This hat is made of cotton fabric. This is a reversible hat and can be worn in three different ways as depicted in the image. This also provides upf50+ protection against all harmful rays from the sun. This is highly comfortable and eco- friendly in manner. It has a wide brim that prevents the face, ears, and neck region from exposure to sun rays. The cotton fabric provides good breathability to the hair follicles preventing it from odor and sweat. It is provided with an adjustable rope to fit the head circumference perfectly. A mesh side panel and sweat bands are provided to keep the head cool during summer days. This type of hat is ideal for all outdoor activities. Due to its light- weight property this becomes very easy to be folded and carried along anywhere. The link for the purchase of this product is enclosed below.

Pros: Reversible
High protection against sun rays.
Adjustable size

Cons: Hand wash only

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Hat

Based on my research and observation, I have jotted down a few points that you should consider before choosing a hat.

• Make sure it gives protection from the sun. Exposure to sun rays can trouble you from focusing on the game.
• The fabric should be woven in a way that it provides good aeration.
• Hats with sweat mesh bands to absorb sweat are to be chosen.
• Should be easily washable.
• Foldable and portable hats should be preferred.
• Hats with Ultra- violet protection factor of 50+ is highly recommended.
• The usability of the hat should be properly assessed.
• Branded hats provide assured quality. So it is always good to go along the safer lane.
• As most hats are of free- size, make sure it fits your head perfectly.
• Check out your feel and comfort on wearing the hat.
• Crownless hats generally prevent sweat and odor.
• Never think of the price you pay for the quality.
• Also, it should be suitable for all occasions and activities.
• The type of fastener used should be considered so as not to suffocate you in any manner.
• The brim of the hat should be wide enough to cover the face, ears, and also the neck region.
• Select a basic color, so that it goes along with any piece of clothing.
• Make sure velcro adjustments are provided at the back to suit any kind of hairstyle, without causing a disturbance. Rock your game in a ponytail.
• As a general guideline, the brim should be from 4 to 7 inches in width.
• Light colored hats should be chosen so that they reflect radiant energy.
• A higher crown can be chosen to prevent conduction heating.
• Tighter sweatbands may also undue sweats. So a loose fit can be preferred.
• Straps to ensure the fit is necessary.
• All the points considered, taking in mind the weave, texture, feel, aeration, and comfort, straw is the best material in which a hat can be made of.

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Why do you need to wear a hat for golf at all ?

Wearing a hat while playing golf is essential for both protection and hitting off in a style. Hats have always been a cool accessory in the wardrobe of women. They prefer having a wide collection of hats and would love to match it with their clothing and occasion. While playing golf, they are generally exposed to a very long duration of direct sunlight. This may cause damage to their skin and hair. Wearing a hat prevents the rays from causing damages such as skin cancer and melanoma, by providing shade and preventing the ultraviolet rays. Also over exposure to heat and light may cause split- ends in the hair. Hats protect hair against any such damages. Sunlight may also disrupt the vision. Hats let you focus more on the ball reducing all other reflections. Lengthy hairs may not be completely protected from the sun. In such a case, scarves can be used to protect the hair. There are many cool hats available that can easily hit off with the golf attire. Varied colors and prints are available for women. Reversible hats are also now being produced.

Although wearing sunscreen is highly essential for protection from harmful rays, wearing the desirable clothing to cover the skin areas is equally important. However, normal clothing can only block the sunlight away, while those fabrics incorporated with UPF factors provide complete protection against these rays. While SPF is generally used to determine the exposure time under the sun after using certain cosmetic products, UPF is the factor that should be considered for clothing. UPF is an ultra- violet protection factor. The hats produced these days are generally manufactured with fabrics that are incorporated with factors that protect from the sun rays in all their weave, color, and stretch.


With climate change and deforestation being the major issues in the world right now, these hats are designed to be eco- friendly as the fabrics used in these like cotton, jute, straw, and polyester could all be reused and recyclable. These hats are multi- functional as they not only provide protection from the sunlight but also make you look very stylish and go along with any outfit. No matter how times change, hats will never go out of fashion. Make sure to select the hat that suits you the best. Wearing a hat makes the wearer look more cozy, rich, and classy. Though skin cancer on the scalp is not as common as any other skin cancers, it becomes very difficult to detect one when it happens. Sun burns may lead to itchy scalps, which further leads to hair loss and several other scalp problems. As prevention is always better than cure, make sure you wear a hat all the time you are out and under direct exposure to sunlight to prevent your hair and skin from any damage that could be caused.
Hats are known to define who we are. So it is very important to decide which hat to choose. You are not completely dressed when your head misses a crown. So go on and rock the golf court in a stunning and stylish attire with a crown, like the Queen you are!

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