Best Golf Cart Stereo System

Golf cart stereo systems are a great way to enhance the golfing experience. Did you know that there is more to them than just music? Golf cart stereos also include GPS and Bluetooth technology and other features depending on your needs.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these innovative products, including how to choose the best one for your golf course.

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Top 3 Best Golf Cart Stereo System

Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

1. Marine Stereo Audio Radio

The Herdio VX-280 Waterproof Marine Radio Bluetooth Car Stereo Receivers with AM/FM USB Input is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new golf cart stereo system. This product is fully waterproof, so it can be used in any environment.

It includes various features that are perfect for enjoying your favorite music while you play golf. For example, the Herdio VX-280 has both FM and AM radio capabilities, as well as a USB input that makes it easy to play music from your phone or other devices.

It also includes Bluetooth technology, which allows you to control the stereo from your phone or another device. The VX-280 features four channels and forty-five watts of built-in power audio amplifier, making it perfect for use on golf carts.

This product is also extremely easy to install, so you can get right back out onto the course as soon as possible.

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  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes FM and AM radio capabilities
  • USB input for easy music playback
  • Bluetooth technology for control from a phone or other devices-four channels


  • Old design
Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

2. Golf Cart, UTV Overhead Stereo Console with CD, Bluetooth MP3 Radio 

This Golf Cart, UTV Overhead Stereo Console with CD, Bluetooth MP3 Radio will turn your ride into an experience. This overhead console is the perfect way to give you a comfortable and fully custom experience.

After a long day of work or play, this overhead console has been crafted from the best materials to be the perfect accessory for your golf cart.

The upper control panel can easily be lifted effortlessly and features a radio that plays MP3s and CDs.

You can also listen to your favorite tunes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity through your phone. Just connect your phone wirelessly and start streaming.

The stereo even has a USB input, so you never have to worry about running out of battery life again.

You’ll also be able to control the lights of your golf cart thanks to this overhead console! The LED dome light has five different settings and can also be controlled by a switch on the console.

The blue surround lights will also set the mood and can easily be turned on and off with another switch. This overhead console is a great way to make your golf cart feel like home.

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  • Stream and control your favorite apps
  • High-quality brand stereo with CD player, Bluetooth, MPC, and more
  • Boss brand six point five inch three hundred watt speakers
  • Super bright LED dome light with control switch


  • It is expensive
Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

3. Boss Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6

The Boss Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge Receiver and Speaker Package is the perfect way to upgrade your golf cart audio system.

This unit features a weatherproof receiver that is IPX6-rated, meaning it can withstand heavy rain and moisture. The included 6.5-inch speakers are also weatherproof, making them perfect for use in all conditions.

In addition, this unit has Bluetooth audio streaming, so you can play your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The USB port also allows you to play audio files directly from a USB flash drive. The AM/FM radio tuner lets you listen to your favorite stations, and the NOAA weather band tuner gives you access to up-to-the-minute weather updates.

This unit also has inputs for a subwoofer and RCA cables and outputs to connect your front/rear and subwoofer speakers. The Boss Audio Systems MCKGB350W. Six comes with a powerful three-year platinum online dealer warranty.

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  • Weatherproof receiver and speakers
  • Bluetooth streaming


  • Does not have a CD player
  • Expensive
Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

What to Look for when Choosing a Golf Cart Stereo System

When choosing a golf cart stereo system, there are many factors to consider. There are four categories to keep in mind – Features, Installation, Functionality, and Cost.

1. Features 

The features of the stereo system will be largely dependent on what you’ll want it for, but some available features include USB input for easy music playback,

Bluetooth technology for control through your phone or other devices (such as your steering wheel), easy installation (often done with built-in speakers), AM/FM radio tuner.

2. Installation

How easy is it to install? Some units have pre-installed speakers and wiring, so installation is quick and easy. Others may require more work to install than others. They may not be as weatherproof or have the same features.

3. Functionality

How well does it work? Many golf cart stereo systems come with Bluetooth technology which allows you- to pair your phone and stream music. Some include a USB port or CD player for listening to digital media. Others may feature AM/FM radio tuners.

4. Cost

How much is it going to cost? There are a variety of options when it comes to price for this kind of equipment, so it’s essential to find one that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

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Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

How to Install a Golf Cart Stereo System

To completely understand how to install a golf cart stereo system, there are some best practices that you need to know.

The first thing you want to do is acquire all the necessary installation items for the installation process.

These include a Phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, panel removal tool, electrical sockets, wire crimp connectors, low-voltage solderless wiring connector with quick splice, and wires long enough for your application.

You want to find a location where you can mount your stereo unit in or on your golf cart. You’ll need to pick from installing the unit on the dash or under the dash.

After picking out an appropriate placement area, remove any insulation from around the area with the Phillips head screwdriver. Once that is done, use the flathead screwdriver to remove any screws securing the stereo unit in place and disconnect any wiring.

If you install a new stereo unit, connect the wiring according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Now is also a good time to reattach any screws removed from the stereo unit.

Best Golf Cart Stereo System
Golf cart

Frequently Asked Questions on Stereo System for a Golf Cart

Can I Use My Current Speakers with the New Stereo System?

It depends on the type of speaker you are using. If your speakers have a built-in amplifier, they may not work with the new stereo unit. If you’re unsure, it’s best to ask the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

What Does Weatherproof Mean?

If a golf cart stereo system is advertised as being weatherproof, it means that it is designed to withstand outdoor elements, such as rain and snow.

What Should I Do If My Stereo System Isn’t Playing Music?

This could be a problem with the wiring, but it may also mean that your speakers are blown and need to be replaced.

Installing the best golf cart stereo system is a great way to improve the sound quality and listening experience while driving your cart. There are many different systems to choose from, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

By following the best installation practices, you can have a new stereo system up and running in no time.

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