What is a Cadet Golf Glove?

Finding the best golf gloves that fit an out of the box description can be a challenge. And if you’ve already tried a number of pairs and aren’t satisfied with their fitting already,

there’s a high chance that you feel somewhat frustrated already. Don’t worry, though, because the cadet gloves are a decent solution to the problem.

What is a cadet Golf Glove? A cadet golf glove is a unique type of glove that offers a distinct hand shape profile, which accommodates different finger lengths and palm sizes. In structure, they have wider back and palm, and shorter finger lengths, which is what sets them apart from the standard golf gloves. 

We can all agree that not all hands are equal and glove sizes aren’t either. The introduction of cadet gloves is an attempt to solve the problem with standard gloves. And they’ve been quite a game changer for many golfers.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about cadet gloves. We’ll look at: 

  • What cadet golf gloves are
  • what makes a cadet glove
  • The difference between cadet and standard golf gloves and
  • What a standard glove fit should be like 

Let’s get started. 

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What is a Cadet Golf Glove?

What is a Cadet Golf Glove?
Image: Golfing gloves

Some people still think that cadet gloves are only suitable for kids. But when you examine them closely, you realize that there’s more to it far from the assumption that people make. 

At its core, cadet refers to the length and width of the gloves’ fingers. From a user standpoint, cadet gloves make the best option for players with short wide fingers.

And given that they offer more control and are more comfortable than regular gloves, the cadet gloves are no doubt the best option for men, women, and kids with unique hand shapes.

The primary advantage of cadet gloves is that they help players with disproportionately size hands get a better fit and focus on improving their club grip, swing accuracy, and distance. 

You can’t easily tell the difference between a cadet and regular gloves unless you compare them side by side.

So if you’re going to shop for them online, it’s best to search for them by name. At the end of the day, though, what you should look for is a shorter and wider pair of golf gloves.

How Do You Know You Need Cadet Golf Gloves?

What is a Cadet Golf Glove?
Image: Golf gloves

It’s neither difficult nor easy to tell if you need cadet golf gloves, and that’s just the way it is unfortunately. That’s so since people have different hands.

Some people can easily tell if they need cadet golf gloves by just looking at the same of their hands. But it’s not as obvious for others.

If anything, trying both the regular and cadet glove is the only best way to know what fits and ultimately the option to consider if you must wear golf gloves for your next game and the next one after that.

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Regular vs Cadet Golf Gloves: What’s The Difference?

What is a Cadet Golf Glove?

There are a number of differences between regular and cadet golf gloves that you need to know in order to make an informed decision on what to buy.

 Regular Golf GlovesCadet Golf Gloves
Finger lengthStandardAn inch shorter than standard length
Palm sizeStandard palm sizeWider palm size
Users Suitable for golfers who have proportional handsFor golfers with short fingers and wide palms
Availability Small to double or triple extra largeSmall to double extra large

1. Sizing

The finger length of the two gloves varies quite significantly. Every cadet golf glove’s finger length is an inch shorter than the regular gloves and they are therefore suitable for persons whose hands aren’t proportional to the actual length of their fingers.

Still on sizing, cadet golf gloves feature a wider palm area, which is different from what you get from standard golf gloves.

It’s important to remember that since there is a difference in the proportion of the fingers, you should expect that the width of your hand would also be quite different.

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2. Users

If you are a male or female golfer who has wide palms and relatively short fingers, you should consider getting yourself some cadet gloves. If, on the other hand, you have proportionate hands, regular golf gloves will suit you best.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for golf gloves is fit, not fashion. If the side you should get is already obvious, get your pick.

If you’re not yet sure about the size to consider, you should try out both types of gloves to determine which one would best fit you.

3. Size Availability

Regular golf gloves are readily available for men and women and in different sizes. Speaking of size, these come ranging from small to double and triple extra-large.

Cadet gloves, on the other hand, are available only in men’s sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. To be clear, this doesn’t in any way mean that women can’t wear cadet gloves for golfing. If you’re a woman with larger hands, it should be easy for you to find a cadet that fits well from the men’s collection.

What Does An Ideal Golf Glove Fit Mean?

What is a Cadet Golf Glove?
Image: golf glove

The ideal fit means that your pair of cadet gloves feels taut around the fingers and over the palm of your hand. There shouldn’t be excess room in the glove’s fingertips and there shouldn’t be a part on the wrist that feels rather loose.

When testing out different cadet golf gloves, it’s best to make sure the back of your hand leaves some room around the Velcro surface. That will allow you to tighten or loosen the fit if necessary.

Also, test the gloves to see if they give you maximum grip so that you can have more control and stability over the golf club and your swings.

The most important thing to consider when choosing either a cadet or regular golf gloves is to keep in mind that comfort, not style, is the most important thing to consider first.  Make sure the golf you choose fits snugly without feeling too tight.

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