10+ Best Golf Tees in 2021

A golf tee is a little small piece of tool that raises the golf ball off the ground when playing golf. A golf tee is tiny and mostly made up of wood or plastic.

This height is a few inches in tallness, on which a golf ball rests in a steady and fixed position ready to be hit by a golf stick. The word tee has been derived from the Scottish language word “taigh” which significantly means a house. These days, many golf courses have independent, assigned tee boxes for each hole.
Tees are seemingly the most undervalued golf accessories. When hoping to improve their game, most of the golf beginners place a ton of their attention on finding the correct club, the correct ball, the correct shoes, and the correct fitting gloves.

With regards to the tee, the majority simply just snatch what they can discover and begin playing.
The one thing individuals will in general fail to remember, or individuals that are new to the game, is that the tee permits you to control the ground so you can make a good shot. A good quality tee helps you to gain the required distance and accuracy. Regardless, not all tees are the same.

List of Best Golf Tees

Martini Golf Tees

ProActive Sports Martini Golf 3-1/4' Durable Plastic...

If you are a beginner then you should definitely go for this one. The Martini tees are a lot better and stronger than the old fashioned wooden tees as they are made from the proprietary polymer resin blend. The tees are extremely durable and hence, can be reused dozens of times. They also come in so many fun colours like pink, white, yellow, orange, blue, aqua and multicolour too. Martini Tees are designed and manufactured in Michigan and are legally used in huge tournaments across the USA.
Also, many independent laboratory tests prove that Martini Tees really do give you longer and straighter drives versus the old-fashioned wooden tees. The large cup of the product allows players to tilt the ball towards the hole as much as 20 %. The product is a little expensive as 5 tees come along but the quality is very much superior. The product is available for sale on Amazon and has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 there.

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Zero Friction Tour 3-Prolong Golf Tees

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees (2-3/4 Inch,...

Zero Friction is a popular company for providing good quality golf accessories. The 3-prolong top of the tee reduces the contact area between the golf ball and the tee. The tees also help to provide maximum distance and accuracy. The product is surprisingly environment friendly too as it is manufactured with bio-composite and recycled materials.
The tee covers much more distance as compared to the old-fashioned wooden tees. The pack of tees range from 10 to 40. The product is available in 2 sizes, first one 2-3 /4 inch and another 3-1 /4 inch. It is available in some fun colours like pink, blue, white and yellow. The product has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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GreenKeepers 4 Yards More Tee

4 Yards More Golf Tees - 1 3/4' Short Tee (4 Red Tees)

GreenKeepers 4 Yards More Tee has a unique shape. The products flexible 6-prolong tip reduces resistance and allows better contact. It also helps to reduce ball spin which increases control. Since the tee provides lesser resistance it means more distance can be covered down the fairway. The product is very much durable and can last over 100 drives. It also conforms to the USGA and R&A rules of golf.
The brand claims it is the first and only tee that is proven to improve distance in both the Robotic and Field Tests. It is available in different sizes like 1-3 /4, 2-3/4, 3-1/4, 4 and it comes in a pack of 5 tees. The product is manufactured in the USA and is not biodegradable. This tee has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, you can check out this product on the site.

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Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees ,100 Count(Pack...

Pride Professional Tee is another brand that is popular for its golf accessories. All their tees are manufactured, painted, printed and packaged in the US. They provide tees that are made of 100 % hardwood which make them the best quality tee in the market. The wood quality makes the tees much stronger and more durable. This pride professional tee is a great product. It consists of a proprietary system of colour-coded golf tees which helps and allows the user by providing an easy identification of length and appropriateness for different kinds of golf clubs.
If you love traditional wood tees then you can pick this one. The tees can be used with 3, 4 or 5 wood and even with any driver over 360c. The product comes in different packs of 20, 100, 175, they also offer a variety of lengths. The tees were used on P.G.A Tours too. The product has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Brush-T Pack of 3 Oversized Golf Tees

BRUSH T Premium Plastic Golf Tees, Orange Oversize...

The Brush-T oversized golf tees are very innovative in their built. These golf tees allows the golfers to tee their ball on flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact and create a feel of driving the ball off the air. These synthetic bristles helps in providing significantly less resistance which in turn helps in producing dramatically longer and straighter drives. The product reduces resistance which is ordinarily encountered at the point of impact, and also helps in restoring that stolen velocity therefore, allowing the golf ball to travel the maximum distance possible. Various independent testings have been conducted and majority of them have proven that the golfers can gain up to seven additional yards off the tee. The unique qualities of the product are that the sidespin or interference, all too often associated with plastic and wooden tees, can be eliminated.
The bristles here helps the golfer by providing raised support of the ball and also helps in playing with unprecedented flexibility. Each tee comes with a ball marker, bristle preserver, bullet-shaped holder and belt clip. All the tees conform to the rules of both the USGA and the R&A. The product is costly as it provides only 3 high-quality tees. This tee has an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, do check out.

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Callaway Performance Tee

Performance 2.75’’ Plastic Golf Tees, Neon Mix, 30...

Callaway is another popular brand for providing superior quality golf accessories. The Callaway Performance tee is designed to give players the best chance of hitting it down the middle. The tees 6-prolong head and contoured cup help reduce friction and side spin for optimal accuracy and greater distance. The tees are constructed with highly durable and environment friendly materials. Its impact ribs provide extra strength around the strike area, making it much harder to snap in half and thus increasing the usable life span of each tee.
The tees conform to the rules of golf by the USGA and R&A. It comes in a pack of 3 with a variety of colour options. This golf tee of Callaway has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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AckBrands Measure Golf Tees

No products found.

Ackbrands Measure Tee provides precision height control allowing players the consistency they require while playing during all kinds of weather conditions and in different golf courses. The product provides numbered height control markers that allow players to tailor their tee height to their clubs and swings. This also gives players the advantage of adaptability. With the Measure Golf Tee, the golfers can play and drive with confidence knowing that the golf ball will always be at the ideal height.
The tees are made up of durable plastic that will help increase your length and control as claimed by the brand. It comes in a plastic packaging with 30 white tees and 2 sizes that are 2-3/4 inches and 3-1/4 inches. This golf tee has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Izzo Plastic Golf Tees

IZZO Golf Plastic Golf Tees, 1.5 Inch, Natural (Pack of...

Izzo Plastic Golf Tees provide plastic tees that are ideal for fairway irons and woods. The products prolonged heads reduce friction and side spin for optimal accuracy and distance. It also helps provide a good launch angle. The tees are very durable as they last 5x longer than traditional wooden tees. The product has impact ribs for added durability.
There are different sizes available like 1.5 inches, 2.75 inches and 3.25 inches. They come in a pack of 100 with a variety of color options like Neon Pink, Mix, Natural, White, Red, Blue and more. If you are low on the budget then you can go for these tees. These Izzo plastic golf tees have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Playing Pro Unbreakable Golf Tees

Unbreakable Golf Tees - 58mm (White, 25 tees in bag)

The Playing Pro Unbreakable Golf Tees are prepared and build from a proprietary blend of synthetics by re-creating every aspect of real wood. The tees look, feel and play like real wood. These tees are made in Germany and each package contains 10 tees. The product is seen and approved by Golf Test USA, Golf Digest, Golf World, Today’s Golfer and Golfers Magazine. The product is USGA and R&A conforming. The brand claims that each tee can last more than 100+ shoots.
The tees are available in 3 sizes that are X-Long 4.0, Long 2.7/8 and Standard 2.1/4. The tees come in two colour options that are White and Orange. The tees are recyclable and they do not damage the grass mowers on the golf course or scratch clubfaces. The golf tees come in a brown cloth bag packaging instead of traditional plastic or cardboard packaging. The brand also offers free shipping on orders over $50.00. The product has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Pride Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees

Pride Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees (Pack...

Pride Professionals Tee System provides a convenient combo pack with two different sizes in just one pack. These tees are great for iron and drivers. This brand of plastic golf tees has a proprietary system of printed golf tees that helps the players and allow for easy identification of length and appropriateness for various golf clubs. These white in colour and provide low resistance tip for less friction. A pack of tees includes 40 of 3-1/4 inches tee and 10 of 1-1/2 inches tees. The tees are imported and made up of plastic. The brand says that tee lasts longer because of the plastic material. The product has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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  1. What kind of tees are used by professional golf players ?

Each golf player has different preferences in the golf accessories they use. Mostly the professionals use a 4 inches tee along with their drivers for more height and control. Most players also love traditional wood tees for their firmness. Also, most of the golf players prefer non-colored tees that have lengths marked on them. And professional golf players buy dozens of tees every other month or every other tournament. It is always better to have more quality of tees in case some of them break or get damaged.

  1. Are longer tees better for more distant shoots ?

Longer tees can assist support for distant shorts on the golf grounds, they give a higher stage to the golf player to get a clean contact from the driver to the golf ball. A 4-inch golf tee can give the essentially required height to any golf player.
On the other hand, smaller tees don’t function very well with larger drivers since they lessen the amount of room underneath the golf ball. Also, many players by teeing the ball excessively low, they put themselves at risk for hitting low line drives. For a beginner golf player, they can first start with smaller tees and then move to bigger tees to actually understand the difference in their game.

  1. Is it better to buy golf tees that have lengths marked?

Nowadays almost all tees come with lengths marked. The golf tees are marked with different heights so that the golf players realize how much to push the tee into the ground. By having the height marked it just makes things much easier and faster. Longer tees will have wider stripes as compared to shorter tees. But you can still mark the height yourself with the help of a permanent marker on a shorter tee as well as a longer tee.

  1. What are Brush Golf Tees?

Brush Golf Tees have recently entered the golf market. Golf equipments are improving day by day providing and encouraging players to try new and interesting products out.. Brush tees have flexible synthetic-based light weight brushes or bristles on the top of the golf tee. These brushes help reduce the resistance that is mostly encountered at the point of impact. The bristles also provide an improved dispersion rate and an unpredictable flexibility for a greater level of accuracy. They also help to produce more longer and straighter drives too.
Like other tees, they also are durable and give the required amount of height. They are also permitted under the USGA and R&A rules of golf. Mostly in one pack, 3 or 4 golf tees come along. They also come in unique and fun colours but they might be more expensive as compared to plastic or wooden golf tees. Currently, there aren’t many manufactures that sell Bush Golf tees but if the demand rises definitely other popular brands will also come out with their fun version of Brush Golf Tees.

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