10+ Best Golf Club Cleaners in 2021

The primary concern of golf accessories is making sure they last long so that they can provide greater performance in all golf games. Club cleaners are also equally important for expanding the lifetime of your equipment’s and ensuring you’re at the highest point of your game. For players hoping to expand the life span of their clubs, drivers and others golf accessories, a golf club cleaner can make a major effect.

The performance of any golfer in the world will get influenced by the quality of a club. But keeping a golf club durable for years is also difficult at the same time. Club cleaners will keep golf accessories looking brand new for years. On the off chance if a club isn’t cleaned appropriately and consistently, it won’t perform at its best. A clean golf clubs shows how much you truly care and love your sport. Professionals make sure to keep all their golf accessories clean.

In this article we will provide you with a list of 10 Best Golf Club Cleaner in 2021

List of Best Golf Club Cleaners in 2021

TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener

BLUE TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener by VersaGolf...

TruGroove Golf Club cleaner is 100 % made in USA and looks like a stylish pen. It comes in unique and fun colors like Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Black and Silver and it also includes 2 matching ball markers. With this product you do not need to replace your irons and wedges time to time as the product will help to re-groove them and extent their life for a longer period of time. The product works on U-grooves and V-grooves on all irons, wedges and utility clubs too.

This product also complies with the USGA and R&A regulations of golf. The product has an aircraft aluminums sleek body with a hardened tool steel tip at the top. It also provides an extra long 4.5-inch knurled handle for a better grip and less spillage. There’s also a keychain that can be attached to your golf bag for easy reach whenever needed.

The product has a good rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Procella Golf Club Cleaner Brush

Procella Golf Club Brush and Groove Cleaner, 2 Ft...

The Procella Golf Club Cleaner Brush is all you need to keep your irons and woods unsoiled. It has nylon bristles, wires and a spike that will help you to clean all the stubborn dirt stuck in the grooves and in your golf shoes too. Removal of dirt removes the unnecessary point of contact between the ball and the clubs. It ensures better ball contact, control and optimum ball spin. The golf club cleaning kit comes along with an aluminum carabiner and 2 feet retractable zipline. Users can hook the golf cleaning brush on to their golf bags, remove the plastic cap and even pull to use anytime anywhere.

They are also a great gifting option for other golfers. The product comes in 3 different color options that is red, blue and grey. There is no rating available for the product on Amazon as it is fairly new in the market.

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Ace Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner

Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner (Black)

The Ace Golf Brush is designed by golfer for golfers. It has wire bristles for effective and quick cleaning of irons while also fairway and nylon bristles for more easier cleaning of woods. It also has sharp pricks that remove stubborn dirt and grime from the grooves. This will then help golfers to make better contact. The product looks great hanging off any golf bag and also perfect for avid golfers who enjoy a squeaky-clean club for each swing. Each golf brush comes along with its own cover to help protect the pick and brushes.

The product has an easy clip on feature with it you can easily attach the product elsewhere while not in use so it doesn’t get lost. It also includes a 2 ft retractable zip line carabiner which makes it easy to attach to your golf bag for quick access.

The product has a unique ergonomic design for a better grip. The brand also has a lifetime warrant and money back guarantee too. The warranty covers any kind of factory defects in the product. The product come in fun colors like Blue, Red, Orange, Black and Grey. The product has a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Amoper Golf Brush Golf Club Cleaner

Amoper Golf Club Brush and Golf Towel Groove Cleaner...

The product has soft nylon brushes which is good for removing stains from the surface while the hard steel brush head is good for cleaning out the dry dirt of the clubs. The sharp point the product has will remove the grimes that have been collected in the grooves as well as your golf shoes. The product guarantees to clean all equipment’s deeply and make them look brand new. It also has multiple widths to fit all club grooves. One must match the right tip to the groove before using it.

The product comes along with 2 sets of Golf brushes, Golf Towels and Divot Tool. The golf towels are made up of 100 % pure cotton and are a large enough size of 15.7 x 23.6. The towel is super absorbent and light weight too. Players can hang on the product to their golf bag or their waist too. The product has a solid rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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ProActive Sports Groove Trube Golf Club Cleaner

ProActive Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze...

Groove Trube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze Bottle Brush is a simple golf cleaning tool. It stores water in a leakproof bottle tube that can be squeezed out through the hole at the top in the brush. It has large nylon bristles that give you a complete coverage while cleaning your equipment’s. It is a lightweight product. It has a spring-loaded quick release clip with which you can attach it easy to your golf bag and easily use it too. The color of the bottle is black and its size is 7 ½ inches. The product is manufactured completely in China. If you are low on a budget and want it for normal cleaning then you can go for this one.

The product has a good rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner

Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner 2 Ft...

Yoport Golf brush is one of the best powerful cleaning brushes with wire bristles for quick and efficient cleaning of irons. The sharp pick help to clean the stubborn grime and dirt from the grooves. It also comes with plastic covers to keep the brushes protected when not in use. The product is very comfortable to use because of its ergonomic design that also provides good grip. It has a soft rubber grip and extremely durable plastic body. It also has a 2 ft retractable carabiner that makes it east to attach to your golf bag.

It comes in fun colors like Red, Green, Black and Blue. This tiny cleaning brush is a must have product for golf enthusiasts who want to keep their golf clubs clean without bothering to wash or wipe them.

The product has a good rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Frogger Golf BrushPro Club Brush/Groove Cleaner

Frogger BrushPro Golf Club Cleaner with Ergonomic Grip...

The Club cleaners help to delivers longer and more accurate shots. No other brush is as effective at removing the toughest score killing debris as BrushPro. This precision club cleaner is the most convenient and comfortable golf brush ever. It has a 2.5 retractable cord that attaches to the golf bag easily.

The product has nylon and phosphorous bronze colored brush head. The ergonomic handles give a comfortable leverage that golfers need for faster and easier cleaning of their equipment’s. It comes in variety of cool color options like Blue, Grey, Green, Red, Pink and Orange. This product has been awarded the “Best New Product” at the PGS Merchandise Show.

The product has a solid rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner

STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner with Retractable...

The STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner is quick and easy to use product for golfers. It comes with a 2 ft retractable zip line cord and with a heavy-duty aluminum carabiner that gets conveniently attached to your golf bag for easy access anywhere anytime. It provides great cleaning which leads to best accuracy and distance required in the game. It will also help to make better contact with the ball which will result in better ball fight and more of back spin. The product has nylon bristles for cleaning the woods and on the other side it has brass bristles for cleaning irons and hybrids.

It also has spikes that will help in deep cleaning for the grooves as well as your golf shoes. The product can easily remove stubborn sand, mud, grass and dirt. The product has an ergonomic design that fits great in the hand.

The product has a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Champkey BRUSHTECH Polymer Golf Brush

CHAMPKEY Premium Polyurethane Golf Brush Star Series|...

The BRSUHTECH has an oversized brush head with nylon and wire bristles which mean more powerful cleaning and long service life too. The wire bristles on one side remove the dirt from wood faces and the nylon bristles on the other side remove dirt and grass from iron faces. The product has a polymer hand grip for providing comfort and reducing hand pressure. The groove cleaner has a retractable design for safe storage.

Also, the texture design provides external control and traction too. It also has a variety of color options like Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Grey. It also has some unique printed limited-edition designs. The product come with a retractable carabiner that is tested over 5000 times. The aluminum alloy clip also provides long service life. The product is newly launched in the market but loved by many golfers already

The product has a good rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Caddy Clean The All-in-one Golf Club Cleaner

Caddy-Clean The All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner

The Caddy-Clean combines all elements necessary in an efficient cleaning tools into one quick and easy to use product for all. The product lasts over 500 sprays and has non-scratch pads too. The recoiling tether makes for easy and quick use while product is attached to the bag itself. The product is also washable and vary much durable.

It has flat and pointed brass groove cleaning tools that wont scratch and will also not wear down grooves. The product also includes 100 % premium cotton golf towel with hooks included. If you are looking for a compact golf club cleaner then you can go for this one. The product has a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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1. Is the material of a golf club cleaner important ?

Yes, one must take into consideration what kind of material should be used to clean what. For instance, wire bristles are used to clean irons whereas nylon bristles are used to clean woods. The bristles shouldn’t be too hard as it might lead to scratches on the club. Also, the groove spikes should be good enough to clean all the stubborn dirt and grime stuck in between the ridges of the club. If the product provides good quality cleaning then your clubs can last for a longer period of time and even provide the minimum value.

2. Other simple ways of cleaning clubs ?

If you do not want to invest in a golf club cleaner then there are some other ways that can also help cleaning them. To clean the shafts, use a damp cloth and make sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth too. Never leave the saft damp as it will later rust. If there are rusts on the shaft make use of vinegar. Vinegar will help effectively clean out the rust from the shafts.

For cleaning irons : Start with using some luke warm water in a tub. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot. Then place the iron rods in them for some time so that all the stubborn dirt and mud can melt down. You can also use some good quality dishwash or a milder cleaning agent for some foam and deeper cleaning.

Then remove it out and clean it with a toothbrush or any other brush that has bristles that aren’t too hard. After the cleaning is done wipe it with a soft microfiber towel and make sure its dry. Keep it out for some time to kill any moisture on it. Make sure it is not damp before use or before storing it back into the golf bag.

For cleaning woods : Woods should never be soaked in water as it will lose its shine. So, dip the wood head into the water for a second and then immediately wipe it with a microfiber towel and dry it properly. Then quickly brush with a toothbrush or any other brush that has bristles that aren’t too hard. Focus the brushing on the areas that have mud and dirt stuck. Let the it dry before storing it or keeping it back in the golf bag.

3. How to clean the Grips ?

It is important to clean the grips regularly too for the best results in the game. With time the grips get dirty, oils and sweat mix which lead to bad odor. If the grips aren’t cleaned then they might get loose with time and cause slipping during the game. Due to sweat and hand creams the grips also acquire bacteria and germs hence sanitizing them properly is also a need. You can rinse the grip just with water and rub them gently. Do not use cleaning agents on leather grips instead wipe it down with just a damp cloth. It is crucial to dry down the grips before using them or storing them again.

4. How to store clubs properly ?

It is always advised to store club indoor in a dry place away from moisture and excessive sunlight. The clubs must not be stored in hot places as it might lead to the grips getting loose. Always dry your clubs with a dry cloth before storing them safely. Keep a separate golf towel just to wipe the clubheads and grips after making use of them.


To summarize, a commendable golf club cleaner isn’t just incredible yet safe for cleaning your club without bringing on any unnecessary harm or scratches to it. Different elements that one must consider when buying a golf club cleaner are materials, style, quality brands and good grip. Think cautiously prior to making any purchase choice.

Hope that the article was informative and solved all your doubts regarding golf club cleaners. Let us know what you want to see next on our website in the comments below. Happy Golfing!

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