5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Golf carts aren’t known for their excellent ground clearance and can always drop out in an off-road environment. So, you can prevent this problem by installing a high-quality lift kit on your frame. While many people hear about lift kits, they mostly think about bigger vehicles, but you can still get a lift kit for your golf cart.

It was never this easy to purchase a golf cart lift kit, which is essential if you use your vehicle a lot. When these kits go down, optimum efficiency from your cart is simpler than ever, and instead of purchasing a new one, it’s far safer only to adjust a few configurations now and then to have the best from your cart. Hence, keep reading this article to know about the five best golf cart lift kit options.

What is a Golf Cart Kit?

Golf Cart Kits are built pieces that can be mounted on your golf cart to boost the height by an extra 3 to 8 inches. This is fantastic for golfers who would like to add clearance to their cart or a more stable and broader location. It is also important for those who wish to add wider tires and rims to their cart and make a smoother ride more enjoyable.

List of 5 Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

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Product Name


5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Lift Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Madjax A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Club Car Precedent Double A-Arm Golf Cart Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Club Car Wheel and Tyre Golf Cart Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Jakes A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

1EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Lift Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

The EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Kit features four Chromium lift nozzles and four chromium center caps without the need for welding or slicing. This kit is designed to give your cart a tough loop. The hybrid lift and wheel tires provide a lift of up to 6 centimeters, and the additional height refers to both the front and the back.

This EZGO Golf Cart Lift Kit not only makes your cart look much better but is also very convenient to use. The additional land clearance offered by the EZ Go would make your life easier if your golf cart is still trapped in rough or hard terrain. And the kit is very easy to install as there is no need for welding.

This Electronic Golf Cart Kit is also fitted with custom-designed aluminum axles and suits well with new Wanda tires with their center covers and wheel bolts. These new tires are robust and also minimize noise.


  • Offers all you need to configure the lift.
  • Convenient to use
  • Includes a 4-by-4 bolt configuration for optimum power.


  • Expensive

2Madjax A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

Madjax is one of the most popular lift kits brands. They provide a range of models and sizes, and pricing is quite competitive for all golf cart manufacturers. A-Arm lift kits offer the best value for money. They are easy to mount and are normally fun to navigate on the pocket. The Madjax A-Arm is built for Club Car Precedent Golf Carts, which will run from 2004 to 2014. You have the choice of selecting one 3,5 or 6-inch kit in the secure steel lift kit with all instructions and the hardware.

This kit gives your regular golf cart a grizzled adventure appearance and can quickly complement your trip, making it well equipped for the tough and rocky areas. The complete kit comes with a superior quality at just around USD 400, which expands cart functionality and boosts individual efficiency.


  • Simple installation
  • Standard material
  • Understandable guidelines


  • It has some wrong spindles

Club Car Precedent Double A-Arm Golf Cart Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

The Club Car Precedent Double A-Arm Golf Cart Kit is made of sturdy steel to supply your cart with a powerful and robust lift. The system incorporates a no-surface design, which ensures no technical issue with connecting your package to the cart. Hence, you can get this lift kit on your cart in about a couple of hours.

In addition to the 6-inch lift kit for a Club Car Precedent Gas or Electric golf Cart Kit, this entire kit features four 23-inch packed tyers and four 14-inch arms. All of the tyers are black with black mid-cap and black bolts. The wheels and tyers are also mounted for comfort and have sufficient air pressure.

The excellent design helps to establish a more sleek look that will attract many cart owners. The black finish helps avoid damage to your cart by covering your lift kit from broken water, wind, and rust, which are a few common problems with lift kits.


  • Simple instructions
  • Additional back racks for easy mounting.
  • Can lift the cart in the air by 2 feet


  • Few tyre change issues

Club Car Wheel and Tyre Golf Cart Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

The Club Car DS is a full package of tyres and wheels and is fitted with all the necessary equipment for a lift kit. A perfect bolt-on installation is included with the Club DS Kit. This is a spindle built package to raise and adjust wheels so that your cart has a bigger and narrower position when mounted. This not only boosts the appearance of the cart but also increases protection when rotating.

The package contains a lifting bolt, 16 chromium bolt locks, four center caps, and four other tubular and wheel pumps variations. It suits the other Club Car DS models Electric 84-03.5 and Gas 94-03.5. The carts that have aluminum front dust covers have functional components. In other words, this kit is simple and cost-effective, and you don’t need to think about lifting a vehicle.


  • Smooth suspension systems
  • Stock engines are durable and provide strong performance.
  • They can be easily managed on steep hills.


  • Parts are likely to be a bit expensive

Jakes A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit

5+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 20215+ Best Golf Cart Lift Kit Options in 2021

The Jakes A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kits are known worldwide for their inexpensive pricing and easy to use installation. This unique golf cart lift kit from A-Arm is a common favorite among buyers looking to match their Yamaha models. This special kit is built for the ease of installation, specifically planned for the Yamaha G16, G19, and G20 golf cart models.

The lift kit has a “race car quality,” and its durable construction offers more stability, overall comfort, and a broader front position. The manufacturer recommends this kit with a 21-inch tyre for a six-inch lift. The Jakes A-Arm has something more to do with the fact that it feels very good. This refers not only to the lift itself but also to the experience or delivery. The set offers a very comfortable and smooth ride, even on extremely rugged or uneven surfaces.


  • Easy Installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Provides a smooth ride on rough surfaces


  • Limited use

Types of Golf Cart Kits

There are various kinds of golf cart lift kits, each built for the same purpose but with somewhat different results to help you get a perfect personalized experience. Here’s a short review of the various types of lift kits you can find during your journey.

  • A-Arm Lift Kit

A-Arm lift kits appear to be a more refined edition of Drop Spindle kits. These kits are a decent replacement for the whole front cart suspension. This makes the car drive more smoothly, making the driving experience more enjoyable.

They are great for those who want to mount bigger tires and wheels that you usually can’t connect to equipment. A-Arm list kits are perhaps among the most common types of golf cart lift kits as they are made of a circular pipe structure in contrast to a square. This makes the cart look much more comfortable and adds power and endurance.

  • Drop Spindle Lift Kit

Drop Spindle Lift Kits are currently the most effective ways to raise your golf cart’s ground clearance. These kits are very simple to use, using this original suspension and are not costly. Drop Spindle Kits are used to replace and raise the scale and length of the golf cart spindle.

It will improve the position and stability of the golf cart. The wider part is ideal for those looking for such high off-set tires to fit bigger and thicker tires.  Drop Spindle Kits are usually available in two types, extremely durable and economical. The option you choose depends on the way you want to use and drive your golf cart.

  • Block Lift Kit

You can suggest the Block Lift Kit if you want to raise your cart height immediately without breaking the entire cart apart. These kits are made up of 4″ steel blocks that are placed under the current suspension.

While these can sound efficient and economical, the only alternative is 4 inches. If you’re already adding just 4 inches, it would be fine for you. You probably should use A-Arm, Drop Spindle, or Drop Axle to get one of more versatility. Nevertheless, the block lift kits seem to bring durability to your driving standard.

  • Drop Axle Lift Kit

Drop Axle Lift Kits are great opportunities for your personalized golf cart to upgrade your ground clearance. These substitute the drop axle for the front axle. In the way a drop axle lift operates, the spindles already connected to the golf cart can be lifted by inserting a long holding range.

The axle height can then be raised, and the entire front axle can be replaced without affecting the spindles. These kits are often cheaper than spindle kits but are normally not as smooth as an A-Arm or a spindle kit.

  • Long Travel Lift Kits

These Long Travel Lift kits would be the easiest and most costly to buy for your golf cart. Usually, you won’t notice them on your regular golf carts. The front and rear suspension are separated by these lifts, fitted with long bounce springs. The large springs are used as shock absorbers in these Long Travel Kits, which can be very useful when flying through the hard and rugged surface.

Long Travel Lift Kits are usually seen at elevations from 6 to 8 cm. These kinds of lifts are called ” extreme duty.” Another common lift is called Coil Over Lift Kits in this category. The rear suspension is fixed or rigid, except for an equivalent long ride.

Common Lift Kit Sizes

  • 3″ Lift Kits

They are very popular for people who want to add 20″ tires to their cart. Three-inch golf cart kits are available in various lift kits such as Spindle, A-Arm, and Drop Axle.

If you don’t need your cart elevated substantially higher than the stock height but need to install additional seats on the back or any better tires, a 3-inch kit should fit perfectly. They are not only easy to install but are much less costly than most higher lifts.

  • 4″ Lift Kits

Four-inch Lift Kits are suitable for Block Lifts. These are much more convenient to mount, are inexpensive, and can even make your personalized golf cart loaded with better, larger, and heavier pulls.

  • 6″ Lift Kits

These are the most popular lifting choices for your golf cart. The six-inch golf cart kits are readily available for all big golf cart manufacturers such as Yamaha, Club Car, etc. They can also handle up to 23″ of tire and wheel size, so a 6-inch lift fits just fine if you’ve got big tires. It also gives you a little extra space in the wheel to feel any friction if you have passengers.

  • 7-12″ Lift Kits

The Lift Kits ranging between 7 to 12 inches are suitable for those that need wide vacuum tyres and strong movement. These kits are deemed to be of paramount significance and are designed for the strongest market dynamics. Normally, you would require coil-over designs or long travel designs when traveling higher than six-inches. This can help to absorb huge curves or rocks that you pass on as you take the path with your golf cart kit.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Golf Cart Lift Kit
  • New or Used

Users have to check out if they have to buy a new one or a used one. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and you must consider them before you make a decision. There is no necessity that you have to get a new golf cart kit always.

Some used models are in excellent condition, and you can save thousands of dollars on your order. All you have to do is seek out where you might find them. It shouldn’t be so complicated when the network helps the entire operation.

  • Electric or Gas

Many golfers choose electric models because they are much quieter than gas variants, but the fastest speeds and long lengths of the gas-powered carts have many advantages. This would be helpful if the battery can sit be charged by electrical outputs. Often consider if your electric cart has a charged battery, and if not, if it has been reconfigured or newly built.

  • Features

Golf Cart Lift Kit has many features that you like. The request must be focused on the desired functionality. The testing will be much easier to make. Some people want to know the voltage of the golf cart so that they can buy it. The attractive features that are not working will not annoy you.

You can expect to pay more depending on the extra features you want on the golf cart lift kit. All you need to do is to ensure that you need the features you want. If you buy a used golf cart lift kit, you cannot have many options for elements. Golf carts tailored to your preferences and lifestyles will preferably be required. It would help if you first find out what you are going to use the lift kit.

  • Battery Condition

Many people will not be able to realize this, but it is incredibly valid. The battery is used to control the golf cart. You will start facing a lot of problems if you’re in a poor state. It’s essential to ensure that the battery pack is in good order because it is an electric golf cart lift kit.

It will be too hard for someone who’s never been through the process before. You can go to the next golf cart lift kit if they are heavily damaged. Replacing the batteries might be an expensive sector, and you don’t want to find that out yourself by buying a decent golf cart lift kit at the same expense.

  • Pricing

The cost of the decision-making process will be an important aspect. Undoubtedly, you can have a budget to buy a golf cart lift kit. It should be worth the preferred price. It would help if you match the prices with the golf cart lift kit you want to purchase.

Ensure that you have someone who knows more about golf cart lift kits, so you don’t spend more than what you buy. You can use the web to make comparisons. The purpose is to get a golf cart lift kit at the right price and all the options you desire. This wouldn’t be very complicated if you follow the guidelines.


Choosing the right golf cart lift kit is not so easy as selecting which club to buy next. Many quality lift and hydraulic kits are accessible online. You need to remember the height of the cart and the size of the rubber tyres. Hence, the best golf cart lift kits depend on your requirements and preferences and make sure that you check the other options listed above and find your ideal fit.

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