Golf Tournament Outfit Ideas

Did you know that golf tournaments such as PGA and LPGA have dress code policies for anybody attending or participating? Golf is one of the most sophisticated games on the planet, and a lot is expected from spectators and even more from players. When attending a tournament, you need to always be on your best behavior, from how you dress to how you carry yourself around people.

It is not unique to see unruly and shabbily dressed individuals being thrown off the golf course. Such scenarios happen all the time, and you sure don’t want to be the center of such attention.

Golf fashion keeps changing for the better, and never has this been truer than today. Golf apparel brands are trying to keep up so that whatever your budget or skill level, there is always something outstanding for you to look great and, most importantly, perform better. 

So, what are some of the most remarkable golf tournament outfit ideas? In this article, we look at some ideas for women and men that you can use when attending or participating in a golf tournament. Remember, prior preparation is crucial for you to get everything right.

Outfit Ideas for Women

The ultimate goal is to both feel good and stand out based on how you dress. But how do you do it when attending a golf tournament? It may be pretty challenging, especially if you don’t know what is expected of you. The rules may vary from one tournament to another, particularly on what you are allowed to bring, but the basics are similar. 

Collared Shirts 

One of the most basic requirements for any tournament is that players should have collared shirts. The most ideal seems to be polo shirts. Most ladies wear sleeveless collared shirts, while others prefer short-sleeved polo shirts. 

The shirts can either be buttoned or v-necked. The most common shirts are polo shirts and you can wear them with any bottoms. You can pair them with shorts, khaki pants, checkered pants and short skirts. If you are yearning for a unique look, then a polo shirt with a short skirt and tights underneath will look stunning on you. 

Golf Dresses

A golf dress is ideal if you are going to spectate. It is a simple idea that you can top with a sweater or cardigan depending on the weather. The material should be breathable, and the dress not too skimpy such that it reveals too much skin. 

An ideal dress should be slightly above the knee and not too tight. Add on some sunglasses and a pair of tennis shoes, and be sure to steal the show.

Short Skirts and Skorts

Whether you are just attending or playing in the tournament, short skirts will rock your day. However, according to basic regulations, short skirts are to be worn with tights. If you are not comfortable with that, you can wear skorts as an alternative. 

Skorts are skirts that have inbuilt shorts beneath. They are very comfortable when playing, especially during the summer. Ladies can wear short skirts or skorts with sleeveless polo shirts, either buttoned or v-necked. 


Your pants need to have four pockets on them, two at the front and two at the back. Cargo pants with massive pockets are not allowed. You can try checkered pants with a turtle neck shirt or a cardigan paired with brown khaki pants. 

Slim-fit pants are gaining popularity on the golf course among players and spectators. You should probably try them out too. Just ensure that the material is breathable and falls within the standard regulations of the tournament. 


There is no way you will go wrong with a pair of shorts on the golf course. Pair your shorts with a cool short-sleeved polo shirt and top it up with long white socks and a pair of tennis shoes. Be sure to pick a solid color for the polo shirt and a different one for your shorts. 

Cardigan Sweater

Do you want to create a more polished look for that tournament? If so, a cardigan sweater is what you should get. Pair it up with a pair of khaki pants to bring out that classy but straightforward look. The sweater can either be a pullover or buttoned up. Be sure to catch the attention of the crowd with a checked sweater and some cool sunglasses. 

Golf Tournament Outfit Ideas for Men 

If you have spent some time on the golf course, you understand how essential and dynamic men’s golf fashion is. It is essential to play well; it won’t hurt you either to have that stunning look as you destroy your opponent. If you are attending the tournament as a spectator, then your style should be good enough for any social gathering as long it abides by the regulations.


There are so many brands providing different kinds of headgear for golfers. Golf is arguably the only sport with the most headgear options on the planet. The baseball cap has been around for quite some time now, mainly because it provides more cover for the face against the sun rays.

If you need a more casual but stylish look, then a white baseball cap is ideal for you. One good thing about a white cap is that it matches with almost all outfits. 

Polo Shirts 

Polo shirts are very popular with all golfers. They seem to always match perfectly with other outfits. However, the trend has somehow changed to more breathable fabrics suitable for running on the golf course. 

There are so many colors you can integrate with your bottoms. Take note of the fabric and pick shorts or trousers that you find fitting. For a classic but simple look, a black polo shirt will go well with a pair of brown khaki pants and bright colored golf shoes. 

Trousers and Pants 

Forget the traditional baggy trousers. Currently, clothing brands are adapting to the popularity of slim fit trouser pants. These pants give golfers a more athletic look. The advanced fabric technology keeps moisture out and is more breathable. You can wear slim fit pants with short-sleeved button-up polo shirts.

Checkered pants are also gaining popularity among modern golfers. One thing you need to consider when opting for checkered pants is the color. Be very careful not to mismatch the colors, or you suddenly be the talk of the golf course. 


So many brands are designing performance-based shorts specifically for golf. Some are designed with belt loops will others are elastic but still maintain that look as if they need a belt. Ensure the shorts don’t go beyond your knees. Some classic acceptable shorts on the golf course are chino shorts and khaki shorts.

There is no way you can go wrong with shorts. They seem to go well with polo shirts and long socks. 


It is no longer a surprise to find some of the world’s best sneaker brands on the golf course. Golf footwear has evolved from players wearing spiked shoes to players preferring flat griped shoes.

If you want to get the crowd’s attention, then bright golf shoes will go well with chino shorts and a polo shirt. Top it up with a pair of bright sunglasses, and be sure to add a pair of white sock or any other matching color. 

Belts for Men and Women 

For most golf players, belts are pretty essential for keeping everything in place. However, with advancements in technology, designers have come up with pants and shorts that can be worn without a belt and still be stylish. If you maintain that stylish look with a belt, then picking one that matches your outfit is essential. Black belts tend to match with all kinds of pants and shorts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a dress code for spectators at PGA and LPGA tournaments?

The typical dress code for spectators is a collared shirt, preferably a polo shirt. Women can wear sundresses with flat-soled tennis shoes. If you want to meet the PGA and LPGA tournaments’ requirements, simply dress as a golf player.

Q: Can you wear jeans to a golf tournament? 

The answer is a simple no. Golf tournament regulations do not permit the wearing of jeans and denim. Jeans are also not entirely comfortable because they can get hot, and worst of all, you will feel out of place. 

Q: Can you take your phone to a golf tournament? 

The level and type of tournament dictate whether you can bring your cell phone to the course. It is, however, highly unethical to bring your phone to the game. Other electronic devices, such as cameras, are not allowed in competitions, such as masters. 


From this article, you can deduce that it’s not permitted to go to a golf tournament with any outfit. What you choose to wear has to fall within the guidelines and requirements of the tournament. You are also not supposed to bring cameras and big bags or wear graphic t-shirts with high heels or flip flops. 

Collared shirts seem to be the basic top for both men and women, and both genders prefer polo shirts. Golf fashion keeps every day for the better. You don’t want to remain in the dark and miss some of the most common trends, such as beltless pants and shorts. 

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