How to Measure Golf Club Length for your Height

More than once, you will hear an amateur golfer asking about the perfect length for a golf club they should use. This question is particularly a difficult one to answer. For instance, you do not just pick a red coat because you love the colour. There are many factors that you need to consider, such as the material used. 

Customizing a golf club with the correct length for your height will result in an outstanding performance on the course. Incorrect size, on the other hand, will be detrimental to your routine. In this article, we look at how to measure length for height for custom made golf clubs. The length of your golf club has the power to either make or destroy your game. 

Length and Height Measurement for Custom Golf Clubs

Custom measurement is designed to equip you with golf clubs that suit your needs and your game type. These measurements are necessary for providing the appropriate golf clubs. The steps below outline steps for you to measure and acquire custom golf clubs from a golf store. 

1. Height measurement

There are aspects in height measurement that need consideration. The first one is your general height from head to toe, while the second aspect is the distance between your wrist and toes. Remember that the measurements are taken while standing straight. 

It would best if you had someone else take the measurements on your behalf for more accurate readings. Use a tape measure or a height measure with precise readings. When taking the measurements, do not lean as if you are taking a swing. Loosen your arms when taking the measurements. 

2. Swinging a standard golf club

This step is crucial and needs the utmost seriousness if you need your custom golf club. With your measurements at hand, consult the salesperson in a golf store to guide you through. They will help you determine your swing position with a standard golf club and come up with measurements best suitable for your type of game. 

The measurements are vital in determining your plus or minus adjustments needed for the standard golf clubs. Typically men and women have a different types of standard golf clubs. 

3. Presenting your handicap

Handicaps have proven to be useful in many ways. The data helps determine the best measurements for a custom-made golf club. Amateur players with a high handicap have a great chance of improving their game using custom fit golf clubs. 

If you don’t have a handicap, clearly explain to the fitters your skill level, as this can go a long way in finding something that fits you perfectly. Remember, the ultimate goal is to find a golf club that can change your game for the better. 

Standard Golf Club Length for Height Fitting Chart

Height based chart technique is arguably the best method that fitters use to adjust golf club length. The average height for a human being varies from man to woman. A man’s average height stands at approximately 5’10” while that of their female counterparts stands at 5’5″. 

With these figures in mind, manufacturers design clubs with a 1″ difference in length between men and women. They, however, have different estimations of how long their standard golf club should measure. 

On that note, fitters use the height-based chart to determine how long a golf club needs to will be fitted. The chart below shows the recommended length of a golf club using the head-to-toe height of a golfer. 

Height (Feet/Inches)Club length Adjustment
6’8”Add 2”
6’6”-6’8”Add 1 ½”
6’4”-6’6”Add 1”
6’2”-6’4”Add ½”
6’1”-6’2”Add ¼”
5’4’-5’7”Subtract ¼” 
5’2”-5’4”Subtract ½”
5’-5’2”Subtract 1”
4’10”-5’0”Subtract 1 ½”
<4’10”Subtract 2″

There are disparities in using the height alone as a measure for golf club length adjustment. For the measurements to be more accurate and diverse, combine the height measurement with the wrist-to-toe measurements. 

With this measurement, you will get a more precise length for your golf club. The following golf club for length chart illustrates the adjustments you need to make on your standard golf club to get the perfect length. 

Wrist to Toe MeasurementHeight (Feet/Inches)Club length Adjustment
>42”6’8”Add 2”
41”-42”6’6”-6’8”Add 1 ½”
40”-41”6’4”-6’6”Add 1”
38.5”-40”6’2”-6’4”Add ½”
37”-38’5”6’1”-6’2”Add ¼”
32”-34”5’4’-5’7”Subtract ¼” 
29”-34”5’2”-5’4”Subtract ½”
27”-29”5’-5’2”Subtract 1”
25”-27”4’10”-5’0”Subtract 1 ½”
<25”<4’10”Subtract 2″

You can deduce the appropriate length for the golf club using overall height and the wrist-to-toe measurement from the table. For instance, for a golfer with a height of 6’3″ and a wrist to toe measurement of 39″, the proper club length adjustment would be ½”.

It means that ½” should be added to the standard golf club to make it perfect, considering his height and wrist-to-toe measurements. The fitter can do more to make the measurements even better. 

In step two above, we note that the fitter can ask you to swing a standard golf club to understand your posture and how you swing the club. The measurements are necessary for coming up with the correct plus or minus adjustments. For instance, some golfers tend to bend when hitting the ball. This observation alone has a significant impact on determining the length of your golf club. 

Professionals call it dynamic fitting. Fitters also measure your swing speed to determine which flex is appropriate for your kind of swing speed. With the three dynamics in place, fitters can develop the perfect golf club length explicitly designed for your type of game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should my golf clubs be for my height?

There is no standard measure for how long your golf clubs should be. It would be best to consider several factors such as your overall height, swing style and the distance between your wrist and toe. The above chart illustrates how you can determine the length of your golf club using the three dynamics.

Q: What happens if the golf clubs are too long or too short?

Your posture will be affected. If the club is too long, you will tend to be more upright. When the club is too short, you will tend to bend forward more than you should. You should therefore pick a club that is custom made for your type of play.

Q: Should beginner golfers be fitted for golfer clubs?

If you are amateur golfer, you should strive to be as comfortable as possible when playing. A custom-fit golf club will improve your game and performance on the scoreboard. Therefore you should fit your golf club appropriately per your type of play. 

As a golfer, you should make sure that your golf clubs are fitted to the appropriate lengths. The three dynamics to use when adjusting the length are your overall height, the height between your wrist and toe and how you swing the club. 

A golf club that isn’t fitted precisely to your height can significantly affect how you perform in a game. It would be best you invest in custom-fit golf clubs that have the potential of changing your game for the better. 

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