5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

A quality golf ball allows you to reach better scores. Players also want balls, particularly in autumn and winter, somebody can easily find them during their travel. We also assembled a guide that takes you to the best golf balls with high exposure and builds profiles for all players based on their choices of swing and feel. Hence, this guide contains golf balls with high visibility in different colors that encourage and make playing more enjoyable.

List of Best High Visibility Golf Balls


Product Name


5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

TaylorMade Neon Matte Color Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Nitro High Visibility Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Volvik Vivid High Visibility Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Bridgestone e12 Soft High-visibility Golf Ball

TaylorMade Neon Matte Color Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

The TaylorMade Neon Matte Color Golf Balls come with bright neon colors, making it possible for visually disabled golf players to enjoy excellent visibility in any landscape. These balls provide a high degree of contrast against several backdrops, in vibrant neon colors that help to keep an eye on the award regardless of the weather. These balls often use superior UV protection to ensure the absence of sun stains and coloration with a proprietary shady design for straighter, spinless flights.


  • Highly durable
  • Strong visibility
  • Affordable


  • These are soft golf balls, low compressed, but do not buy these if your handicap is zero or higher.
  • The green ball is difficult to see on a green path.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Chrome Soft from Callaway is a high-end tour ball that competes with heavyweights such as Titleist. Due to low compression and urethane cover, the golfer has a great distance from the tea with a soft feel and a good volume of spin green hand, which helps the average golfer.

The advantage of this golf ball will be to both swing speeds and the chip, pitch to pitch, and putt to high-end tour versions. Green methods are high and earthy and heavy.


  • Strong golfers for all disabilities
  • Quite a long term cover


  • Expensive

Nitro High Visibility Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls, available in two vivid, non-white colors and are not only eye-catching but also very inexpensive. These inexpensive golf balls make a luxury paint job with a vibrant neon pink and yellow color choice, which helps you to monitor your goal easily. The cover itself is to perform scuffing and trimming proofs so that your ball is free of damage for longer.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Affordable
  • Multiple colors


  • Slow swing speed

Volvik Vivid High Visibility Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Volvik Vivid balls are available in really vibrant colors and are a favorite with people looking for more exposure, so you can’t miss them out on the air. You can track this beauty without trouble when you’re profoundly rugged and lose far fewer balls. And when I say bright, maybe you think they’re going to shimmer in the dark.

The cover is matte and contributes to the unique characteristics of the ball. Participants are curious whether it was a practicing ball or a rubber ball. It is a three-piece ball that conforms well with the same content as most golf balls and is only of high glitter without the polish.


  • Good look
  • Quite a useful arrow of alignment
  • Great for swings


  • Smudge quickly, but scuffs are challenging to see.

Bridgestone e12 Soft High-visibility Golf Ball

5+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 20215+ Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Three-piece golf balls appear to cover with urethane, but Bridgestone e12 soft high-visibility golf balls come with a three-piece cover ball. The third layer was introduced because the performance of e6 was to improve the ball pace. Bridgestone now has to concentrate less on the ball softness to more on the speed of this additional coating at the surface. This e12 golf ball has a lot more spin than a typical 2-piece ball with its matte finish and three pieces, but not like a urethane cover.


  • Sustainable cover
  • Soft and constant feeling
  • High start for additional support


  • Expensive

What are High Visibility Golf Balls?

Golf balls with high visibility have the same design as the regular white ball but different distinctive colors. This can help you watch your shot in varying conditions and distinguish your ball from other players.

These golf balls can be easier to track and locate after the air. The right colored ball will allow you to focus on the critical color – the green – whether the day packs with sun or cloud.

A wide variety of colors such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, or Green are available for golfers with high visibility and help you keep track of the ball, whether in a raw, rough, or sand trap.

These are also available in multi-color designs like neon choices and can be neon green, black, pink, purple, blue, and red. Matte finishes will also help differentiate golf balls, as their finish can strip away the shine of a golf ball that makes catching the sun easier. The matte finish incorporates several colors.

Different Types of Golf Balls

Golf balls categorize into different categories based on the number of layers of the ball. More layers contribute to greater variety for numerous golf clubs and higher price tags. The first, second, third, four, and five-piece designs are planned for players to match their budgets and swings.

  • One-piece golf ball

A golf ball with one piece has the lowest output rate. The lack of reach and control means that single-piece golf ball designs can be used in competition or driving.

  • Two-piece golf ball

The perfect price/performance balance for most golfers is two-piece golf balls. These two-piece constructions separate the center and cover and provide players with improved driver flights to boost their power with their wedges at half the price of tour-level versions.

  • Three-piece golf ball

The three-piece golf balls separate the cover and layer by three-layer protection. This coating boosts the golf ball’s energy transmission and power for each club in the pocket. The three-part golf ball fills the difference in the models at visitor speeds between softness and sensations. The three-piece balls are of use for a wide range of players, especially in high visibility balls.

  • Four-piece golf ball

Four-piece golf balls slip below the shield of the golf balls. The most famous golf balls for worldwide tours and professional golfers are four-piece golf balls. Golfers have access to a broader range from the four-piece golf ball layers. The framework is consists of tough, sturdy rubber. The second layer renders to assist the energy provided by any golf club to transfer the distance and power via the golf ball. The third layer leads to a mid-iron spin and a sense of freshness. The exterior lining of the four-piece ball is made from high-quality urethane and has a luxurious feel and a perfect reaction for golfers.

  • Five-piece golf ball

Five-piece golf balls intend to create even more choices for varying swing patterns and diverse situations on the ground. Adding a fifth layer offers a significant benefit in poor weather for the five-piece ball, formed by wrapping the urethane cover in three layers around a high-speed heart. The urethane cover and the tier system interior make the golf ball smooth, with unique spin control. The five-piece ball is rapidly gaining momentum among professional and low-handicap players due to its growing diversity.

Importance of a Perfect Golf Ball

The right golf ball gives you more swings, more accuracy, and more loyalty. Consistency leads to better scores, and every way to develop the Swing to get repeatable distances is from the same golf club. When picking the golf ball that you play, golfers have to match each golf club in their bag and budget.

Advantages of High Visibility Balls
  • Minimizes risk of lost balls

Almost 300 million golf balls are lost every year in the US alone. It will be wise to invest in golf balls, which you certainly would be able to find if you might not join the emission squad.

  • Reduced rate of buyback

A colorful ball is more difficult to lose, which is why you can’t afford to buy brand new balls too much and too early.

  • Enhanced Vision

Lighting and reflections will significantly affect the interpretation of a white ball, making it challenging to find out when and how factors such as wind change their direction.

  • Greater exposure for poor-eye players

Players with eye conditions such as color blindness and blurred eyesight will gain immensely from balls that use vivid, contrasting paint to even players around the table.

  • Minimized Risk of Cosmetic Damage

Some golfers buy new balls if they look too worn out, but they are still sufficient to use. If you don’t want to reach the trail with a lot of golf balls, the colorful balls can help to mitigate the damage to make up to make you feel more relaxed and feel longer.

Who uses High Visibility Golf Balls?

The people who can use a high-visibility golf ball is really beyond the limit. But not everyone wants to use them. You may not even have to go out to look for a high visibility pack if you’ve been playing for years without any difficulty with pure white-colored bats. Several people on the other side can use a beautiful color golf ball in the game even more.

  • Visually Impaired

If the vision is fluid or a hue’s visibility, a high visibility ball is built on contrasting more efficiently with all the natural colors on a golf course, rendering it a pro despite the visual disability.

  • Old players

Age arrives with a more flawed vision, but you shouldn’t give up the club. A significant part of today’s market for high-visibility golf balls arises from older players wishing to see more.

  • People who lose balls frequently

It is a person we all know who has to buy new golf balls. It becomes more difficult to lose them with a higher visibility ball, making everything easy to manage. This is not only good for your pocket but also suitable for your climate.

  • Beginners and Newcomers

A visually engaging golf ball can allow you to understand wind direction and ball course, enabling you to know how the elements can influence your game indeed. Some balls also provide instructions for comprehending the spin’s nature and the ball’s responses to those forms of strokes.

  • Players who compete in seasonal classes

In autumn, there is nothing more than a golf course, which makes the whole experience more appealing. The same applies to winter courses that will make you feel like you are playing in a great country. Playing a white ball in certain seasons will make spotting much more difficult. A colorful ball will help you conform to your environment, whatever the weather, for better vision.

  • Players who value appearance

The color golf ball market expands to include players who want to buy it just because they look good. With many colors, patterns, and prints available.

High Visibility Balls Vs. White Balls

You also know that white balls and balls with high visibility vary when they come in different colors. A yellow golf ball can provide more visual perception, according to some experts, than straight white balls. Some people see up to  250 meters apart a yellow golf ball from a pure white ball.

Another thing to mention is that you will find that the range for colorful balls is minimal if you search for a market for recycled balls. Unfortunately, there are no numbers to verify, and few people use color balls. But we can also guess that because colored balls are more difficult to lose sight of, players can quickly pick up their balls.

And, naturally, scuffing and staining is a concern. Although success does not hurt, many golfers want to see a collection of new, stainless golf balls. And it is much easier to sustain this brand new appearance with colored balls, particularly with UV-protected balls.

Lastly, we ought to remember that color balls are made mostly for all forms of weather and course conditions. Maybe not on the summer course, but red and orange make good options for snowy winter conditions, yellow for the fall races and neon ones for night golf. You may claim that the only real option is to buy white golf balls, especially if you consider the circuit around you.


Golf equipment suppliers also produce more colorful alternatives to the market for high-end high visibility golf balls in vibrant colors. These high-visibility golf balls incorporate features and shapes to make it easy to see a better golf ball. The easiest way to gain more extended, more accurate golf shots and develop confidence is to play the same golf ball everywhere and have something for your game. If you’re like many people and chose not to formally match the golf ball, choosing anything you like in the tour category might be your best choice. Hence, we hope the above list of 5 best high visibility golf balls will help you select the perfect balls according to your requirements.

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