How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight – for Beginners

Being an amateur golfer is quite challenging. You need to understand so many things, and the sooner you do it, the better for you. How do you get the ball into the hole if you can’t hit the golf club straight? This is the first challenge you will encounter as a beginner. 

Unfortunately, it is not only centered on amateur golfers. Some experienced golfers also encounter this problem and it significantly affects their performance. Hitting the ball straight is not rocket science, neither is it child’s play. You can, however, learn the basic techniques of ball hitting, and with practice, you will eventually hit the ball straight every time. 

Driving the ball straight off the tee is the ultimate goal for most golfers. In this article, we address this issue and give various tips that you as a golfer can use to straighten your shots. Before we jump to the tips, there are some factors that prevent golfers from hitting the ball straight. 

Why you are not Hitting Straight Golf Balls

The average swing speed of an amateur golfer is 80 miles per hour. With this swing speed, if the clubface is not square on impact with the ball, there will be sidespins which will cause the ball to spin. The spin can either form a hook, fade, or a slice that forces the ball to move towards the undesired direction.  

If you are having problems with your golf swings, you will likely make off-center hits every time. It could be happening because your clubs are too steep. Off-center hits are a significant contributors to not hitting the ball straight. 

Another likely reason is that your swing direction is misdirected. The direction the ball takes when you hit it off the tee depends on the swing direction. When it is off, the club will lose direction. 

Tips on Hitting the Golf Ball Straight as a Beginner

Take note of what is making you fail to hit the golf ball straight. This is the first step of finding a solution to your problem. Once you identify what is letting you down, it is about time you apply the appropriate solution. The following tips should help you better your performance on the golf course. 

1. Work on your stance 

Before you take a swing, ensure that the ball and your left toe are parallel and the ball is not beyond the foot. Now, this is the first thing you need to do to ensure your stance is perfect. This position provides that your body is in line with the target. Next, ensure that your shoulders are also in line with the target. 

Balance your body on your legs so that they each carry approximately the same weight. Do this by splitting your feet apart and make sure your head is slightly behind the ball. When you work on this stance, you will realize that you achieve quite a large swing.

3. The tee

Most golfers overlook the tee, but how you position it is crucial in ensuring you have straight hits. Place the tee high enough and slightly above the ground. By placing the tee high, you achieve further distances. Above all, ensure that it matches your stance. If you get it wrong, the ball is likely to lose direction. 

4. Gripping the club

Holding the golf club properly is very important in ensuring you hit straight balls. Hold the club towards the end of the grip. Ensure that you don’t hold it too tight. Take advantage of leverage to gain more power when taking the shot. Ensure that you are as comfortable as possible in this position before taking the shot. 

5. Clubface Rotation

Always be aware of clubface rotation. Before you take a swing, take a look and check if the clubface is square to your target. When the clubface is aligned correctly, be sure to achieve straight balls. 

While at it, have a look at your backswing. Ensure that you are keen when back swinging from your waist-high because it affects impact. The same applies to when you are going on your downswing. Practice your backswing and downswing to maximize on the point of impact. 

6. Relax and hit the ball on a plane line

This is arguably the most crucial part. Hopefully, you understand how to backswing and downswing. Therefore ensure that you hit the ball on a plane line. This practice ensures that you hit the ball straight. As a beginner, practice to maintain your swing even after hitting the ball to maintain the speed and direction. 

A relaxed body and mind ensures that you are tension-free. All your body parts should be relaxed and comfortable to ensure that you have a straight shot on the ball. Remember how you hold the grip. Do not apply pressure on your wrists. Instead, loosen your hands and relax your muscles before taking the shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it so hard to hit a golf ball straight? 

Hitting the ball straight consistently is relatively tricky. Most golfers find it challenging. The reason is that there is a lot involved in getting a straight shot. Factors such as off-centered hits, misdirected swing paths, and wrong clubface angles affect the direction the ball takes.

Q: How do I make my golf ball straight?

Consider working on your stance position and be aware of clubface rotation. Your grip should not be too firm, and the tee should be slightly above the ground. Practice on your backswing and downswing, and don’t forget to relax and hit the ball on a plane lane. 

Q: How far from the ball should I stand for a straight hit?

Ensure that you are not too far behind the ball and not too close either. Your left toe should be parallel to the target so that your shoulder and other body parts fall in line. 


The leading cause of not hitting the ball straight is the clubface not being square with the target on impact. An open or closed clubface on impact will lead the ball to fade and go either too left or right. 

The rule of thumb here is to maintain your clubface consistently square on impact. However, most golfers fail to achieve this because they are not usually specific for every golfer. 

Therefore you need to understand how you take a swing to straighten the ball direction better. You have to identify the factor causing your misdirection and take the necessary measures to make changes. 

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